Chinese Hackers Used Equifax’s Online Dispute Portal To Steal Personal Info | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

NBC News’ Tom Winter reports on details of the nine-count indictment, which charged four Chinese military officers with hacking into Equifax in 2017 and stealing the personal information of nearly 150 million Americans. Aired on 2/10/20.
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Chinese Hackers Used Equifax’s Online Dispute Portal To Steal Personal Info | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Yeah so why isn’t the DOJ (Trumps DOJ) going after the Russians or North Koreans? Oh yeah that’s right….

    1. So we should now believe what US intelligence agencies say … how about we first ask Putin , who by T-Rump is more reliable source than US intelligence agencies .
      This is the problem when republicans have been bashing , US intelligence agencies for 3 years , we really cant trust what republicans and T-Rump admin say .
      Republicans should learn already , you cant be on both side at same time and claim your not insane or a moron .

  2. China should be helping trump win the next election, according to traitor trump. He will take help from anyone if they are willing to undermine the electoral process for his personal benefit

    1. @sal been Facts honey facts! Where are yours? And remember, facts not alternative facts nor right wing conspiracies.

    2. @lazyjoe99 Oh, I see you like to play childrens games of I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I.🤦 Trump is the one always throwing PITY PARTIES for himself. Feeble imbecile!

  3. What is going on?…. trump told China to investigate America (technically Biden) but that opens the door to the rest of America. And now pointing the finger🙄😂🙄

  4. A company no one gave permission to use or have their information, that no one can hold accountable, that rates you with very little transparency, that provides very little recourse for incorrect or outdated information, hasn’t been held “really” accountable for any of this.

  5. Now the DoJ needs to start doing the same thing with Russia. And then hit Russia with economic sanctions so severe that Sarah Palin will be able to hear Putin howling from her back porch.

    1. David J Putin hasn’t howled since your buddies sold him uranium and backdoored near $200 million in the corrupt deal.. please do try and keep up.

    2. @Mike Laing poor baby, your reptilian party tells you that facts are not facts? I understand your confusion.

  6. Too bad you can’t believe anything from the justice department. You have to think of Bikl Barr and motive, every time now.

  7. so more free “credit minitoring” instead of lawsuit settlement cash??
    No Thanks! I still have 10 more years of FREE Credit Monitoring from them of the last 2 times they gave away our personal information.
    I also have 2 years from YAHOO, TARGET, STARBUCKS, BLOCKBUSTER STORE……..

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