Chris Hayes Breaks Down Soleimani’s Influence In The Middle East | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes looks at the role Qassem Soleimani played in shaping the Middle East. Aired on 01/03/20.
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Chris Hayes Breaks Down Soleimani's Influence In The Middle East | All In | MSNBC


  1. I have just recovered from the shock of MSNBC actually stating impartial facts, and offering a serious piece of analysis. Sanders and Biden are bang out of order attacking this decision by the President, before they have any information on why the decision was taken. Soleimani was a major operative who reportedly had been behind the murder of Americans, and would have been in a position to go much further. Was the President to wait until this happened?

    1. @Kern Albert I’m not sure why you see his period of tenure as relevant? Especially since during much of that period he has been coordinating the murder of Americans and repeatedly attacking US assets and interests. Did any of that amount to a ‘declaration of war’? It seems you have taken it on yourself to assign relative values to human lives, with needless to say, Americans being at the bottom in your eyes.

    2. @Flabby Bum I see it as relevant because he’s been allowed to operate for that long because the ramifications of creating a martyr is in many experts’ estimation not worth what killing him provides. MBS is responsible for American deaths, do you suggest droning him? If your prime concern is saving American lives, then creating a situation were every American in the region becomes a target for the next decade isn’t the best way to go about it. Potentially alienating Iraq, potentially risking attack on Israel, potentially forcing the region to coalesce in support around Iran for the death of one man seems a not well thought out strategy. I hope you at least have stock in the MIC and stand to gain financially, to have espoused as you did on this matter.

    1. @Nick Diaz What I’d like to know is…if t’rump attacked Iran because an attack was imminent, then why did the State Dept tell all Americans to leave Iraq out of fear of an attack? 🤔
      I mean, t’rump fixed everything now so it should be all good! 😆😂

    2. @bob jenkins I’m not excusing the many acts of aggression on Iran’s part. But let’s be honest here. t’rump started this all by pulling out of the Iran deal, laying harsh sanctions on the people of Iran, and generally not understanding the complexities of the situation. He’s literally too dumb to know what to do. His killing of the Iran general is akin to someone killing Colin Powell. That’s why no other president – Obama or Bush – were willing to make this move. He just took things from a 4 to an 11. And I bet you he has NO IDEA what to do next.

    3. @Ro G The Iran deal was terrible. I suppose you agree with Obamas’ diplomatic solution in Iran. On his way out of the White House he sent Iran 1.7 billion dollars of cash on pallets and your ok with that.

    4. @Nick Diaz Why are there Iranians in Iraq? Also, why are there muslims in Europe, Asia, Persia, India and Israel?

  2. t’rump lost a battle of wits to an open umbrella.
    And now he thinks he can win a war in the Middle East? 🤔
    My dog has a better chance of writing a novel. 🤔😄😆😂🤣

    1. there’s a couple of ways to look at this if the guy has been helping other terrorists groups killing Americans cutting the head of the snake might be the way to go and looking at it, it was a pretty precision strike would definitely get others a bit worried about doing something towards the US your going to be in trouble, its ok for Iran saying they will retaliate against the US but what do they think the US will do with Trump, the other side is Trump should have consulted US allies and Congress before doing anything and did Trump do it to circumvent his impeachment by starting a war with Iran as he’s shown he’ll do anything to stay in power because when he’s gone his real troubles start only time will tell but trump hands on power are getting pretty shaky atm

  3. This is the second time in 24 hours that MSNBC has shown a Middle East map labeling all the countries in the news item except for Saudi Arabia. Does MSNBC not know the location of boundaries of Saudi Arabia?

    1. Why would Saudi Arabia be labelled? They were not involved in the news items as you claim. The map pointed out where Soleimani had intervened. Saudi Arabia was not included.

    1. Amen to that….its a channel for the uneducated liberal jagoffs that flood our suburban areas. Fools they are. This guy is the worst….id love for Trump to go on his show and pull a katie tur on HIM….he knows NOTHING but acts all smart and intelligent…lol karma gonna get him, i cant wait until the election and watching this girly man

    1. Because it is an inconsequential point. His forces fought ISIS because they threatened his influence in countries like Syria, Iraq and Pakistan. Did you watch what Hayes had to say about Soleimani’s influence throughout the middle east? He (and the Iranians) fight religious based war. Shia versus Sunni or Israel or infidels wherever they may be found.

    2. Dennis Lee what if certain American folks knew that and funneled arms from Libya to “rebels” in Syria that were in fact ISIS?

  4. Didn’t even listen to this. The probability that Hayes would have anything coherent to say is so low that it was not worth my time.

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