Trump’s Transgender Healthcare Rule Means ‘Our Humanity Is Not Equal’ | MSNBC

TransLash founder and Open Society Foundations fellow Imara Jones and Columbia Law professor Kimberle Crenshaw, creator of the term “intersectionality,” discuss black transgender women’s experience as targets of racism, sexism, and homophobia.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump’s Transgender Healthcare Rule Means ‘Our Humanity Is Not Equal’ | MSNBC


    1. Jeffrey Dahmer -Will you please, up your troll game and find another quote, that can actually be seen as, relevant. You and Uncle Ed combined, are operating in double digits IQs

    1. The short answer is that humans are flawed. Even the trans woman in this video has done SOMETHING f***ed up to someone. No one is immune. It’s just that some people get it much worse than others.

      But the truth is that it’s not something we’re likely to erase from society. Why? Because kids are mean. And think about all of the people that carry pain from childhood into adulthood.

    2. It is the nature of some to hurt others, tragically we cannot deny them there natural selves anymore than anyone else.

    3. @Ron Shepard yeah you do. Couples and families walk proudly all the time. Only ones that should hide are people who are ashamed of themselves, everyone else, head up!

  1. Even before this pandemic, universal healthcare
    Would save 68,000 lives a year

    1. @shelovestowander I know President Trump is pushing for surprice medical bill in his effor to lower the cost and be more transparent, he has already try to lower the prices by making companies to charge the same to all countries so we don’t subsidize other countries, while they offer less price to other countries we pay extra , so I see he is try to push for changes.

    2. @Laura Lafauve yea something tells me I’m a bit older then you are too. Last March was my 32nd anniversary of my 30th birthday. Colourful Colorado you say (note the spelling on colourful) near the mountians, we have a mountian it’s called the niagara escarpment , people from Vancouver laugh at us for calling it the mountian, to them it’s just a big hill!

    3. @Laura Lafauve but the doctor still on charge, and Trump have the right to made his own healthcare decision, with his doctor supervision. Nothing wrong with it.

    4. @Markus Stewart sounds like we’re close in age, actually. Although, people keep insisting I’m in my 20s in these comments. Some of them flat out refuse to believe I’m not a youngster! I guess my age inside shows!

  2. Here we see Donald Trump again catering to his base of evangelical “Christians”, a group defined totally by hate.

    1. @Dakota Clarke Imagine using thoughtful and reasoned arguments to persuade people to do something instead of hiding behind faulty rhetoric.

    2. TheGuyWithNo liberals don’t use “thoughtful reasonable arguments”.. They are brainwashed violent lunatics.. All liberal democrats need to be exterminated.. 👍🏻🇺🇸✊🏻

    1. london mocke for four days with trump baby blimps the the world wide mocking statues of desgras to trump statues of all kinds theu rome ittaly germany and more world wide mocking trump then the world leaders mock trump then dicators mock trump the world leaders as with london mock delusion pathological lier Ivanka was bood again as she did get mocked by london to mocking Ivanka for a delusion and a pathologically she was mocked by leaders

  3. Trump wants to erase anything that is related to Obama first then shows he is biased against gays


    2. Never seen such a grossly incompetent President in the USA. Vote bunker boy out ! 110.000 deaths are enough.

  4. Nosferatu Miller specifically picked the date ss an extra ” Haha , Haha you’re screwed ” moment.

    1. Nope, it is just a distraction. It means he’s really getting ready to do something else or something detrimental is coming out and everyone will be focused on the issue at hand and won’t notice the other truly awful and unfixable issue that he doesn’t want seen.

    2. I’m guessing it is to help the Trumpets get over not holding their RACE rally on Juneteenth.

  5. Don’t worry folks. Soon there will be more equality in Trump’s healthcare. No one will be covered…

    1. @Mads Hornlmao yeah the whole world because everyone in the”World” thinks like a moron. I.e you

    2. trump will be hurting humans diabetics cancer and diabetics one dialases three times a week to survive will die to

  6. The only people he has left to call on is his Evangelists. He’s going to lose this race and he’s desperate. Please vote in 2020.

    1. Claudia Nuss Schulte No, no patriot who voted for a nationalist (someone who loves their country and people) hates anyone. The media is the only entity telling you or trying to convince you that anyone hates anyone, and to add to insult they try to dictate how we vote.

  7. Usually when Dinald starts randomly going to oppress random minority groups he’s seeing some bad numbers from his base and he panicked

    1. @Mathy Don Trump is not getting any money he’s working for free for the USA, his hotels are giving to treasury their profits , what rlse do you want his blood?

    2. @Mathy Don I’m latina and I’m well inform about the pictures we saw , where the children were in cages, those pictures where taken in times of the Obama administration, Trump have change them by returning the families back to Mexico while they wait for their turn for a judge to see their case, so they stay together.

