Chris Matthews: ‘They’re Not Leaders,’ GOP’s Scared Of Trump

Fmr. MSNBC host Chris Matthews discusses his new book and the state of U.S. politics after Trump's presidency with MSNBC's Brian Williams. 
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    1. @The Seeker have not forgot the😢sad time😢 in our history a military leader, GOP politicians in bed to help the enemy 💩POOTIN💩to put in office a presidential sleeper😴 and Republican Senators✋stop✋ to have a Congressional hearings on January 6 insurrection.
      Now who is the enemy ?
      Curious minds want to know😳

    2. He is a POS, but if we actually want bipartisanship, we need to make gerrymandering unconstitutional, and then we will elect more moderates making it easier. We have an undemocratic system which selects for extremists. We need to fix the system.

    3. Yeah, remember how he left an opening on the Supreme Court for a year to keep Obama from getting a nomination?

    4. @Reg G He gets his constituents a lot of pork. They don’t notice that he’s the richest lawmaker in Congress and they’re the poorest state.

    1. @fred smith but are the red hats that substantial anymore? They make a lot of noise but are there really a lot of them?

    2. @C. M. I wonder that also. I also wonder if he gave them a glimpse of a reality they already wanted.

      I wonder what his daughter was doing in the White House all this time. What did she have access to, what did her husband have access to.

    3. @Joyce Duncan Sorry but between Biden and Trump I know who the practicing Christian is and who is the antichrist and it’s still not rocket science.

    1. They’re also afraid of the entire cult’s collective temper tantrums.

    2. @Leonie Romanes Putin really is the leader. You’re right. Trump is just his right-hand-man.

  1. True bipartisanship was over when the GOP blocked everything that Obama introduced to the Senate.
    This is just a continuation of that.

    1. @speedracer 1789 guess you were born in 1789. Trump was President back then and he was grrreat.😊😊

    2. @edl2nd oh boy, hilarious isn’t he. Sometimes you can’t believe it’s real, reality checks are right around the corner.

    3. @speedracer 1789 right Cruz the “real” Americans are the ones trying to turn our democracy into a dictatorship. You need to leave this country.

    4. @Sue Howie in this country they used the freedom of speech to offend, indoctrinate, or propagandist. It isn’t fair or equitable for this to happen to the people through the elected officials.

  2. McConnell is SO committed to bi-partisanship that he fast tracked a SCOTUS judge and appointed her the WEEK of an election….

    1. @René Olguín I love all the information you provide to prove me wrong. Please do tell how the history did play out then . I’ll be waiting

    2. He’s really a traitor to the government of the people by the people, he and his republican’s associates. Say republicans’ associates because this is not the Republican party as a whole. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell are some of the most highly profile politicians in the party for decades. It’s time for them to go. They should resign for the betterment of the country. They’re carrying on the legacy of voters suppression and Jim Crow laws by not following the truth after the insurrection at the Capitol. They are a disgrace to our DEMOCRACY.

    3. @Upper 90 Keep waiting you gasbag troll. It doesn’t matter what you hear you’ve got all the answers already … you think. You know, those who have the highest confidence in the statements they make tend to be on the lower end of the IQ scale. (The same people who are most likely to be deceived by misinformation, too, unsurprisingly.)

  3. Mitch McConnell drove a stake through the heart of bipartisanship when he refused to hold hearings on Merrick Garland’s nomination.

    1. @Warren Parker some of your so called friends should explain that 14 months is not right before but 10 days is.

    2. @Warren Parker 8 months before a election. but illegally push a scotus 8 days before a election. blow me

    3. @Doug Miller A fan of Maddow is a fan of DNC propaganda, back to your desk at DNC headquarters.

    4. @Warren Parker Sadly, Trump supporters are cool with lying, bigotry, and racism. These people should be kept away from children.

  4. They’re not scared of Trump as much as they are about the rabid crazies that now constitute the majority of Republican voters.

    1. @P Reese Yes, they are STILL afraid of #45. So is the majority of US citizens. The GOP did not reign him in when they had a chance. Oops. Loyalty to serving the needs of your country SHOULD exceed the desire to win political votes.

