Chris Krebs Says Trump Is Running 'Intimidation Campaign' On Republicans Speaking Out About Election 1

Chris Krebs Says Trump Is Running ‘Intimidation Campaign’ On Republicans Speaking Out About Election


Christopher Krebs, who led the federal government's election cybersecurity efforts, is suing the Trump campaign for defamation. Krebs said he and his family are living in fear after one of the campaign’s lawyers suggested Krebs be taken out at dawn and shot. Krebs called it an “intimidation campaign” and said, ”I am not going to stand for it.” Aired on 12/9/2020.
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Chris Krebs Says Trump Is Running 'Intimidation Campaign' On Republicans Speaking Out About Election


    1. @YAH CHILD I believe little Timmy is aka William H, William H Music William H Music 2020 The Tweatles and now as of last week “Timmy tRuth”.
      The poor pathetic creature is terrified they actually enjoy men over women.
      Try not to feed the Troll.

    2. @Gary Richardson I wish.
      We have our thick witted Conservatives here too. Just look what’s happening in the western provinces with covid.

    3. If Biden win, Trumpism is not vainquished ! And Lara Trump is running for the Senate in 2022. And Donald J. Trump jr. And Eric Trump is running for the presidency in 2024. Sadly, I think it’s possible they win because half of the country is full of braindead people

  1. Still thinks he can shout down the supreme court with no evidence…do what I say or else. Or else what, loser!

    1. @Octave Rukundo well, then maybe Trumpass last hope ain’t gonna work. Tears will drop soon, more peoples will start laughing, it will be very embarrassing down in Texas

    2. Phillip MJ Bacon Looks like our newest Justice bamboozled AHOTUS 45 by pretending to not respond to his overt manipulation of her. In the words of , I think Dan Ackroyd, TOUGH NOOGIES

    3. @Hue Yang They are doing that just to grift more money. Trumps’ lawsuits have already funded more than 200 million dollars!! I feel sorry for his supporters who keep donating not knowing that the majority of the money will not be used to pay the lawsuits!

    4. @Hue Yang this was 100% a calculated political play by the Texas AG. He knows he has no chance of winning, he doesn’t care because that’s not the point. He did this entirely to win brownie points amongst Texas Trumpians, in the hope that having a large enough base of gullible fans / supporters will help him avoid losing his job or worse as a result of the bribery scandal he’s embroiled in. He’s under federal investigation and several of the people working directly under him have filed whistleblower complaints against him for potential crimes he committed that are unrelated to the presidential election.

  2. Others aren’t speaking up because they care about their jobs more than they care about their country and fulfilling their oaths of office.

    1. It’s not their fault. It’s the fault of these 74 000 000 cultists who believe every Trump’s lies. If they are smarter than that, then every GOP senators and representatives will definitively turn against Trump

    1. @TheBase1aransas I see you still have nothing persuasive to add. Maybe you thought I’d defend someone who doesn’t need or deserve my support. Maybe it’s time to reconsider your assumptions about others.
      btw, many republicans agree-

    2. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact Go take your medication and get yourself some sleep… you sound sleepy & STUPID, SORE LOSER YOU

    3. @queen samara You sent him packing!
      There has to be push back on these poor deluded souls’ drible, otherwise they’ll infect others with it with impunity.
      I prefer to keep it courteous and rational, but sometimes you run into ‘special cases’ that only speak one ‘language’. I’m ‘bilingual’ and I see you are too. Good for you.
      Think of it as a service to your country!

    1. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact The only enemy I see in this country is Trump and his stupid support base. That man lost fair and square. You Trump supporters are sore losers. And the southern district of New York is waiting for him come January.

    2. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact He was the GOP nominee for president in 2008. Things change, but your take is absolute denial. reality is not defined by a president whose chief sycophant dismissing his lies as “alternative facts.”

    3. Trump will ask Proud boys to assemble and attack now
      They are already on stand by , seem like tactical guys from call of duty
      Watching this from the uk

    1. @Nora Fox with stealing Monies from his followers without the intention of paying these funds back, really .

  3. Insane damage to Americans and America. Liar in Chief, Conald J Swamp is trashing our constitution on his way out.

    1. @mark kimbrell After khashoggi’s murder , Trump was at the C20 and in front of cameras Putin gives the Saudi Prince MBS , a high five , as if to say , Donald let it go as arranged !
      I’m pretty sure the American government told the Saudis where Khashoggi was going to be because a whole team of assassins and body disposal people passed through the Turkisk airport carrying a bone saw through the xray machine just before they met up with Khashoggi . And Trump never did anything even when the Turkish government revealed the murder .


  4. Chris Kerbs did the right thing and he deserves respect. Sadly, the same can not be said for many republicans in the Senate…

    1. It’s not the fault of the Senators. It’s the fault of Trump’s voters. First they put him in office, second they support him blindly. The senators represents the states and they are thr voice of the people. Look what happen in South Carolina. It’s full of hypocrit people just like Lindsey !

    1. @Charles Mandell ted cruz is a disgrace! I forgot about that from 4 yrs ago. Thank you for posting the link above 🙂

    2. @Autism Takes On How exactly is Trump a scary man. He spends his entire day Tweeting and watch right wing tv. It’s not Trump they are scared of . It’s losing the tax cuts that Trump gave them. It’s all about the money. Trump does not want to be president he wants the prestige of the job.

    3. They are not Republcan’s they are Trump’s Party. Republcan’s puts Country First! Those are impostures.

    4. No, it is the fault of the people. They are SOOOO idiots to vote for a guy who doesn’t have a clue to run the presidency

    1. Yes! Typical f%#n bully!! Bullies unfortunately have to be bullied back!! Then ignored. Ignoring is death to narcissist/sociopaths.

    1. Krebbs is just another Washington swamp creature. Go do some research, He’s got China’s hand deep in his pocket. What’s wrong with you idiots?

    2. @Justin B Trying to argue with brainwashed sheeple whose brains are the size of a peanut is pathetic. Oh please. Move on. Leave these demoNRats to their sleepy, severly demented joe who is drowning in corruption with China etc.etc. while sniffing little girls and trying to cover up Hunter’s mischiefs haha.

  5. When honesty speaks, it’s the inconvenience of the truth that drives corrupt people to threaten the honest person.

    1. but why is he a Republican then. 6 months ago I would have bet the kids college fund the Trump appointee in that position would be tight with Putin and very busy doing 180 degrees opposite or his departments stated responsibility. just like the rest o the Trump admin department heads do.

  6. I’m so glad he’s suing the Trump campaign and that sleaze ball lawyer. Hope he wins! Those who speak up for the right thing need to be protected

    1. Can the entire country sue Trump for his complete and malicious ineptitude in handling the public health crisis?

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