Chris Hayes On The Nightmare In Puerto Rico | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes On The Nightmare In Puerto Rico | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. Prayers won’t work. They need real aid to rebuild their island, and lots of it. I’m betting the Arsewipe presently stuck to the President’s chair in the WH will avoid any significant aid being given to the island. Why? Because he treats them as second class citizens and are not deserving of genuine aid. The man is lower than low.

    1. Slick Willie and killiary were humping kids, cutting their heads off and sacrificing them to Moloch on Epstein island!

    2. @digital tribe o yeah. Like how can you even type that out and not be embarrassed. You should be locked up in cyber jail.

    1. And both parties voted to give Trump $80 billion more than even the Pentagon was asking for in the NDAA. That would have paid for public college for everyone who wanted to go, and housed every homeless person in the United States. Both parties.

    2. Eusunt Dac “If you’re brown, you’re going down”… I joke, but it really feels like this for many of us minorities and BLAIR M Schirmer great point, 80 billion points for Griffindor

  1. Are these poor people of Puerto Rico *ever* going to catch a break?

    I mean, haven’t they suffered for too long as it is already?

    1. It was a bipartisan measure that prevented Puerto Rico from exercising the right to declare bankruptcy and restructure its debts, something permitted to every other municipality in the United States, from New York City to the smallest town. The debt is crushing them, and both parties are responsible. It even left them with a sales tax of around 12%, the highest in the US and something that disproportionately hits the poor, because of this.

    2. Stephen Miller has a solution: give the people of Puerto Rico food and medical care by putting them in cages.

  2. 3000 official Hurricane Maria deaths in Puerto Rico due to tRumps incompetence & indifference & Puerto Rico is still in disarray. In your time of need do not expect tRump or his useless administration to help you.

  3. Half of my family lives in Ponce. I call on every Puerto Rican in Florida, Georgia, and Texas to vote Trump out of office.

  4. @vsboy 25 When you say “Trup will help” Do you mean Help Himself ? …..Oh, that he is, and with both little hands.

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