WH Press Secretary: We Have To Invest In Our Infrastructure | Morning Joe | MSNBC

WH Press Secretary: We Have To Invest In Our Infrastructure | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. One 40 second mention today concerning the arrest of a AFRICAN MAN who assaulted that Old Asian Woman in NYC – You failed to inform your audience of that AFRICAN MAN. No mention of race – there. I wonder why ? I wonder why 88% of this telecast consists mostly of OLD WHITE MEN. You are dividing America with your tongue[s]. I see evil when I look at this show. I only hope your Paychecks make you feel good about your doing.

    2. @John MahoneyWow, paying the white privileged victim, are we? Everyone watching could see it was an African-American who attacked that woman. Everyone else can also see it was mostly white people who were the insurrectionist and seditionist Trumpanzees who attacked our Capitol! Trump is the one who said that Covid was the Kung Flu and Chinese flu. That made many like yourself, your ilk of Trumpanzee, attack Asian-Americans in record numbers in the past year. Own up to your own racism, jerk!

  1. Our infrastructure is in desperate need of repair or upgrade. If the GOP won’t support this, then they’ll lose even more political capital!

    1. @Paul I bet you said nothing about the 2.1 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich and the two stimulus packages the republicans passed imbecile.

    2. @PaulScott Rock the only one who isn’t is Texas. After that you run the table on poor red states.

    3. The GOP as well as the demorats do nothing for us. NOTHING! They don’t produce anything, we produce everything!

    4. @Liberty59 one post you talk about tribalism and in the next you talking about DEMONRATS. This is what we have to deal with. Hypocrites.

  2. I love how she says any good ideas from the GOP are appreciated, knowing the GOP won’t come with anything worthwhile to the table at this point. It’s all about obstructing, culture wars and that man in Florida.

    1. I love how Democrats just love stealing from their great grandchildren. Batchs all steal from your kids piggy banks. Nothing more selfish than a Democrat.

    2. @David Eby Eh? The infrastructure plan pays for itself via corporate tax increases. Now contrast that with Trump’s TCJA, which put us in about $2T in debt to benefit primarily the rich. BTW-The Trump middle-class tax cuts start to expire next year unless the Democrats fix it. Who’s ‘stealing from our great grandchildren’ again? Hint: They have an Elephant as their logo.

    3. @David Eby how about the tax break trump gave to the top 10 percent of corporations and the elite rich? Anything at all to say? Would love to hear it!

    4. @Scurra You’re a naive little libby aren’t you? If you give Ford Motor Co a tax hike do you actually think they think “Oh no,what are we gonna do now?”. No,they think,”Ok lets tack it on to the price tag”.So,Genius,who is paying Creepy Joes tax hike?You and me. The problem is,you deserve it,I don’t. So funny that you ppl think taxing corp. doesn’t cost you. Thinking like that explains how we get stuck with Creepy Joe and Kamaltoe.

  3. I’m really disinterested in what any GOP member has to offer, or Dems “reaching out” to them.

    1. Republicans had the power not so long ago. What they did wasn’t for the good of Americans. Sorry, Republicans are out of touch with reality at this point.

    2. @john regan Exactly. Donald Trump was such a great unifier — among all those who were willing to sing the Dear Leader’s praises.

    3. @john regan exactly. When a faction they don’t like is in, it’s “resistance” and when they are in power, it’s “unity.” DUMBOcRATS at work.

  4. The infrastructure on the northern east coast ,in particular NJ , NY and MASS, is a scary mess. Not to omit Flint Michigan, the situation must be remedied before it completely falls apart . Thank you Pres Biden and team .

