Infrastructure Talks Collapse As Biden Begins Foreign Trip 1

Infrastructure Talks Collapse As Biden Begins Foreign Trip


Pres. Biden begins a critical first foreign trip just as talks with a key Republican senator on his infrastructure plan collapse and the Senate releases a bipartisan report on the Capitol insurrection. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Philip Rucker, Katie Benner, and Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré.
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  1. Seems like our politicians are hypocrites when the people wanna show support or do an uprising for what they believe an attack instead of an uprising of a possible 2nd civil war

    1. @Cory Walker there is many “shreds” of evidence out there. For instance the videos of ballot counters ripping ballots just because they didn’t agree with the people who had signed them. So yes there is lots of information. My recommendation would be to start getting your information from many sources. It is a very good way to see the bluffs in bolt right and left leaning outlets.

    2. @Cory Walker When politicians echo reporters standing in front of a burning car dealership claims of “peaceful protest “, what qualifies as a shred of evidence? A state purging 30,000 voters from the voters rolls after the election may or may not have affected the presidential election but it could affect local elections also. The pleas on Jan. 6 were to investigate election integrity, not overturn the result. The events that happened on Jan. 6 only hardened support against an election integrity investigation.

    3. @Cory Walker You mean like how the Democrats did so for 3 years from 2017 to 2019 as they insisted the election was stolen?

      OH THAT’S RIGHT: They never provided a SHRED of evidence to support their claim. They reported on “anonymous sources” and “intelligence assessments”, none of which was ever backed by evidence and no evidence of which was ever released to the people.

      Yet here we have a national push by the left to AVOID any actual investigation or transparency in this election – after they spent 3 years telling us how un-secure out elections are/were. The left is acting like they have something to hide. If there’s no funny business, then there’d be no harm in these investigations, yet the left and Democrats are opposing them stronger than anything.

    4. @Polite Rude Guy Bubba Bobby Trump put on two conservative judges on the Supreme court. Thinking they would overturn the Presidential election if Trump lost! No evidence of voter fraud No Supreme court case it’s that simple Bubba Bobby! Just because Trump says voter fraud doesn’t mean there is voter fraud! Trump is a pathological liar a full blown Con artist! And he’s conned you gullible cons perfectly! I bet you would believe Trump when he says 2 + 2 = 10? A Trump supporter donated 2 million to Trump find voter fraud. Trump couldn’t find any voter fraud so the Trump donor wants his 2 million dollars back he’s suing Trump for his money back! Go now Bubba Bobby and help Trump’s failed blog he shut down because of lack of viewers! Ouch, I bet that one hurts!

    5. @SubduedRadical If the Democrats had cheated in the 2020 presidential election. Why didn’t they cheat in the 2016 presidential election? Why did they let Trump win in 2016 but not in 2020? Diaper Donnie has his supporters all twisted and confused! The Commander of Confusion = Commander of conflicts and chaos!

    1. @David R. Stone John Bolton: Trump asked the leader of China for help in his re-election campaign. Trump has had a bank account in China for decades. Former WH chief of staff Steve Bannon arrested on a yacht that belongs to a Chinese billionaire. Yep, Trump mob loves China!

    2. @Paul Crozer lol we love watching your dementia president* FAIL every day boy! It’s too bad he’ll take the USA down with him, but the truth is, that’s the only way people like you are going to learn – when their own nation collapses and you’re starving.

    3. You know what I’m good with this. Considering the worst education, healthcare, elder care, child care and infrastructure tends to be in red states. Yeah, I don’t care, live and let die.

    4. @Benjamin Berlinsky Biden has a 62% approval rating. Dementia Donnie never had a 62% approval rating in the 4 years as President! Dementia Donnie just closed his blog because of lack of viewers! Ouch that’s gotta hurt!

    5. @Paul Crozer lol you live in a make believe world created by the CIA. The only thing at 62% regarding dementia Joe is his cognitive function.

  2. No investigations into the Portland riots though that went on for how long. That’s all hush hush.

    1. @Paul Crozer …Paul, Come on man. You make no common sense. I urge you to contact your therapist immediately!!

    2. @Kid Gravity Beyond That was another Faux Fake Blubber…Talk to people that live there, learn the truth.. I have many friends that do live there…All Lies..Why do you think Dump could not over ride the Local Authority? Like he did in Washington DC?

    3. @Paul Crozer Washington DC is not a State, The Mayor has no Authority, on federal Property…The Mayor did call out the National Guard, Dump being the Commander and Chief, signed an order, The National Guard was only there to direct traffic, NO WEAPONS WERE ALOUD….THEY WERE UNARMED TILL HOURS LATER…While Dump sat and watched it all unfold on his big screen tv….Refusing to answer Phone calls, except from Meadows, Guliani, and McCarthy….He would not even except phone calls from VP Pence…The worst VP Pence said was…..Dump and I will never see eye to eye on Riots of 1/6/21….

  3. Day 140 of Msnbc’s hand-picked Joe the rain-man, Biden, and war hero, Brian Williams media/democrat love fest.

  4. Why are the talks breaking down? Have they not decided what other nations to give American dollars to while spending peanuts on actual things that help Americans?

    1. The Infrastructure Bill will pass, how could it not…The Bill will help everyone, from small MOM & POP small stores, roadside markets to large Steele, Concrete, Forestry, Utility Companies…People from age 18- 62….From clothes, boots, to tools and Heavy Equipment…It will be such a long term job market, tax investment, for the USA….Think this through people…Don’t let Republicans, plant a false, Inflation, or Debt to block, moving USA into the 21st. Century…Look what it did after the Depression, look what it did for the 60’s…Compare Deficit, before and after, those Landmark Infrastructure Bills….

    2. @may wilson I think this is the first constructive intelligent and thought through comment I’ve seen on this video, everyone acts like grade-schoolers now, play party politics and can’t decide on individual issues or research them, thank you for your sanity!!! And just acting like someone well educated on the issue and part of the voting public should not a name calling school child even polititions take cheap shots like I’ve never seen before atleast it’s off social media now I hope the rest of the country more quickly follows.

    3. @may wilson Exactly! Biden administration makes our government work for the American people not Corporate America!

    1. Just sell assets like bridges and tunnels to private companies. We need to clear the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet

    2. @Dirt Farmer at least with Kamala in charge of the border cocaine is cheaper and easier to find now.

  5. Where are all of the Social Justice warriors and race baiters on Hunters texts where he drops the N word repeatedly? That’s not news worthy for MSNBC? They stop pretending to care depending on who says it?

  6. There’s been a fake Moe too where as he walks away, the real Moe is played by Joe Biden’s sister

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