Manchin Still Opposes Voting Bill After Meeting With Civil Rights Leaders

NAACP President Derrick Johnson said the civil rights leaders’ meeting was about establishing a relationship with Sen. Manchin to continue pushing him to support the broader voting bill and help get both voting rights bills passed in the Senate. National Urban League President Marc Morial added “shame on Mitch McConnell” for opposing the John Lewis voting bill and “trash the legacy of civil rights.”
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  1. You know it first I was judging Munchen but if your research him you’ll find out that he votes half-and-half but the one thing that I do agree with him about and it should always have been like this we need to protect Medicare and Social Security we need that and unfortunately because of the greed of our presidents and our Senate they have been stealing our money for many decades people under 40 will not see a social security that is the one thing that I agree with him on that’s why we work so hard in our lives

  2. Manchin Still Opposes Sanity and having the balls to risk his seat next time.
    I Suspect this No Show on frankly Reality
    Will not be a Winning strategy for his re election attempt

    1. hes probably not going to win an election which is the biggest joke of the thing. theres no legitimate logic to his moves unless he is really that dumb or legitimately just thinks the republicans are right…

  3. if this really is genuinely a problem in terms of voter suppression then why is it that you waited more than four decades to make a new bill? Huh Democrats can you explain that to me? ☝️😎

    1. They didn’t wait. The 1964 Voting Rights Act was gutted by the U.S.Supreme Court in 2013 and democrats haven’t controlled both the house and senate until this year.

  4. The person next to him in your thumbnail, Al Franken, suggested what I was thinking…..return to the talking filibuster and force them to justify this to the public at large, until blue in the face…..require a quorum be present throughout. It’s something people will watch…

    1. Well, some time ago, Manchin seemed to agree with you… Now, he doesn’t even talk about even reforming the filibuster this way, so… That’s that.

  5. Honestly, if Mitch McConnell had a massive heart attack(providing he had a heart),and passed away,no one would be upset!!

    1. Piglosi, schumer, waters, biden, Harris, hirono, Omar, Talib, schiff, nadler, Booker, all on a plane visiting Bikini Bottom

  6. West Virginia was the first place I ever was a sigh that read “don’t let the sun go down on you”

  7. Voting is a right. Period. What I am concerned about is after. The method for vote counting, certifying, and canceling if one does not like the people’s choice.

    1. As the “saying” goes: don’t tell me who has voted, tell me who is going to count the votes. (I’m adapting from the motto about justice and judges)

  8. Well, of course he does. You know, after accepting blood money from his Russian… I mean the GOP’s dark friends.

  9. McConnell and Manchin means nothing but corruption.Manchin has definitely got an overexaggerated ego
    and wants to be in the limelight.

  10. There is hope (praying) “Kentucky just became the only red state to expand voting right” (NY Times)
    governor is democrat. Hoping more ppl in that state remember what their leaders are doing and VOTE them GONE

  11. Joe Manchin still can’t comprehend the there will be no Bipartisanship and McConnell said this,

  12. HA! You thought Civil Rights would sway him? You think he cares about people?
    He doesn’t want his wallet to get lighter.
    That’s it.

  13. funny how hard republicans fight to give every klutz a right to own a gun because its in the constitution but yet do everything to limit the right to vote but that right is in the constitution. there is no picking and choosing what constitutional rights to enforce. either enforce them all or not at all.

  14. Manchin being deaf to the pleas of everyone including the NAACP feels very similar to the Republicans being deaf to the pleas of the Capitol Police officers and even officer Sicknick’s mother.

    1. Probably because Sicknick died from a stroke according to medical examiners. I take it you never read any of the corrections issued by various media outlets.

  15. Kick Manchin to the curve already. He’s playing games. He’s a Republican, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Dismiss him!

    1. Yes, kick him out so we can have a 49-51 Senate in favor of Republicans. It’s not like he was the deciding vote in Biden’s American Rescue Plan or anything.

  16. there should be a rally in manchins state to let him understand where he stands seariously this is what the right would doo

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