    1. @Paul I am sure you received a stimulus check. To help your cause on infrastructure, give it back. What’s wrong, Donnie did not give it to you? However,Joe Biden did. Ea

    2. @Paul the south and appalachian infrastructure isn’t so hot either. The poorest states are led by the GOP. Let’s stop it with the divisive rhetoric sold by propaganda machines and focus on the problems hurting all americans like bad infrastructure and lack of good healthcare

    3. Parts of Mississippi ,Alabama and other southern states do not have access to clean drinking water

    4. @Paul we both know the majority of the welfare money does not go to Blue States, urban areas or minorities

  5. I’d gotten so use to the usual parade of antagonistic liars, with their “alternative facts” , that it still seems unusually bizarre to have a lucid, articulate, warm and friendly WH spokesperson.

    1. @Harold Moore I think you have confused the right for the left…
      All the brownies over there cry when say their not a woman when their a dude…

    2. @denis montefreito I agree with you Denis. Saying Biden is a liar sounds so hollow. This man is trying to fix all the messes left from the previous corrupt administration. He’ll do better if it were not the GOP in a jealous mode trying to stop what is good for American People. I can see Denis that you are a student of History. You got me here when you wrote: Kaaay Laaay was lying for her Fuhrer Trump. She was always saying Heil Trump!!! to whatever that Fascist man was saying.

  6. How refreshing is it to have a WH press secretary who answers questions and isn’t confrontational. I’m not sure which reality I’m in, but I like it.

    1. @Chaos : She doesn’t like questions on allowing transgender biological boys/men competing against girls/women either. Nor any of dems proposals against the 2nd amendment.

    2. @Gary Campbell yes she does rather like to circle back on a lot of things. I dunno why she doesn’t just say “please don’t ask me that as I know we’re very confused and too scared to commit ourselves to saying anything in case we lose votes.”

  7. I think one of the things that marks the difference between this and the previous administration is the sense that they’re actually proud and excited to be doing what they believe is good.

    1. @Jay French You are the one with no argument. There was no fake impeachment. The media reported on the things that Trump said and did. It’s not their fault he was one of the worst presidents in our history. Trump had McConnell on his side who is the devil himself.

    1. @Harold Moore Even though it is after 4 o’clock I am not having a glass of wine today because I am flying early tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

    2. @Harold Moore Thank you for the kind words. We do wear a mask, I have hand sanitizer in the car in the airplane, we wash your hands regularly. You stay safe also, be healthy

  8. When you speak the truth its not hard to answer questions. Its when you dont know which lie you should use regarding a question, that an itemized binder is your best friend. Right Kaylee?

  9. Absolutely love Jen, she’s badass. Fox is trying every day to find something to complain about with her and they are failing repeatedly.

    1. @Paul weird, it’s almost like all people in politics lie along the way. Shocker. She’s still a badass and has more class and competence in her pinky than the las three dishonest pigs combined.

    2. @Paul Trump lied to us for four years and now Kaaay Laaay Makaninny is on Fox still lying for her former boss!

    3. @PaulScott Rock Well, they admit in courts in the past twenty years that they are an entertainment organization, and not news. It’s a dodge, of course, but Fox is getting it both ways, unfortunately. Now they are getting sued by Dominion, so hopefully they are going to be found guilty of slander and libel, and made to pay up. Hopefully to the tune they go out of business!

  10. The locks in the Ohio and Missouri rivers are so old it takes several days to open or close them. They are 100 years old.
    Our grid is so old and decrepit it’s a national defense issue.

  11. How refreshing to listen to a WH Press Secretary who speaks in clear concise sentences that convey meaningful information. What a contrast to the past four years of muddle.

  12. Yeah, she’s my favorite wh press so far. Her language is most satisfying. And her way of dealing with the reporters are formidable, 🤘

    1. she says “uhh” and “umm” every other sentence, constantly lies, doesn’t answer a lot of questions and always “circles back”, and is racist.

  13. So different from Kelly-Anne Conway or the dancing man or the lying woman or TFG. Refreshing in so many ways!

  14. From Canada, such a relief to see in comments, American Neighbours that appreciate this breath of fresh air ( intelligence and charm )👍🙏🇨🇦

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