1. Matt Eii they use deep fake technology sometimes, you can especially tell when the reporter looks unnaturally still, always looking straight into the camera

    2. @jlbueno0611 what impresses me is his height, he’s almost as tall as that communication tower. GTFO

    1. @Xiao Tong Yang “Just when Kentucky seemed like it would be able to procure PPE, Governor Andy Beshear said on March 24, “FEMA came out and bought it all out from under us,” as reported in the Courier Journal. “It is a challenge that the federal government says, ‘States, you need to go and find your supply chain,’ and then the federal government ends up buying from that supply chain.” (CNBC April 2020) If by free , that is not an issue as you can see states are willing to purchase them. If by free you mean with conditions presented to Americans receiving these masks from China, again your wrong, the only person familiar with the enticements from a Communist country is Donald Trump. Educated Americans deplore Communism. Stalin killed an extraordinary number of people, one of the top 3 historical leaders who killed the most people in their country, Stalin, Pol Pot , Adolf Hitler.

    2. @Norma Jean Higuera-Trask your beloved US Army killed 20,000,000 civilians since WWII … just sayin’

  1. There used to be a time where the US used to be that country – eg in Europe after the war. Or is anybody naive enough to think the US helped ever out of the good of their hearts??? 😂😂😂

    1. Absolutely. The US gives away millions in aid to maintain good relations. Now China does it and it’s subversive? Laughable.

    2. Sabine Hahn There was when the US helped out of the goodness of their hearts. WWII and the Marshall Plan are two examples. But by the 1950s is was all about control and money.

    3. @Keith Mc but to do something “out of the goodness of their hearts” is something of course only good, chuch-going, white ‘Muricans can do? None of these Asians would ever be capable of so much holier-than-holiness, would they?

  2. Yes it is also propaganda, but on the other hand US government seems not to be able to get the needed masks, … And the Chinese government gets good reputation in response. From a European perspective: we loved the USA for the Marshall Plan after WW II. There is no reason, that the USA don’t invest in infrastructure in Africa. So don’t be astonished that China does it!

    1. One big difference between the Marshall Plan and the Belt and Road initiative, we didn’t expect to be paid back for the Marshall Plan. The US (prior to Trump) was the major contributor to the UN, and many other international agencies. We give billions in foreign aid each year. China expects to be paid back for anything they do for developing countries, the US does not.

    2. Deborah Freedman ha ha ha! Sure!
      The real upshot of the Marshall Plan was a political maneuver to loot American taxpayers to keep influential American corporations on the government dole. The Plan’s legacy was the egregious and perpetual use of foreign aid for domestic political and economic purposes.

      And let’s also include some CIA covert operations to rid communism from Europe. This is what could be called the dark side of the Marshall Plan, something that no one ever talks about. The CIA connection to the Marshall Plan itself was no accident.

      George Kennan, who helped form many policies in the early Cold War, said in 1948 that “the Marshall Plan, the Truman Doctrine, and the CIA’s covert operations were … part of [an] interlocking … grand strategy against Stalin” while the money the CIA got from the Marshall Plan “would finance a network of false fronts,” helping to create underground political groups in Soviet-allied countries of East Europe.

      The covert nature of the Marshall Plan brings one back to Truman’s point: that the plan itself was ideological. There is no doubt that this is true. After all, a battle of ideologies created the plan itself. “A matter of national self-interest.”

  3. I for one remember Jared referring to TAXPAYER PPE’s as “theirs” when cities/states were begging since the American funded PPE’s were not being sent across the country. South Korea even sent help to the Navajo Nation, since under Jared’s stewardship, they were sent 1000 body bags rather the the PPE’s that were requested. South Korea indicated they were still grateful for the Code Talkers assistance during the war.

  4. Can we compare it with the fact that when the government decided to give the Americans a bank check to survive the corona problems, the American people had to wait a while because Trump wanted his name on it with the hope they would think it was his money…

    1. @Paul Wilson officially there was no delay so we know for sure there was. The same as with the virus..it would have been gone in a few days and it was a hoax from the dems….and they had it good under control thanks to the support of Xi, Trump was even thanking Xi for their help.

