Chris Hayes Debunks GOP, Right-Wing Media Lies About Texas Power Outages | All In | MSNBC 1

Chris Hayes Debunks GOP, Right-Wing Media Lies About Texas Power Outages | All In | MSNBC


"It is just a lie that wind turbines, 'green energy' are the root causes of the problems in Texas right now,” says Chris Hayes, discussing the right wing attempt to turn Texas power outages into a culture war. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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Chris Hayes Debunks GOP, Right-Wing Media Lies About Texas Power Outages | All In | MSNBC


  1. Anti-intellectualism is a disease. Can the people at Fox just please stop with the blind partisan nonsense? Oversimplifying complex issues does not actually promote problem solving. The GOP needs to right their ship.

    1. @Peter T and guess what – I live in germany, and am meeting GERMANS who are buying this crap that Trump is great, and that he actually won the election. They are convinced that Biden is evil, and are sad. F*ing morons!!!! All across the friggen globe! I just can’t get away from them

    2. @A dorableits not only a lack of education its also the decline in critical thinking by those who are educated. I know they say common sense isnt that common well 2020 has shown us that is very true. I hate to bring up the past, but Trump has shown us how easy it is to get “normal people” to believe and do “abnormal things” like the germans in late 1930’s-40’s. humans are easily fooled and reprogrammed which can be proven by the amount of successful cults throught out our world’s history.

    3. They will never stop until someone MAKES THEM STOP. They need to be shut down permanently by the government for spreading lies and propaganda as “news”.

    4. @30.06 on a Grassy Knoll exactly! We no longer need to wonder how all that in germany could have happened.

      The level of conviction with which these lies are defended is shocking…scary.

      Do you have Trump ‘lovers’ in your close circle of friends?

      I had a few, and tried to look past it. I wanted to be accepting etc but I lost respect for them, that they buy into this crap – without researching it. Denied all facts that I presented….
      I broke off contact with them. Not proud of it – but, I just can’t

  2. here in Michigan the Wind towers are just fine and oh by the way… we get subzero temps for days /weeks in a row!!!!!

    1. @Doc Malthus I’m in one rn. Got ice on the INSIDE of my home windows. Must be nice to laugh at people misfortunes while there’s nothing they can do except wait for the power to come back on. I’m on hour 29 with no power and it’s 6 degrees outside. 38 in my house. Super funny.

    2. @none
      The wind turbines are not the bigger problem, even though they (TX) opted out of having heated wind turbines because it was too expensive. The state of Texas does not think in “what if” logic, the state of Texas thinks in “this won’t ever happen here” logic. That being said, the lack of preparedness on the state of Texas banking on “this will never happen here” mentality is not only horrendously irresponsible, it is downright dangerous & possibly deadly.

    3. @C G Don’t waste your time playing the victim with me. I am not the one responsible for your power grid and deregulation and climate change denial. Tell it to Greg Abbott and the rest of those Republican cretins you put in charge.

    1. @Jeffrey Loveless Glycol is used to de-ice aircraft. Probably the same for wind turbines. Are you trying to be cute by saying we need oil? Lots of uses for oil that don’t include burning.

    2. Hi Canada….would you please take Ted Cruz back? …..Stick him in a huge snow bake…..and leave. him there….We would surely be grateful…..

    3. Windmills that can function in the cold need to be built differently and are very expensive.

      They need to be built with carbon fiber instead of metal.

      Furthermore, “cold weather kits” must be installed, which use a portion of the energy generated to power heaters that keep the turbine from freezing up.

      Given the massive additional cost, it would have been silly to build wind turbines in Texas equipped to handle temperatures below 30 degrees.

      That said, it was silly to rely on intermittent power generators like wind turbines to handle 20% of their grid capacity.

      If people learned to “follow the science,” we would already be at 100% nuclear for electricity, abandoning all others due to the various stupidities involved.

    1. @Gabe Dudley – He worked for Biden for 3 years and left 14 years ago, before Obama even ran for his first term as President. Big deal.

  3. It’s so sad that none of the Fox viewers will bother to do any fact checking. They’ll just continue to swallow what Fox feeds them until it poisons them to death.

