Manchin Opposition Likely Dooms Voting Rights Legislation

Civil rights leaders are imploring West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin to support their efforts to pass new legislation to combat Republican attacks on voting rights. We discuss that with Jason Johnson and A.B. Stoddard.
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    1. Did you give up on calling people “comrade” or “Hitler” after saying both for four years? It’s a big day for you.

    2. A Good clown that cares for his country even if U don’t….Its not about voting right stupid is about the democRAT party staying in power for good. How is it working out for U with crooked dementia biden N his HO…LOL

  1. Jason really owned that mealy-mouthed woman’s procedural kind of bs argument

    1. Y’all haven’t owned anyone in year’s. We would have to still have any respect for you.

    2. @Knightmarecity K Democrats haven’t been this mad since Republicans abolished the right to own people.🤣🇨🇳🤖

  2. _____As long as you have ‘Citizen United’______
    you’ll always have a Class of Cicadas that never die.

    1. Not as sweet as the whining from the right back in november. Remember that? I never saw a bunch of whinny little btches in my life.

    2. @Lib Warrior  ,Missed the 2016 election and the 4 years of “Russia Collusion” legal fraud?

    3. @Happy Dee except it wasnt a fraud if you morons actually read the recent news on Manafort feeding info to russian intelligence during the campaign. Maybe dont take all your news from a grown man-baby who wears a diaper.

    4. @Lib Warrior Robert Mueller and his merry band of anti-Trump zealots spent well over two years and tens of millions of dollars trying to find anything they could to get Trump, and they found NOTHING!! They couldn’t even pin a jaywalking charge on him! The only Russian collusion that occurred in the 2016 election was by Hilary and the DNC!

  3. And Democrats had all that momentum, and are about to lose it all because of Manchin and Sinema.

    1. @Heavy Metal Gaming your point? You sound like a very sick individual. Children are innocent of whatever their parents do.

    2. @Cyclonic when you’re dealing with the fate of a nuclear armed nation…… kids of leaders are fair game.

    3. @Cyclonic Nothing wrong with me at all…I’m very very comfortable..I don’t care what you think,I’m not dumb enough to think that people on social media matter

  4. Camel toe knows she is completely unqualified for this position and knows she was installed

    1. Yeah Democrats don’t seem to realize he would have no issue switching parties and staying in office. They don’t know when to stop.

    2. @_ people have had enough of it. Even democrats. I think people are starting to see that these politicians are not representing their best interest .

    1. @mike king Stupid post. I’m an independent who either votes Dem or 3rd party. There’s nothing socialist about the Democratic platform.

    2. Actually,Manchin is out of step with how his constituents feel about this issue. His policies and what the state is pushing aren’t helping West Virginia at all. They continued to decline under Trump.

    3. @Mastodon1976 ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahhahahaahhahaahhhahahahhaha…..

    4. @Mastodon1976 from the 2020 platform
      “That is why Democrats commit to forging a new social and economic contract with the American people—a contract that invests in the people and promotes shared prosperity, not one that benefits only big corporations and the wealthiest few”
      Notice the words shared prosperity. That’s a less politically charged allusion to socialism.

  5. “Manchin’s Opposition Secures Future Election Integrity Along with Checks-and-Balances”

    Fixed it for you.

    1. I don’t want the states to give up authority on elections to feds.
      Who want the federal government to run state elections.
      The feds are historically incompetent and paid off.

  6. The fact that the media is going after this guy the way they are means he’s 100% correct in his stance on things.

    1. Is there anything in this world that isnt the medias fault?
      That one time you found something hard in your hotdog… was that the medias fault?

    2. That literally makes no sense.. You can apply that to literally any media or news network

  7. As expected, Manchin is the subject of attack by the MSM as he is not confirming with the agenda.

    1. the “agenda” is giving all American citizens the constitutional right to vote

      Traitor republicans hate only certain constitutional rights.

    2. @Zach Schaefer how did you get so goddam stupid? Seriously? Meth? Crack? Head injury?

      So what “thought process” did you go through to say “we already know that Biden is in China’s pocket?”

    3. @beverly taylor the media shouldn’t attack anyone. The media should report the facts and leave it at that. The bias of the media means journalism is dead, and you ignorant sheep eat up their propaganda.

    4. @glen martin all Americans already do have the right to vote. It’s the Democrats trying to ignore the constitution as this bill is unconstitutional, and it’s the Democrats trying to do away with Constitutional rights such as the second and fourth amendments. Not to mention the fact that the way the Democrats want illegal aliens to vote is a violation of the voting rights of every single American.

  8. It was almost completely unconstitutional anyway. Something that everyone seems to overlook. Would not have survived the courts even if passed. But then the discussion would have turned to “we need to pack the courts!!”

    1. Didn’t Trump pack the courts? Man you people are like the cicadas attacking the east. A swarm of insects.

    2. @lesmo whomever no, Trump did not pack the courts. He filled an empty seat as was his job as POTUS. It’s the Democrats trying to pack the courts because they can’t get their way on their unconstitutional issues.

    3. @RM M since you actually have to ask that, let me ask who you voted for? This is something every American should know about our Constitutional Republic.

  9. That legislation is a violation of the Constitution the federal government cannot make legislation over-voting without changing or adding an amendment to the Constitution and even say Adam Inman to the Constitution it will have to be ratified by 36 States within the time. How about learning the law before you decide to run for office in or at least learn what the Constitution says it is up to state legislators each individual State Legislature whether they be Republican and whether they be Democrat to set that State’s voter laws in election laws

    1. What swamp? Trump spent 4 years in office and never got rid of the swamp??? Are you ffr? What did that fat, depends-wearing Nazi do the whole time?

  10. Since when does “The Press” get to do their own cancel culture. Democrats are only bad when they don’t sheeple the Liberal narrative?

    I have to believe he’s voting the way he should. These two bills are horrible for all of us Americans, and they also usurp the State’s Rights to manage these events.

  11. 18 What do climbers of K2 call the “vertical limit”?
    19 Why is the *“vertical-limit”;* called the vertical-limit”?_

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