    2. @Paul Wilson Oh yes you did have to wait an extra 6 weeks, don’t try to rewrite history in favor of Trump. It is a well documented fact.

    3. @Joyce Wills ok then please point out the source of such documentation that stimulas didnt go out because they were waiting on checks with Trumps name on them….. you are the person trying to rewrite history.

    4. @Joyce Wills
      The Globalists kept adding pork.
      Trump said “No!”.
      Exactly as he should have.
      The Democrats are traitor.

  5. You are making this sound sinister… this is EXACTLY the same branding technique ANY corporation would use. Not only is it still supplying needed and in demand PPE, the fact that the US federal government is devoid from the picture, and engaged in China bashing, why wouldn’t they try this?

    1. Paul Wilson – the US along with just about every other first world country used China to manufacture all manner of goods – it was all fine when they made your clothes and electronics, but now it’s the “dirty communists” when they donating PPE .. riiigghht

    1. And also interesting they mention “Quality” at the end . US aid often comes with anti abortion strings attached.HArdly quality

    2. Spartan472 if they are in our bigger Asian communities in NY and CA, it is potentially more of threat. The crap they gave us.. just burn it. Kn95 is garbage definitely subpar.

  6. i would think the PPE from China is better then the bin bags that trump and friends have given out.

  7. The US has held countless ceremonies just like this in China and third world countries all over the world since WWII. That’s American exceptionalism for you.

    1. @b.
      Usa started the corona virus.
      It is called trumpgate and will be soon reveiled, but I am not going t9 say when.
      When ypu look at it, you know I am telling you no lie, you always knew it. Because a big man came to me crying and I said what is wrong donald ? He told me he just cant run a country. Can you believe that ?
      Whatever you reply, is fake.

    2. No one “started” the Covid 19 virus. Viruses happen.
      Denying reality though, the GOP infected its own people on that one.

  8. wow… this type of report is why we are so polarized. humanity is more than politics. most Chinese people wish Americans well, but politics has divided Americans themselves, and with other countries.

    1. Well in China if you talk about how the government made a mistake or have the wrong religion. You end up in a re-education camp, to be forced to work at a China government owned factory 14 hours a day.

    2. In the same way, most Americans don’t have a problem with the regular people of China but we can be mad at the people responsible. Or rather, the people who were irresponsible. Americans are getting mad at other careless Americans. Some people here still don’t believe the virus is real! Did some people in China think the virus was fake?

    3. AnyOne ButTrump2020 China doesn’t have freedom of speech, and it is troublesome. On the other hand, America has freedom of speech, but no one believes the media, which is what we are seeing today. Though I don’t have the answer, it’s something that we all need to think about.

    1. When did the propaganda stop? It’s used even in the American people under Trumped-up and his cronies.

    2. Wanted to post just that. Kinda funny how the US is concerned about China doing what the US has been doing worldwide for decades. I am all for democracy, don’t get me wrong. I understand and share the concern about China. I just find it funny that the US keeps thinking they are the ruler of the world, can do no wrong, can shoot whoever they see fit, start wars, influence in every way possible,… but if someone ELSE even remotely does it, it is suddenly some kind of outrage material. I for one would love to have less US influence in my country for example, not gonna lie. Glad for Trump in this regard. He sure stops other countries from looking up to the US. 😉

    3. It is more then that, it also show how lower those like Josh Lederman can go to make a living and Moring Joe carried this carbadge ran

    4. Exactly, and you could refuse the donation. No one force you to accept, we don’t have such Kind of concern during our pandemic, cos USA did nothing for us.

  9. Why us government failed to help his own peoples and when China helps them it becomes a propaganda and a negative action?

  10. if there is so much concern, reject the masks then….
    Why accept the masks for FREE and then make a FUSS out of it…
    Hypocrites and ingrates

  11. you mean they’re acting the way the US usually does in other countries? We are such hypocrites

  12. American communities took masks and PPES from the Chinese government ? so where is the U.S government

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