    2. When are they going to try living a dignified life getting a real job – they’re neither capable nor needed in the carrer they chose; time to get on with that Plan B

    1. He WAS a good journalist but go back and read the stories about his ouster from MSNBC in 2019

    1. I feel like so many people don’t understand most out problems come from that POS. He is such a 🐍 in the grass.

    2. @Rob H There were many flex points along the way. I would say that was one of them, as well.

      To put a fine point on it, it would have been in January 2009, on Obama’s Inauguration night. That was the night when the Republicans devised the strategy to obstruct everything that President Obama would propose.

  5. I miss Chris Matthews. We need thousands like him to speak truth – then maybe some of the less-dense-than-dirtclod Right Wingers will wake up, and quite harming the USA.

    1. Same here. I thought his comments on Sanders were juvenile and immature at best, the state becoming a socialist country were people would be hung in Central Park? Saying it out loud makes me wonder why I still like him, but that’s the appeal with him I guess – I do. I’ve had many different opinions on things compared to him, but it’s nice to see him still. Wish he had continued on, he had a good voice in all of this,..

  6. I’ve been saying this in comments for *months* now- GOP has lost it’s leadership they are now ruled by the bottom of their base, an unruly mob.

    1. @Juan Fortharoad That’s why the insurrection failed, it was an unruly mobтоварищ🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🇷🇺

    2. @Juan Fortharoad Their BOTH, “unruly mob” is describing a group and “insurrection” is describing an act, well that’s how it’s taught here in America Comrade.

    3. @Ramon Gonzalez
      Odd that you’d accuse *me* of being a communist yet *you* are incapable of using proper grammar. All that you are Gonzalez you owe to your parents. So send them a penny and square the account.

    1. It is tiring and annoying that he keeps saying it. McConnell is an obstructionist and whining when he does not get his way.

  7. There’s nothing more wimpy and cowardly than a republican. The Republicans today make Benedict Arnold look patriotic.

    1. @liberals are dumb wrong!!! Trump worried about his buddies Putin and Kim Jong Un and he also tried everything he could to destroy the the 3 branches of Government.
      He also turned the DOJ under Barr as his personal attack dog on his political and mainstream media enemies.
      The Democrats are trying to put money in the pockets of Americans, rebuild the infrastructure all over the country and end the pandemic that trump allowed to spread across the country killing hundreds of thousands of people who should not have died.
      Stop listening to right wing propaganda networks and QAnon conspiracy theories and you just might learn the truth about your treasonous Republicans who are spending their time enacting voter suppression laws and refusing to investigate the January 6th insurection

    2. @Duramax Dad that made no sense the republicans are scared to do what’s right because of trump

  8. Bi-partisanship was over when McConnell declared that he wanted to make Obama a one term president.

  9. The balls he has talking about bipartisanship, after the last 13yrs of his destruction and corruption of the system

    1. The system has been maintained all along as it was designed this way. 1 real leader and political parties for citizens to follow. Look as long as fed reserve is allowed to create money from nothing without audits any leader is pointless.

    2. @liberals are dumb Especially since “conservatives” have never even pretended to value bipartisanship.

    3. @Duramax Dad So stupid to admit to not knowing how money works yet thinks his comments have any validity.

  10. Some might argue that bipartisanship was over when McConnell said he would block everything that president Obama tried to get passed.

  11. Chris Matthews spelled it out perfectly. The GOP will risk everyone’s freedom to keep their own lifestyle. And the only chance they have is with Trump.

    1. Very true. Chris Matthews on a segment of Hard Ball reported comments made by a former KGB official back in 2012 or 2013. Matthews laughed off the prediction that the United States could face political chaos and a serious threat of a second civil war. Chris Matthews thought it was ridiculous. Not so funny these days.

    2. Vote, like crazy in 2022 and get them out. My God I fear not the republicans but the idiots that follow them. At what point do people wake up and see that their democracy is in danger. I know that many from the left have stated that they will leave the country but if we lose democracy I’m truly out because we will be at war with China soon after. Mark my words.

  12. Mitch McConnell blaming the Democrats for anything is hilarious – that guy’s the most craven political hack in memory.

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