‘Frustration & Déjà Vu:’ Butler On Increasingly Toxic Rhetoric From Trump Loyalists | All In | MSNBC

‘Frustration & Déjà Vu:’ Butler On Increasingly Toxic Rhetoric From Trump Loyalists | All In | MSNBC 1


Jeremy Butler, CEO for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America on Trump loyalists’ dangerous rhetoric surrounding opposition to war: “It’s frustration and it’s déjà vu.” Aired on 01/09/20.
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‘Frustration & Déjà Vu:’ Butler On Increasingly Toxic Rhetoric From Trump Loyalists | All In | MSNBC

15 Comments on "‘Frustration & Déjà Vu:’ Butler On Increasingly Toxic Rhetoric From Trump Loyalists | All In | MSNBC"

  1. well – spell it out then. The US is there to steal the oil.

  2. Electoral College Enslaved Alumni | January 10, 2020 at 12:12 AM | Reply

    Trump’s witch hunt for WMDs

  3. Greed and power before country. They can never get enough.

  4. MSDNC.. Best news for the TDS affected.

  5. Lol …..That’s a joke all the rhetoric and violence comes from the left and always has …period

  6. Per Thorenfeldt | January 10, 2020 at 12:51 AM | Reply

    Fortunately, we are many European citizens (who have good, free and economically independent, newspapers, TV stations), as well as actual educational systems, that teach children and young people, always to see, a case from several sides, before drawing you conclusion.
    We all know, the real story, of how Colin Powell sat in front of the UN and there told, one lie after another, about which and where Iraq (according to the CIA, should have had their, weapons of mass destruction, though the former UN Chief Observatory Hans Blix, several times, told both the United Nations and the Bush administration, that there were no weapons of mass destruction, left in Iraq in 2003.
    Funny enough (not for all those killed Iraqi soldiers and unfortunately, also a myriad of killed Iraqi civilians), afterwards, the Bush administration claimed, that it was now, almost only was about Iraq, having a regime change and that it was because of Saddam Hussein, that the United States and its allies (yes, because the United States, has not conducted any wars alone, since being expelled from Vietnam) attacked Iraq in 2003.
    Who does not remember, when George Bush, was standing on an American aircraft carrier and declaring, that the United States had won the war and yes, just then, the violence and war in Iraq blow up in the faces of the Bush Administration and the American losses in Iraq, exploded.
    Here’s how it goes, when you don’t have a long-term plan, after the first attack (which Donald Trump and his Administration, not even have thought about that they had / needed to have) and we have all heard Donald Trump say, that he wants a regime shift in Iran and therefore, as US citizens, you probably will have to see, If your Donald Trump, goes to war aganist Iran, how the United States, will suffer many more losses, than the United States suffered in Iraq.

  7. I’ve also noticed the toxic rhetoric coming from the tRump, his GOP enablers & tRumpie stooge supporters is becoming ever more treasonous, treacherous & dangerous. They accuse others of being these things when in actual fact it is they & them that are an enemy to America, the Constitution & you & I. They need to be completely trounced & destroyed come Nov. 2020 lest they come back & try to bite us in the butt once again.

  8. —- > The whole Republican agenda is toxic. Republicans think they can continue to control Trump for their own agenda and economic self-interests but that is unlikely. They need to remove Trump now or they will be complicit in whatever happens next.

  9. Answers always been about aiming for an economic plan or maintaining one, but what that plan looks like for the poor to low income to middle class to the rich and richer– it’s possible to be not just more helpful, but more giving in service and resource. Things don’t belong to no one person (GO USABREXITGREECEAFRICA). Especially knowing that as human beings we are not of the same energy output. We could easily divide each other into 7 levels of energy output than what the economy doctrines try to explain and what many would easily not care to think as important, because there are easily different levels of living– except where service never changes (where it matters most), especially when it comes to knowing choices; instead of 3 income levels or 3 levels of city, state or government.

    The 2 of the 7 obvious levels of energy output would be those who aren’t high achievers versus those who would be rich, stopping land take overs as of USABREXITGREECEAFRICA (hint: the inbetween levels of energy output would measure between legacy service(s) to (a) “happy” service(s)). The dollar system is the agreed system with USA, UK, etc and those like bitcoin are cheating and trying to cheat more– or more like copy and paste, then cheat and steal via its’ formulas vs Americans (etc)(!)(.)

    Until then, (we need help with those who are homeless and or poor) it should be mandated that all City Halls in cities in America be required to give seeds to each homeless person in their city to grow an apple tree in a specific spot in the city. Of which could be controlled by the homeless person by the available spots, but near them or not depending on what is or if they don’t want to be there. The person should be required to take care of it and the city should be required to take care of both.

    This would require and benefit accountability (not a chip), and a benefit for those who are homeless who need to eat, but also be around a secure location for the care of the homeless person than just the streets or the dictator behavior that comes from places like shelters or community “help” that are more like egotistically stressed. If there is a apple tree that is already in a designated zone, then grow an orange tree (etc) (get creative, especially with homeless tree living).

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