    1. So very true! I have a friend that is just like how you described and no one can tell him otherwise. Fox News is the only truthful outlet out there he claims lmao

    2. @John Doe True, however FOX news is part of the corporate media group too, even though they aren’t really a news agency. The problem is how do you handle getting rid of these corporate media companies? It’s people with big money that really run this country. So they run the news agencies, that then report news slanted in their favor. Even trump owns a news paper, although he may have to sell it soon.

    3. @Ian Fox News is unacceptable. The announcers tend to spout half-truths; I believe they hope the public takes the wrong half! I have yet to ever find a degree of honesty, in current affairs & events at Fox News!

  4. dallas county commissioner just laid it out. didn’t require the plants to winterize, didn’t require them to use materials that wouldn’t freeze, didn’t require the gas lines be buried deep enough. deregulation is a killer.

    1. @Rachael Walrath …the GOP in Texas is a White Oligarchy, that is struggling to stay in Power at any Cost, Lying is just Business as Usual to them
      They peddle and market the same BS as #FauxNews, because that’s their Target audience, when it comes to raising money for Reelection

    2. @Rachael Walrath Winterizing would also cost money and since it’s been deregulated many of the plant operators put profits over precautions. Its interesting that the small co-ops seem to be powering their area byt I guess when your customers are stockholders it makes sense! I am thanking God for my co-OP every hour I have power.

    3. @Kimberly Harvey Thank you but I pray for the 4 million here who don’t due to failures of the companies they pay and trust. I hope this is a wake up call but unfortunately I already see the spinning of alternate info that will just further divide people.

    1. Maybe Michigan should sue Texas for being such snowflakes. Up here, we call this February. Pass me the whiskey and throw a iog in the stove.

    2. @Disco/Secret Texas has no building codes, so probably most of the houses there have minimum insulation at best. And their waterlines are probably not deep enough either for this cold and this long.

    3. @bigwheelsturning ummm….We do have building codes but unfortunately houses are not built to withstand the same temps as up north. Houses are built to match local environments not all environments. As far as our power problems this week ..ERCOT is a disaster and the fallout will be swift since even Abbott’s family has no power. The LNG is literally frozen in the pipes and the cant get it out so guess the oil and gas companies didnt think of that either!

    1. … i always suspected ever since i saw what it did to those kids in nam .. but this confirms it .. fire IS hot…. they lied to me for so…so many years …

    1. @Ygritte Snow So true. There should be a law, that any News show, that is not an actual news agency, should be prohibited from using News in their title. FOX news is actually registered as an entertainment company in the US. So NOT an actual news agency. Their title should be FOX FAKE NEWS!

    2. @hoolie gunn True, because good ole Rupert’s business, is part of the corporate interest groups, paying off the GOP and any other corrupt politician.

    3. @Juan Flores They’re all slanted. The trouble is, that some are so slanted they almost touch the ground. Hard to tell which is less slanted. It’s best if you’re educated in the history of world politics and governments. Helps a little more to see where this country is going and who is leading us there. And, do we want to be led there?

    1. You people are certified morons. Without someone to blame ? It’s you, the weak among us, the liberals who without Donald Trump would have precisely nobody to blame, for everything. Like Ted Koppel told THE PERFECT prototype of a liberal (Brian Stelter) on CNN, “without Donald Trump, your ratings would be in the toilet.”

    1. The word “lie” used with any frequency is irrelevant compared to the frequency in which lies are told throughout the media.

    2. If you watch the news reports about Trump from the past 5 years you”ll notice that they almost never say the word lie or liar in regards to the ex-president. During interviews when he is corrected for lying, he doesn’t wait long before repeating the corrected lie again, without fail.
      Trump is undoubtedly a habitual, probably a compulsive liar like no other president we’ve had before. Yet half of the country doesn’t know that. That’s not stupidity on the publics part. That’s malfeasance on the part of the corporate media networks.

    3. @Dion McGee imo Americans pay far too much deference to the officials they elect to govern them.
      They are people like anybody else-put there to do a job.
      The reluctance to call out that the Emperor had no clothes stemmed from that deference, I believe.

  5. The difference in temperature is what causes the wind. Bigger the difference, bigger the wind. Wind power increases generally when it gets colder.

  6. When I was 16, I went to Germany to see a childhood friend. I couldn’t believe how many wind turbines there was! I’m 38 now. YES! It gets very cold in Germany.

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