Rep. Porter Claims McConnell Putting 'Imaginary Need' Of Corporations Ahead Of Americans | Katy Tur 1

Rep. Porter Claims McConnell Putting ‘Imaginary Need’ Of Corporations Ahead Of Americans | Katy Tur


Rep. Katie Porter blames Sen. Mitch McConnell for putting the "imaginary need" of big corporations ahead of assistance for Americans as Congress tries to pass a coronavirus relief package. Aired on 12/9/2020.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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Rep. Porter Claims McConnell Putting 'Imaginary Need' Of Corporations Ahead Of Americans | Katy Tur


    1. @Gremy Saint my party isn’t socialist. I’m a conservative. You far right-wingers are fascists and that’s just downright unAmerican…

    2. @Igor Y lmao , I don’t vote . So what am I again ? If something doesn’t 100 % work and benefit everyone . Then I don’t participate . Why , cause of stuff like this right here . Everyone in this comment section would have no problem becoming a million are or even saving money … but because they aren’t millionaires …… this is the result . Which anyone with common sense could see that a mile away . And again you socialist , which you are . You so aren’t conservative at all cause you wouldn’t be here then . Go around spouting how you hate america cause its racist , yet say far tighter aren’t American .. contradiction right there . I mean that would mean they are American and you are the facist … which is exactly what that proves . And yes , you voted for democrats or even stand behind them cause you are defending it right now . Which makes you a socialist . Just like I’m and american because I stand behind america and always will . Unlike you , who stand behind a party that spits on america due to the history of the democratic party that faught for britin and slavery and that’s been corrected alot by true americans while your party is burning the flag and pretending to be a patriot cause …… you hate america . Like I don’t get it , you stand on the side that hates america while calling people facists ?

    3. @Gremy Saint wow! Meltdown much? You are very presumptuous… We’re only talking about right and wrong but you keep seeing it as Right and Left. If you want a healthy country and a healthy economy then you want a minimum quality of life for your people. This meager subsidy paid for by our taxes during hardships is hardly causing lavish lifestyles. But you prefer to give OUR money to the people that aren’t currently experiencing hardships? Huh?

  1. How does this awful human keep getting re-elected? Do the people of Kentucky not realize what a terrible person he is?

    1. Wow those stupid trump supporters don’t even realize that the best proof that this was a fair election is right under their nose. If the Democrats had cheated mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham would be out!!!!

    1. Working with big business & communist China to keep us down… Its the peoples money not his to do whatever with!!!

    2. @bLoWc16 yes, and they are taking away places to vote!!! Voter suppression!! The law should change and make permanent polling places or drop boxes according to the amount of citizens of a county!

    3. People need to abandon the red vs blue mentality. Do their own research on every candidate (a little or a lot) and vote for those who seem like their interests hold true. And push hard for restrictions on lobbying and PAC/3rd party funding. Knowledge is power. Except when power can be purchased.

  2. McConnell needs to go. He is a disgrace; a blight on the political environment in America. He will be severely treated by history,. Remove him.

    1. @Maureen Peterson, maybe that’s true for most Kentuckians, but the rest of the country didn’t vote for him–do WE deserve that jerk?

    2. Anyone know why $2M–$5M PPP loan went to FRIENDS OF THE ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES??? Are they necessary or front line workers?

    3. Joe needs to make sure she’s on the Finance team. Especially when they are doing investigations and questioning.

    1. @Treasure Cassidy why fox and aon dont show the proof that democrats did whatever u said on behalf of the republicans then. Why blame cnn. If u think cnn is bias, the same goes to fox and other right wing media.

    2. @Lfc Lfc It s gotten to the point where all media is following the narratives that the big tech company’s billionaires want them to follow. So, I agree!

    1. @Peggy Pennington I seen a documentary that show how families down there can have a husband making 200.000.00 a year 4kids a house 2 cars a mom stays at home and still receive 500.00 per month in food stamps.

    2. I was hoping the opiates would right the ship down there. Couple more years it will.. #Covid45 #DamnatoMemoriae #SNOWFLAKEGATE #Cult #VanillaISIS #JustSayNoToDrugsExceptKentucky

  3. GOP champions of corporations & the wealthy. How people bought into the notion Republicans are for working Americans is beyond me.

