Chris Christie: Getting The Vaccine Is Like Putting On Safety Belt | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Chris Christie: Getting The Vaccine Is Like Putting On Safety Belt | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Former Gov. Chris Christie, R-NJ, and Dr. Amesh Adalja discuss a new PSA on the importance of getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. Gov. Christie also shares a personal story of relatives who have passed away from the virus. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Chris Christie: Getting The Vaccine Is Like Putting On Safety Belt | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Cold Beer good thing I’m doing my patriotic duty to protect the up to ~3,250,000 Americans who it could be fatal for, by getting the vaccine, then.

  1. This is one interview question I heard from Mika not scripted, pose to Chris Christie. Everyday Americans should get the vaccine shot especially when they’re not well-connected.

  2. Christi is correct in that anti vaxxers will not be moved by Trump, even if they were 100% in support of him. I have seen it with my own eyes

    1. Trump has touted the vaccines and bragged about them… the anti vaxxers are not getting their views from him as far as vaccines go

  3. I think Mika is trying to get Christie to say that the reason he didn’t wear a mask is because Trump didn’t wanna see any masks.

    1. @Solstice of Snow so if you have cancer, hypertension, asthma, MS, diabetes ect that’s all diet and fitness so sucks to be you? Masks aren’t a bandaid, by definition they are a preventative measure.

    2. Solstice of Snow – That’s a big underlying factor. The immediate problem is people swapping too much air.

    3. A better mask design would have an airtight seal on the face and a light, plastic hose, about 14 inches long, that you could run down the back of your shirt. It would be easier to breathe and divert shedding virus lower and away from the face.

  4. My Auntie has struggled with Polio DESTROYED legs for 70+ YEARS , she would do anything to have had a a vaccine in time to have known a NORMAL LIFE !!! I will be vaccinated ASAP..

  5. Would have been awesome had you inserted clips of Marjorie Taylor green’s most recent videos and then asked him how do you convince people on your side to get the vaccine when you have people on your side putting stuff out there like this that would’ve been a perfect question!!

  6. Chris Christie had to get it and then have special treatment to get over it to really GET IT. I guess better VERY late than never.

  7. Based upon covid comordity stats (ie obesity diabetes cardiovascular disease) he is very fortunate to be alive.

  8. Jesus Drizzle! I wouldn’t even know where’s to begin! I guess by saying hey I’m hottest flyest guy!

  9. Instead of putting on seat belts, a better comparison would be obeying stop signs. The vaccine not only protects your life, it protects everyone around you also. Obey stop signs!

  10. Heavy set people can be some of the most talented Dancers and full disclosure, far better than me on any day. However, the way Christy tried to Rewrite History with his swan dive statement “I was in the SAFEST PLACE , The White House.”

  11. Well said. It will prevent bad things from happening if one gets infected – as in an accident.

  12. As an Australian where it is very rare for us to even have a case of Coronavirus, let alone have people die from it, this interview was mind blowing in ways I don’t know if Americans and Europeans can appreciate. Chris Christie shares Mika his own family’s experience, including the death of his cousin and her husband, and Mika, who is normally a compassionate, aware interviewer, continues on as normal. I would have responded by saying, “Chris, I’m so sorry for your loss. How are you doing?” I would have then added how the hundreds of thousands of people who have died are not just a number, but real people and each and everyone of their tragic untimely deaths leaves extraordinary grief for loved ones. The US has just become so numb to death, whether it is Coronavirus or a failing health system where people die needlessly because they don’t seek treatment until it is too late due to the incredible costs. As I said, it’s just mind blowing to me.

  13. Try telling that to the people who are against wearing seat belts just for the sake of being defiant or contrarian.

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