Chris Hayes: GOP Held A ‘Loaded Gun To American Democracy’ With Texas Lawsuit | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes: GOP Held A ‘Loaded Gun To American Democracy’ With Texas Lawsuit | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. There has to be a day of reckoning for these people. The Dems can’t just say lets move on past this now. that only emboldens republicans to get even crazier.

    1. @Nora Fox each state that participated in this nonesense loses 4 electoral college votes to be distributed evenly to the states that recognize democracy.

    1. Yes, I agree : Republicans are such a threat but I’m worried Biden still sees them as “people you can work with…” That’s like saying you can trust and work with smne who repeatedly tried to stab you in the back and set your house on fire to protect their own interest.

    1. @K Dapson I’m baffled why you misinterpreted my post. Yes, I’m a Republican. Yes, I’m a Conservative. I have never, nor will I ever, support the self proclaimed “very stable genius.” Read that again just to make sure you understand. Individual-1 is not a Conservative. In fact, he has a long history of voting for Democrats, but he’s not a Democrat or a Republican, he’s a Revisionist. I knew this before he ever ran for office. He didn’t earn my vote in 2016 or 2020. So, what’s exactly are you baffled about? There’s nothing wrong with being a real Republican steeped in real Conservative values. if you feel there is something wrong with real Conservative values, please explain, be specific. Many of today’s elected Republicans (not all) do not embody real Conservatism. They’re Revisionists and this should not be taken lightly if you understand what Revisionism is all about. If you don’t know, I encourage you to research and read about it online. World War II happened because of a horrific Revisionist leader. I do not support any of the Republicans who signed on to the latest lawsuit sent to the Supreme Court. Those politicians are disgraceful cowards only focused on reelection at all costs. Graham and Cruz are some of the most disgusting and pathetic politicians I’ve ever known to exist in U.S. politics. Again, what exactly baffles you about my last comment or me? I’m open minded. I’d like to understand your perspective. Please explain.

    2. @Bini Lee totally agree 100% we just have to be patient it’s coming he just can’t come fast enough that’s all

    3. It is not enough when they just give a pass to the violators of our principles as a nation and just let them be untill the next coup attempt. There should be severe consequences to all the ones involved in this usurpation of our democracy.

    4. @Rhet 101 not so quick to give those MAGA appointees… They had no other choice but vote against Trump and Texas or be overtly partisan even to the lay citizens.. I’m sure Obamacare would be fair game for them…

    5. @LT OA Looking from Europe (Finland): Haven’t practically all judges done the honest thing with Trump’s ridiculous lawsuits? And also republican governors etc.? It seems all those who actually decide have upheld democracy, whereas Trump & co. are just acting in some very bad theatre.

    1. Can’t wait till the Democratic Party goes down they’re getting mad because they know theirs more behind the scenes obviously not everything is going to be released to the media especially nowadays with all the fake news like msnbc! If there wasn’t so called”evidence” then the trump campaign wouldn’t even be allowed to make a court date that’s why they’re beating around the bush and pushing COVID again because they want to reach the dead line! But if the judges don’t step up hope y’all know your toasted it’s good vs evil right now!! I’m not saying all Democrats are evil I’m just saying open your eyes please stop watching main stream media and watch newsmax or something! The tech is ruining our freedom of speech by censoring actually what’s going on with the presidential election! This isn’t the end of trump it’s the beginning get used to it and open your eyes the left is taking your freedom, and religion just believe in me look at legal citizens that came from other countries that voted trump and said because why they left their original country because it’s a socialist place and they said that’s exactly what Biden is doing!

    2. @Jacqueline Milton no it still has martial law which will happen if they keep going against the constitution

    1. The need to go down as seditionist that attempted a coup against democracy and therefore America… charged and tried for the crimes removed permanently from any public office.

  2. Trump was a disgrace before he got to the white house, he remained a disgrace while at the white house, and he will be a disgrace after leaving the white house.

    1. @Rambos Raiders So let me guess. After seeing that idiotic tweet by that AZ GOP official, you’re now ready to “live for nothing…die for something”?

    2. @Rambos Raiders not as dirty as Trump. 300,000 people dead from Covid and Trump is still losing the election daily after November 3rd, and still crying about it. 74 million people do not speak for the 80 million people who wanted Trump gone!

    3. The WH should be cleanse thoroughly of all Trump and his enablers bad energy before new President enters it. The legacy of stench and courption should not be touched by a single smudged finger print nir the stench should be inhaled.


    1. @Crowbar1115 by the definition of sedition you gave this group of thugs and trump have broke the law though. They have broken more than one election law and are currently waaaaaay more than 2 people who actively tried to negate state and federal election laws and overthrow the will of the people. I’m confused is there something I’m missing?

    2. @Crowbar1115 An attempt to overturn a lawful, legal election. The call to take up arms Arizona GOP, Live for Nothing Or Die for something. That is an act of war by those who have sworn an oath. That is the classic definition of treason.

  3. Every single attorney that supported Texas’s attempt to overthrow the election needs to be disbarred, yesterday.

    1. Well, trump has a history of associating with lawyers who end up disbarred…. 😬
      Roy Cohn, Michael Cohen…I’m sure there’ll be more!!

    1. @Andrew Coleman I can’t speak for others, but I know many I’ve heard and I myself, never claimed the election was stolen in 2016. We accepted he won, didn’t like it, but accepted it. We also knew his Presidency was going to be a $#*! Show, and it has been. That’s why we protested, not because we thought it was stolen.

    2. @Bee Becarefull I can only speak about my own state, PA. The only cases of fraud found were 2 men trying to vote REPUBLICAN FOR THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS WHO EITHER WERE DEAD OR NOT VOTING.

    3. @Rambos Raiders I hate np one! But it comes real close with Trump. But thanks for your permission, I don’t need it though.

    1. In my opinion. It served it’s purpose in the 1860’s. Time for it to the way of the Whigs. And let another take it’s place.

  4. The Republican party is the neo Confederacy. They are literally destroying our country and democracy right before our eyes.

    I pray for America.

    1. 17 States joined the lawsuit. Take a good look at which states they were. Because they are the new Confederacy. Unfortunately I live in one and it is a sea of stupid…

    2. Prayer is a nice thought; but we need to do a helluva lot more than plea to an invisible sky daddy; however, your effort is appreciated 😉

    3. yup, just what I said. This is what happens when they can’t win at the ballot anymore. And they are still fighting the Civil War that they lost.

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