    1. They brought Fox news and KKK, trump, proud dummies, Steven miller, and believing their superiority above all others, and believing the United States should only be for people of a certain skin tone, and always if you’re poor you still believe your skin color gives you entitlement above everyone else.

    1. Hey, what is bigger news…Eric Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese agent OR Hunter Biden being investigated….Big day DEMS

    1. She can carve up a fat cat CEO or a corrupt secretary of treasury like a Christmas Turkey if she gets them under oath! I love watching her at work!!
      Popcorn is not enough.
      Requires Pizza and a twelve pack! Maybe a tailgate!

  4. He and many other politicians are just so out of touch with the needs of its citizens and just plain out of touch with life, it’s not even funny!

    1. It’s not really “out of touch”, it’s more like “we don’t care”. Lots of politicians have this power fever over their actual jobs of working FOR the people.

    1. @efs 1066 , Tapper to Bernie “ was it a mistake for democrats to walk away from a 1.8t relief bill “ Bernie “ that’s right that’s what I’m saying “ so the democrat narrative that it was republicans who held up a relief bill is false.
      Bernie realized something is better than nothing but his fellow democrats didn’t feel that way.

    2. @Carol Wilson and has Billions of dollars in his bank account, think he is hurting from this pandemic, he still gets paid no matter how much he doesn’t do for real Americans in need. (PEOPLE, NOT THE CORPORATIONS)

    3. @efs 1066 It’s record. When you get out of your 20’s i hope you see reality. If you are out of your 20’s there is little hope.

    1. The Moscow Snapping McTurtle stole Kentucky coal miners’ pensions to help the Russians pay for an aluminium plant and they still reelected him. Kentucky clearly Hates Freedom.

    2. He proplby got bought in by the big bussness thats why he is back im sure and i dont understand why Kentuckeans sold out americas future because he is a monster

    1. Let’s make that Congress person. She is definitely one of the best. Another decent Senator is Sheldon Whitehouse

  5. Moscow Mitch accusing anyone of stalling is a joke. If he wants to find who’s stalling just look in a mirror.

    1. You’re wrong. Republicans don’t even want to give $600 to Americans who are struggling. They want the people to have nothing while the corporations get everything.

    2. @Annette Piff The consistently downtrodden see no reason to vote in a seemingly corrupt elective system. WE all need to spread the word and attempt to restore their faith in the system.

    3. How sick is that . Now tell me that they are for us ., They are only for themselves. REPUBLICIANS are MURDERERS of covid 19, Trump hates us and the REPUBLICIANS hate us Americans. They love money not you people. REPUBLICIANS are MURDERERS of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and Americans.

  6. This is exactly why the runoff election in Georgia is vital to the American people. Mitch has to lose his power. Mitch doesn’t care about the people

    1. Your guru Piglosi just said no to the stimulus bill and the millions of Americans that were waiting on it

    2. Russ Bow — I think McConnell’s winning the senate should be scrutinized…how did he win with only a 13% approval rate?

  7. The man is a hypocrite he’s had the heroes act on his desk since June. He wants to help the top 1% and not the working man

    1. @Colin Roberts wtf is up with that? WHY do they vote for McConnell?? I think maybe McConnell has rigged the vote in Kentucky.

    2. not everyone voted for mitch! McGrath got 45%. He is taking PAC money, bought off farmers with bailout money, he’s got 700 bills collecting dust on his desk RIGHT NOW!

    1. @kimberly smith $258,880 from 37 ceos and a totalnof $51,181,157 to just his election this year which Kentucky had only 18% turnout because they closed 95 % of all polling locations after he was allowed to gerrymandering his district not to include democrat heavy populations which is only 2 cities but also biggest population. He cherry picks who votes for him and thats where the reelection fraud is happening that we should look at not these swing states

    2. @Mr. Majestic only because he has 37 major ceos paying him to block bills that dot protect them like the liability protection is the only thing he is holding back the vote for covid relief. And he got paid 57million to do it

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