Chinese embassy to Canada: ‘Stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs’

From CTV News Channel: Carleton University's Elliot Tepper says the Chinese embassy's response to Canada's joint message was 'interesting.'

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  1. let’s be honest canadian cops clean that up in under 4 hours,, gee freeland where you live?? protest wearing a mask in democratic canada??? democracy hong kongers?? 15 years in jail for wearing the mask if you survive the bullets.. democratic canada cops use hollow point NOT rubber bullets.

  2. Justin had appointed “by its time” untrained newbies. If we had credit with China we might have made a difference when it mattered but Justin has burnt so many bridges with China with his virtue signalling.

    1. For all im concerned China can screw itself with a fork. We don’t need a relationship with China. China can go dig it’s own grave.

    1. @mpls20001 One country, two systems. Respect it or go, China has respected this for years and yet here we are.. Time for a new dictatorship in China.

    2. @Garrett So the one country two system approach also applies to Macau, explain why there are no troubles there like those in hk?

  3. we were part of the same empire, and hopefully soon, we will be commonwealth realm sisters. We have every right to meddle.

  4. Kinda funny that we give away Canadian citizenship to so many Chinese. More “immigrated” Canadian chinese than east coasters and none live here. We are such a joke.

    1. Their kids live in Vancouver, while daddy earns millions of undeclared income in mainland China.

      don’t worry, daddy says he makes zero income on his tax returns, which is why they get full child tax benefit while they live in their mansion.

      Don’t let them fool you when they talk about Law & order, it means Law & order for the other guy.

      Funny thing is, most don’t want to get Canadian citizenship, because they have to renounce their Chinese citizenship.

  5. Meddling in the Huawei affair for the Americans went so well for Canada. Why not involve yourselves even more. 🤦‍♂️

    1. The Chinese are simply fighting fire with fire, using Chinese propaganda to fight off western propaganda.

  6. Amazing to watch Conservatives, and Chinese nationalists, come together and embrace each other in the comments section.


  7. Go Canada Go…keep up the mess you are in.
    You just don’t know where you are or what strength you have….

    It will be very interesting to see how Canada will extricate herself from.this… wading deeper into the sewer she is already in!

  8. As much as a weak minister Freeland is…..the Hong Kong residents need to be reminded how they have bought up all of Vancouver. Back to the old .. they can come here but we don’t go there story….

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