Dems Are The ‘Only’ Thing Between The U.S. & ‘The Abyss’, Says James Carville | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Democratic strategist James Carville gives his take on what's at stake in the 2020 election. Aired on 02/10/20.
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Dems Are The 'Only' Thing Between The U.S. & 'The Abyss', Says James Carville | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @redrock1963 YUP same pattern can be seen in every country not just America. When America collapses all other countries will collapse as well like a domino. America has dominated the globe, they admit they have power over the globe, it’s just not a good power but proving to be pure evil, destructive mentality. The American Dream is a nightmare

    2. @Karen Brock – Yeah we are all connected no doubt. Here in Australia we are lucky enough to have citizens that are reasonable politically switched on (Thx to compulsory voting). This means that we are extremely unlikely to ever get a trump voted in – also we have one for one voting and no Electoral System. Nor do we have such a massive divide between political sides – the extremism seen in the US or some places in Europe (which seems to be driven or supported by nationalism). You are correct about the domino effect but that also ensures that while there may be some retraction of global networking, countries will work hard to prevent any major meltdown. I finally, I think the American dream, the same as the Australian dream, is largely a good thing. What has contaminated that dream is uncontrolled capitalism combined with political donations – Bigger, richer, more, is NOT an ideal to aspire to but it is the mantra in the US. Money buys political influence that keeps that matra going – Bigger, richer, more
      Bigger, richer, more. If you remove political donation/corruption you put the little guy on the same field. This stops Big Corp. buying approval to pollute, steal and destroy the environment and opportunities of people in the future.

    3. @redrock1963 compulsory voting is the demand to vote FOR corruption not against it. YOu can’t claim it’s unlikely when it’s already happening in your country – you just can’t recognize the corruption. Tell me in your country are they against or supportive of LGBT transender ideology? As long as every country has an agenda to lower populations, they are always working hard to destroy society. Your description of economic problems is only what you can recognize, as long as every system you support and vote for are designed to result corruption, there is more to the problem than just simply a “bigger, richer, more” mentality but I agree it’s a root problem. If you think bigger, richer, more is the only problem, are you still supportive of your justice sytem, medical system, economic system, ecudation system?

    4. @Karen Brock I suspect you are correct. Most of the United States Electorate is uninformed, uneducated and mentally challenged. If you don’t believe me, try to find a Podcast of one of Trumps “Rallies’ – most of his attendees are White Supremacists. Watch one of his Rallies – same people sitting behind him every time. He probably buses these people in. Do it — I read recently that Trump has a way of paying these people through an intermediary.

    1. I watched this live in the morning and just about spit my coffee on the TV.
      What race has Carver been watching Bernie has all the things he just said are needed.

      Also knock off all off these comparisons to the British Labour Party.
      Carver fails to understand that the current Democratic party is further right than the British Tories (UK’s conservative party) but he’s OK with them.

      So it’s safe to say that Bernie wants to move the country closer to the Tories of old because they support universal healthcare.

      Also under the Tories the UK has raised the minimum wage to 9 Pounds or $15.44 CDN or $11.88 USD not great but it beats $7.33 by about $9100/year at a fulltime 40hr/week job.

      Plus they have health and dental care so 9 pounds, though not great, having that safety net is a huge step above the US.

      Carver your days in the Sun ended when Bush left office now go sit down.

      MSNBC enough of the comic relief and let these dinosaurs sleep in, he even nodded off on air.

    1. As a European I can fully agree. I truly cant get my ahead around why socializing health care (at least the minimum care) and education is a taboo in America. Regulating those markets is about creating public goods, those that benefit the public, the average citizen, and not the shareholders.

    2. @RBB85 Many Americans don’t realize that Medicare, Medicade, the ACA, social security, unemployment benefits, food stamps, etc. – which Trump would love to chop up – ARE social programs. Yet when they hear the word ‘socialism,’ they think ‘communism.’ That’s the GOP drum.
      That’s why Trump loves uneducated people.

    1. @Dylan Pinatelli We literally have socialism right now and peolpe are fool because Trump call it a entitlement its not its our own hard earn money when I turned 25 I received my social security forms saying if something happen to me my son would get a check every month why because his mother been working since she was 13

    1. It is when it’s coming from the lips of a Rockefeller/Clinton Wall Street stooge like Jimmy Carville. He got Bill Clinton elected, who then went to war on the poor in this country. #Bernie2020

  1. James Carville bashes on Sanders while promoting his platform. Minimal wage, criminal justice reform, and free healthcare. Convinced he’s never heard a word Bernies said.

