Chris Hayes Podcast With Trymaine Lee | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 113 | MSNBC

If you listen to anyone about this time of rage and grief and action, make it Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Trymaine Lee. From his origins reporting on police and crime in Philadelphia to his nights covering Ferguson in 2014 to his Emmy Award-winning work on the lasting trauma of the violence in Chicago, Lee offers a raw and insightful perspective on this national moment.
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Chris Hayes Podcast With Trymaine Lee | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 113 | MSNBC


  1. General Lee. I’m offended by your guests name.
    Seattle has a statue of Lenin prominently displayed. Why it’s not broken into pieces says all you need to know about that town and the left. We normal loyal American citizens must separate from these traitors on the left. There will be no peace and only the total annihilation of all left wing marxists if it doesn’t happen.

  2. Just question about history,
    Who freed the slaves/from Democrats.
    Answer: abraham Lincoln/ Republicans

    1. @Jill Foster “old white man like trump ” these are ur words and there words are giving an idea of how much u like ur president/president of the United states of America.

    2. @Marko Goldman Hi Marko, how you going?
      Sweetie, I don’t live in the States. It was a dig at them.
      Kia Kaha 😀😗
      Haere ra

    3. @Marko Goldman Hi sweetie, nice to hear from you. We are safe here, having fun at level one. Keep safe too.

  3. Powerful, clear discussion. Thank you. This SHOULD make an impact on anyone that listens, but the cold hearted are deaf.

  4. As TESTING INCREASES & VIRUS CASES RISE! Combining a test that is
    designed to detect current infection (nose swab) with a test that
    detects infection at some point in the past (Blood antibody tests) is
    just really confusing. Funny how they start pushing this again as Trump
    wants to have rallies. Sign a waiver or don’t go if U are high risk,
    it’s simple. Why do you care , it’s not about the safety of the public
    with you people! Can’t put much stake in new confirmed CASES! Is
    hospitalization going down? Over all YES. What age groups are these new
    cases? Are they low risk people? Are they Mexican’s that California let
    in and tested? Is VIRUS RELATED Deaths going down? YES. Would they have
    dies with our CV19? Is the illness surge at the hospitals or clinics at
    an acceptable level and do the medical community have the Ventilators
    and PPE to deal with the numbers to treat all Americans? YES!! The
    “SCIENCE & DATA” by all the “EXPERTS” CDC, WHO & Fauci have been
    inaccurate.Dr Reiner has to be an accurate PSYCHIC! LMAO now masks are a
    VACCINE? It is amzaingly lucky how the Trump satff goes all over and
    don’t infect anyone or get infected. It must be a MIRACLE that they
    haven’t KILLED PEOPLE! What is going on? They don’t believe the MOB
    MEDIA’s rhetoric anymore!Is the MOB MEDIA hoping for a 2nd wave so Trump
    fails or are you actually concerned for the public? LIFE MUST SAFELY GO
    ON, Trump’s rally drives these reports not public safety. It’s
    pathetic! Why weren’t you whining about the risks from the MOSTLY

    1. We saw social distancing & masks in the coverage here in NZ. What are you watching? Virus free here, still used masks etc.
      Virus is in the Whitehouse & Trump is a liar so how do we know?
      It can go on & on.
      Where I live contained with great rates. What puts us at risk is, America. Not just your virus (our first case came from America 18 January not China)
      But your propaganda and indoctrination, pretending to be innocent but insidious.
      Why do you call your country great, when you are insular from the progress of other countries unless its Russia or China? This has been going on for decades so we see Americans as arrogant & ignorant. Add uneducated.
      Kia Kaha
      Haere ra

    2. Jill foster, seen a clip of the rugby on the news, people in pubs beforehand. It was like old footage been shown. Good work kiwis.

    1. @DivineHeresy For which country? Are you a troll or what? Or a racist?
      Kia Kaha
      Haere ra 😝 (in Te Reo the tongue out means defiance, just in case you are not aware of other cultures, I will see if I can find you something in Tongan or Samoan aswell 🤨)

  5. So much unnecessary sorrow related to RACISM. UNFORTUNATELY, we all have a story of LIVING while BLACK in AMERICA..

  6. I don’t consider myself racist but this time in our history has made me want to learn more and be better. Black lives matter!

    1. Devine how could you think otherwise ? 8 min 46 seconds on his neck when he begged to breathe .. he wasn’t fighting nor could he . Well he was black & a man & those 2 had worked at the same place . The cop is either very stupid or in fact knew exactly what he was doing to include murder . So if not racism then what was his motive . If all of us didn’t see that then why all of the protests in 50 states & across the world ? And it’s made up of all races & religions & during a horrible pandemic . I have no doubt the reason but apparently you do have . I respect your opinion as I respect the original opinion of the one making this comment & agree with them .

    2. @Magik Storm You didnt offer a shred of evidence that race had anything to do with this. Let me guess, the color of the cops skin makes it easier for you to believe that he is a terrible thing driven by a terrible motive. It had to be racism because the cop is white. Try using your brain for once, instead of letting it be indoctrinated by media driven propaganda and a political movement intended to get out the vote.

    3. Devine that is certainly one thing that defines racism but it was his actions . Unnecessary ones . With the way you see it there is no way to prove it to you . It’s simply the totality of it . He is charged with murder & the other 3 for aiding & abetting . I can’t prove anything to you & I doubt anyone could . So we will agree to disagree . Stay safe

  7. Oh thank you for this article. It healthy way of exposing so much.
    Yes we do understand because we know this is how you treat other countries aswell, so we feel your pain.
    The way America treats people creating inequality through out of control capitalism & corruption, as a country we are tired of working around & the threats.
    Thank you Trump for exposing so much & letting us be the country we want to be.
    When America gets over itself & its propaganda & indoctrination come on over, but we will back your foot trodden troops, your underclass. British know all about that too.
    Trump has also exposed how America treats people is similar to Russia. Food for thought their.
    I hope you find & keep your Kia Kaha for each other
    Your political system grows up to match or equal more democratic countries
    And take note that over seas, yes outside of your borders there is a blue print laid out for you to try & adjust without fear. No Bidens or Trumps ideas are not new. Have courage to look outside your boarders & many countries are better off. Sorry to say.
    Haere ra

  8. Great discussion, but even they are skirting the subject: It is time to retaliate against lethal police brutality with lethal force: Either immediately take their jobs, their freedom, violently take their money– or immediately take their lives. Times up. Protests will do nothing. #TheDays

  9. “People care more about the broken window than the bodies…” That’s true. Violence, colonialism, genocide and imperialism are an inextricable aspect of America; on the other hand, aspirations for peace, equality, the end to racism and anti-colonialism are also part of American identity. That two conflicting impulses can exist within the soul of America is testimony to America’s greatness, but should the destructive side gain the upper hand, the idea of America will cease to exist.

  10. There shouldn’t be any weapons pointed at protesters who are upholding the values that make America stronger and more unified in its diversity.

  11. A nation divided can never be unified. Respect for the weakest link is what makes us stronger.

  12. I enjoyed Mr. Lee’s story He Never mentioned his father? Thank you Chris👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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