Rep. Williams ‘Always Worried’ About Republicans And Voting Rights

Congresswoman Nikema Williams, who holds Rep. John Lewis’ seat, explains how the For the People Act works with the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to reverse restrictive voting laws and prevent future voting laws from being passed.
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  1. Not all states have voter ID laws and some allow ballot harvesting by a third party. It would make it a lot easier if photo ID were easy to get, absentee mail-in ballots by request ONLY, and more polling places with longer hours.

    1. Has nothing to do with any of that. Republican Congressional District computer Artificial Intelligence mapping program requires population stability in order to deliver the maximum Congressional District Electoral College votes.
      Dr. Thomas Hofeller explains it all online.

    2. Sadly, the fact that proper ID is so hard to get is the entire point for a lot of these bills. They know that poor people and minorities will be forced to jump through hoops and often pay hundreds of dollars for an ID that should be free. And they won’t get that ID because choosing between the ID and paying rent and feeding their family… family will always come first.

      There should be guaranteed free photo ID for all citizens.

    3. You have to prove who you are to register to vote in every state except North Dakota, which doesn’t require voter registration. There are also about six states that vote almost exclusively by mail, with no issues.

    4. Incidence of voter fraud in the United States clearly show all of these rules are unnecessary too security. These new rules go in the wrong direction. Steps should be taken too increase voter accessibility!

    5. @Constituent A We vote by mail in Oregon. I have no doubt that my vote is counted, wanted and secure.

  2. Just think if republicans put half as much energy into actually helping their voters that they do in trying to get everyone else from voting, they might not even need to stop those people from voting in the first place. 🤔
    Nah! Who are we kidding! 😂🤣

    1. You don’t understand. Republican Congressional District computer Artificial Intelligence mapping program requires population stability to deliver the maximum number of Electoral College votes. Every barrier to moving improves Republican odds of winning.
      Dr. Thomas Hofeller explains it all online.

  3. Congratulations, Biden’s Voting Access Bill and For the People Act will ensure republicans cannot create vote suppression.
    Democrats and Republicans like to think they are so different and yet the rest of the world just see uneducated Americans.

    1. 50% of USA adults have only a child’s k-10 or k-12 literacy. They lack education for adults provided in community colleges, colleges, and universities.
      25% of USA adults have done college experience.
      25% have at least a 4 year degree.
      In contrast, in India, 40% of the population ever registers to begin high school.

  4. So Trump and republicans fabricated a massive lie about mass voter fraud, and then used that lie to create legislation that suppresses your right to vote.

    What kind of unconstitutional phuckery is this?

    1. Republican leadership wants voter ID in order to stabilize the population fir purposes if Congressional redistricting in 2021-2022. It has to do with how their computer AI mapping program works.
      Dr. Thomas Hofeller describes how it is done.

    2. And then gives the gerrymandered Republican legislatures to authority to throw away the valid votes that do get cast, but do not reflect the GOP white supremacist agenda.

  5. What we can focus on is We The People exercising our power and our will in voting for reliable, sane candidates who have concern for the best interests of the people.
    We only need to keep track of the bad, insane politicians to the extent of maintaining a list of people to avoid voting for and to avoid praising FOR ANYTHING.
    Individuals can do more that is in keeping with their other roles, interests, and abilities.
    But We The People NEED to be voting at every opportunity and NOT BACKING AWAY from holding bad or crazy politicians accountable to each of us by withholding our votes from them and giving our votes to those who have earned the votes.
    We DO make a difference. We The People kicked Trump out of the White House.
    If he decides to run for House of Representatives from Florida in order to gain immunity from arrest and jail, each of us can decide whether we care. If we care enough, there are enough of us that we can move into his Congressional District and defeat his run for that lower office. Many retirees might take on defeating him as a meaningful quest.
    Or we might decide to let him languish in the House as a failed president who tucked his tail between his legs and had to hide from the law, humiliated and reduced to a subordinate governmental role that requires him to spend the rest of his life cursed with rallies that fewer and fewer people attend.
    He would NEVER be capable of doing the job of a member of the House. He is too lazy. If he won’t accept a negotiated retirement, maybe We The People want him to experience the daily humiliation of being a JUNIOR member of Congress, getting snubbed by far better politicians..
    The media can still make their living jabbing at him with words he doesn’t even understand.
    Some politicians will get removed from office by We The People. Others will get caged in office where everyone can keep an eye on them.
    What an ironic history Trump would have, if in the final analysis all he is capable of doing is being a junior member of Congress until he dies–for the sake of avoiding going to prison. He would most likely come to hate it.
    What a presidential library THAT would make–demoted from president to Representative by verdict of We The People. Reduced in stature from president to being a junior member of perhaps the House standing Committee on Small Businesses.

    1. If Trump takes a junior position he has his foot back in the door and his Republican co hosts will run a muck. Then the riot will look like tourist show compared to the havoc they will cause. We can all bend over and kiss everything good bye. We will be under Russia law.

  6. “Show your ID please” “You’re restricting my rights!!!!” The Dems need deceit and corruption to win.

    1. Has nothing to do with proving identity. Republican Congressional District computer Artificial Intelligence mapping program requires population stability to deliver the maximum number of Electoral College votes. The purpose is to make it as inconvenient as possible to be mobile.
      One can tell you have not yet read the Dr. Thomas Hofeller files, so you won’t understand anyway.

  7. Access to a ballot is meaningless if the evil ones can simply throw away the ballots that do not give them their predetermined outcome. An uncounted ballot is just a piece of trash, which is the goal of the GOP minority rulers.

  8. Doesn’t matter if 100% of Americans have access to vote when Republicans are passing laws to allow them to simply throw out all the votes they don’t want and select an winner instead. That’s 100% unconstitutional.

  9. Weird how the blacks are always worried about Republicans and never worried about black on black crime. I wonder which one effects them more 🤔😅

  10. Zero is the limit and the answer. There was no voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, in fact; the math shows clearly that voter access can be increased without degrading security. There should be ballot boxes within walking distance of every citizen, for you your mail box will do nicely. There should be no questions asked absentee voting. There should be ballot boxes accessible to employees in every place of employment that employs more than twenty five people. We don’t need a voting day, we need a voting month!

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