‘It looks like we’re heading to war’: analyst on Qassem Soleimani’s death

With Gen. Esmail Ghaani named as the new force leader in Iran, Nader Hashemi shares his take on what the country’s next steps will be against the U.S.

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    1. @Mike Taj They studied the battlefield 20 years later and there is no need of boots on the ground. Americans own the sky.

    2. Paul Putyong I will have to disagree with that but time will tell. Let’s see America’s next peaceful plan of action

  1. War??? Are you crazy? Iran would be stupid to go to war with the military supremacy of the USA. Especially when the President is trying to take the states out of the Middle East.

    1. Concerned Citizen IKKKK u are very true i’m from the uk and i’m kinda scared. Iran might get there allies china and russia and then countries between them have 8000 nuclear weapons we are all safe if china and russia don’t get involved if they do then it’s gonna be a nuclear war😭

    1. Funny, I thought the expert looked like one of those weekend warrior, right wing militia types. Extremists all look the same to me.

  2. stop the fear mongering. No ships are going to sail to north america. if there is conflict it will be entirely inside the borders of Iran.

    1. If there is no war started over this it will be because Iranian patience and level headedness as America seems to be doing everything in its power to start one.
      Do you think any country would just let go the assasination of a top general or the bombing of a convoy of medics?
      I pray you are right however this is likely just the old Republicans “start a war to win the election trick”😔

    2. @Landon Breeden
      Level headedness? Like shooting missiles at air bases, or attacking an embassy?? Trump only retaliates against attacks, and the far left loves their terrorists.

    1. Lunamaria isn’t that what everyone said about Iraq and Afghanistan? What happened it’s only been roughly 20 years

    2. Iraq and Afghanistan wer both terribly destabilized after the were and still have not recovered.. Destabilization was the goal… Iran would also suffer the same fate… Also neither were full scale wars

  3. Notice the word folks, he uses “decapitation” as rhetoric to dehumanize and create hate and fear. Could have used killed or eliminated but this is how the MSM and academics use charged language to create division. Start paying attention, activists do this all the time.

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