    1. So Bernies campaign ticks all the boxes that James Carville said is lacking from a Democrat.
      Unite behind the most popular and honest politician in the nomination race

    2. That’s because Carville is a window-dresser. A true Democrat in Name Only. Full of rotten baloney. Either way you slice him, he’s still all about class warfare and Wall Street business-as-usual.

    3. JLJ nope nothing is free. Eg the police force, military, schools, roads, water, fire fighters, doctors, hospitals, snowploughs, power etc etc

  2. Instead of listening to the low iq individual in the coloured polo shirt how about we look at the polls and the betting market…this guy wants to bury the Democratic Party 6 feet under.

    1. @Razib Baral JOY Bernie has been consistent with his policies and voting record since the 70’s he is in no fashion a hypocrite. He has more character than anyone in Washington

    1. You’re right, Okir. It’s cults that got us into the mess we’re in. You just couldn’t tell Hillary cultists that next to Trump himself, Hillary was the most hated politician in America. I couldn’t FORCE myself to vote for her, I voted for Jill Stein, for no other reason than she wasn’t Hillary or Trump – and even knowing how it turned out, and the election were tomorrow, I’d do the exact same thing. At least Trump serves as a wake-up call, but with Hillary it would have been competent corruption as usual.
      So what I’m doing this time around is I’m simply observing and eliminating. Then I’ll vote for whatever Democrat is left – as long as they’re not associated with Hillary.

    2. @Eric Wattree i didn’t vote in ’16, i couldn’t bring myself to vote for either of these guys. in the end, trump got cheated in so it didn’t matter. i too, will vote for whoever is left, but regardless of their affiliation with hillary. trump has got to go. i’m terrified he will cheat his way to stay again. this is so f’ing scary & nerve wracking.

    1. @ocumstweezers Uh, perhaps. But Bernie would never do that. Im pretty sure Bernie is an atheist, which is very refreshing. He cant openly state that because unfortunately, that would be just another thing they would use against him.

    2. The WHOLE of the Democratic Party Corporate power structure has been making it clear they feel the same way because they are all about style and not substance.

    1. jones
      He backed a pervert sell-out, A conservative in liberal clothing, a bitter beaten sell-out, and we are supposed to believe he knows the lay of the land now?! No thanks. Maybe ask his wife instead, if that’s what you believe.

  3. @3:00 Bernie speaks to these points, its media that ignores them and focuses on labels, like you did Carville 3:00 “Describe a vision of how people fit into this country, the schools they go to, their healthcare, the wages they receive, that’s what matters to people..”

  4. I’m so sick of the establishment, old guard Democratic Party. Move aside and let someone else try. You all had your chance and you sold out the middle class

    1. Marie O’Gara
      I’m quite familiar with Irish politics. (You guys have your hands full as well).
      However the confusion in terms is merely corporate/right wing propaganda. Desperate despite the fact Sen. Sanders has explained the difference often. And will continue to do so.

    1. @SRSOS Interesting example, but a bit illogical in timing. In your example the ‘moderates’ are ‘predicting the future’ (“might just pass”), while the ‘leftist and right-wider’ decided based on ‘known info’ (“after it was confirmed”). I’m sure the moderates will make the same decision *after* knowing the meteor is going to hit us 🙂 Having said all that, I’m actually not sure what you trying to infer? Are you inferring that the ‘moderates’ are the 1%? …. you know ‘moderates’ are the ‘swing voters’ (~30%) … also, not all ‘moderates’ are in the 1% rich-pool.

    2. Ogba Icheku I’m voting for Trump again. I accept that we don’t agree. Differences shouldn’t equal torches and pitchforks.

  5. They want to hear about things that affect they’re day to day life. You know like healthcare or raising the minimum wage. Oh wait.

    1. I am from Canada. I am the one that can stand up to the sick American Military, the sick American Justice System. the American Christians Pastors. SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK. why the Media saying I am 77 and an American cult from Oakland California traumatized me in 1998.

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