    3. Milagros B. Trump receive 500million from the Communist Party’s bank as an “investment” in a hotel that was never built. Google it, Dinald makes May more from selling his office than the lousy 400k salary

    4. @Mathy Don so I don’t mind if China donates 1.5 billions to Trump’s son, as long as President Trump do his job,in putting USA first .

    5. Milagros B. Donald allowed 40,000 infected Chinese into the country after signing a fake ban and then has only worked to help the virus spread in order the help Chinese Communist Party so that’s why the Constitution says the president can not accept payments of any kind from foreign governments,

    1. Yes, equal right means you get the same opportunity everyone else gets, which is exactly what Trump is doing, it’s no one else’s problem if you don’t get the same outcome.

    2. no they are aginst us and our god who made us to love as god lovd us we love all his children as god taught us love one another as I have loved you

    1. And now its even less if Trump is allowed to do this…he is just like Hitler.Starts small with gays/lesbian’s and trans people then mkves on minority’s and next will come non Christians.

  8. Ok He is using these dates on purpose . The Oklahoma on that he finally changed .. this one .. and the one where they are holding their convention . These days had to be chosen !

    1. Even if Trump himself did not come up with them (quite likely, as he really ISN’T that bright), Miller WOULD. And that one, however evil he is, is NOT stupid. He is just the modern-day JosephGoebbels, a very intelligent, but thoroughly evil, man. Now, once he explained the reasoning to the slimeball in the Oval Office, I have no doubt he would have clapped his little hands in joy… but I doubt he had the cohesive thought to come up with it on his own.

    2. They are intentionally selected, but you give president plague too much credit here. This is undoubtedly the machination of Stephen Miller.

    3. Leeanne Bishop pretty boys? Have you seen a lot of Trump supporters . Literal inbreds. Majority of his supporters look inbred and are overweight, idk what’s pretty about that

    4. Oh I never meant Trump did it on his own because I knew miller was involved however Trump made the decision because even Miller can’t tell Trump what to do . He can only guide him along . It really doesn’t take much because Miller has the brain & both of them racist & compatible .

  9. I think everyone should have access to healthcare irrespective of gender orientation. . Should be basic human right

    1. caseyd321 I have health insurance as part of my work compensation. You don’t pay anything for my health benefits, why do you think you do? Even if your talking about Medicare for people who get it….you pay into that when you work. I never understood people that act like somehow they are paying for transgender people to have medical treatment.

    2. Anyone can and I do have health care. Tax payers just aren’t paying for your form of crazy.

    3. Nino Almighty So I’m assuming your replying to me. If you are saying being transgender is crazy…then your opinion is different than the vast majority of the medical and scientific communities as well as the latest DSM. If you are saying that people aren’t paying for my health care with their taxes…..I agree, they aren’t and never have. So you really have absolutely nothing to complain about. In fact….I probably pay more in taxes than you do.

  10. Disgusting though the situation may be, this is far from what I’d call “surprising” in any way. Today it’s this, a day or 2 ago it was the bit about hunting in Alaska, tomorrow, the day after, etc.. it’s just going to keep escalating. These things are meant to be as divisive and diversionary as possible. The orange moron wants as much chaos and panic as possible. If anybody is expecting things co calm, don’t. If anybody is expecting a peaceful transition come election time, definitely don’t.

    1. I  have a feeling he asks Barr to announce Election void if Biden wins on some cook up charges against Biden and then declare martial law saying it is justified to preserve law and order becos of the impending protests by democrats over the coup d’état

    1. vik maj I’m 99% sure you’re wrong about that, he’s a racist bigot so go ahead and defend him if you want. You’re in the minority now with bunker boi

    2. BKSTANDARD88 It’s not like their religious freedom is being threatened, they have had the freedom to practice and believe whatever they want for a long time now but some people are fascists and want to take rights away from other people just because they don’t approve of their lifestyle. It’s sickening.

    3. @BKSTANDARD88 Religious freedom has no basis when it comes to legally being able to discriminate against others.

    1. The strategy Trump uses is called “Divide and rule”.
      The objective is to to have the people squabble and fight each other so that him and his 1% buddies can raid the USA’s wealth, and strip it bare to the bone like the vultures they are….

    2. Ralph Bernhard Your right, try getting his zealots to believe it. They believe he is looking out for their interests and cements his hold by attacking the marginalized and holding up bibles he has never read… most of his base.

    1. @laura myers THEN: you cannot live joy and freedom as long as you spread destruction and disorder. This shows your inferiority complex, please go to the psychologist to regain your dignity and have a happy life.

  11. That’s why Trump and his whole party needs to go ! But MAGA love the black people ya right GTFOH

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