1. After that shameful incident, Chris proved himself as a professional with extraordinary control of the situation and stage. He deserves an Oscar for his ability in situation management and performance.


  2. It’s easy to apologize on social media. Nobody should accept an apology that way. If it ain’t face to face than it doesn’t mean anything.

    1. It’s a little to late to apologize. Hr had the opportunity in his exception speech. Will blew it. To me he shouldn’t have except the award. I would have been embarrassed to do that. He needs to retire. Or take a vacation and really think what he did.

    2. You know what? If Will Smith did give Chris Rock and apology face to face, that still would not appease everything that Chris Rock had suffered physically and emotionally. A murderer can’t go to the family of a person that was killed intentionally, to apologize, and expect the family to act like nothing happened. An apology is not going to bring back a loved one that was lost. The perpetrator have to be punished!

    3. @Mieke Bruin I am disabled. It is disgusting when people think they can joke about others medical issues in front of millions. The Academy needs to ensure that their policies respect all people.

      At this time millions of people are seeking refuge to re build their lives. We are in the midst of WWIII where babies are dying because hospitals are bombed.

      Please seek peace.

  3. Chris Rock he was not just physically hurt but very emotionally hurt what he experienced when the crowd gaved him an ovation you can tell how much he needed support. Love you Chris!

    1. Because I am human, that was public embarrassment to the tenth power, I don’t know him personally, but I have been embarrassed

  4. This type of incident is deeply scarring for the victim, especially if there is no justice against the perpetrator.

    1. Oh God yes. I agree. The Academy can and should do the justice. It would be great act of standing up for all,that is right in this world. Standing up against, bullying. It would be an example that there are good people in the world, and the bullying is not tolerated. It would also put the hollywoood in a better light.

  5. Chris rock has a storm in his mind this Fr saddens me… hopefully he finds the answers and does what’s right for his own being 😔❤️

    1. Yes he does bless his heart . I love Will but I swear I’m ticked off at him right now, he set us as a community back 30 years with his foolishness . I’m sure if he could take it back he would but I feel for both of them. SMH

  6. Chris rock is a class act, let him take all the time he needs to process everything.

    Meanwhile his lawyers can quietly do what they need to behind the scenes.

    1. Agreed. He should go after Will Smith AND the Academy for not more forcibly protecting him after the assault. He can do a lot of good talking about violence and bullying in his “retirement”. If he doesn’t do anything, what happens to anyone else who says something that rubs somebody the wrong way? Out of crisis comes opportunity to do good. Stand up for yourself Chris and others too.

    2. I actually think his silence and refusal to press charges has worked in his favor. People are scrambling to his side because he has shown complete class and not a shred of vindictiveness. I think he’s dealing with it exactly right.

    3. @Bean Right, I totally thought he should press charges, but I didn’t know how he should do it without looking like a prick himself. Getting the whole world behind him first seems to be the way.

  7. This is actually a great take from Chris Rock, a more “see, think, react” instead of the more common “see, react, think” response that happens so often.

    1. Goudjieff, the mystic was a proponent of the idea of waiting for 24 hours, when one feels anger. And if after 24 hours one continues to feel anger wait another 24 hours and then respond. Our instant gratification society is not kind to mystics or wise people 😉

  8. I mean, it has only been a few days since the incident

    But still, good to hear Chris Rock is still going strong

  9. Chris Rock is a solid dude. I was upset that there wasn’t any security to protect him. Maybe because it was so shocking, but damn. Where was the security?

    1. What happened after was worse 🙄 Will was told to leave and he chose to stay. Privilege at it’s finest 😔

    2. @Katy Alvarado yeah , and dancing with his Oscar after all that embarrassing night 🤦🏻‍♀️ if that’s me, I will go home and no one will Know anything about me for years!! WS and his family does not have any shame in their blood 🩸😢

  10. Chris : The world will NEVER forget how you composed yourself and continued to present the Oscars with such grace /dignity ..

    1. @Golden Gord Nuggets You are deluded if you think that, there is a difference between making jokes and downright being insulting. Even then, you have no right to hit someone else for saying something you don’t like.

    2. @Ivy Rose Yes, an awful one when it’s a person with a medical problem
      Would that joke have been fine if she lost her hair to cancer treatments?
      Keep it in mind, he only got a wee slap on the cheek
      He has a legal right to sue or press criminal charges
      I hope he does, the 1st amendment needs the odd challenge
      Will has plenty of money, he wouldn’t lose much
      But folks have to realize, when you are so way off out of line with your free speech, you may find someone who has nothing to lose
      What would happen if your husband went into a county western bar and called the patrons gay?
      Hip hop bar and say the f-word
      You talk stupid in the wrong crowd you get shot
      I am Canadian
      We don’t have a 1st not 2nd, but we know better than talking stupid or you will be the rare bullet ridden body found in the muskeg
      You just don’t talk stupid like Chris Rock did
      I really wonder if he will be more careful with comedy now that he knows it can hurt(?)

  11. It’s good to see there are plenty of people supporting Chris and what he has to deal with. I saw way to many people defending will smith.

    1. But those people forgot that the Sam situation happens to them or me it’s a different situation because we are not millionaire actor with a big privilege than WS !! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Zero violence, and teaching our Kids you hit you r to have consequences . The law it’s for us no the wealthy 😰

    2. If you hit someone at work even that person offended you, you r going to be fired from that situation, sue and paying for a lawyer, your personal records r damage 😞 please Not to violence, CR has more class than WS with his classless 😎 shameful

  12. Chris Rock, cool as ice at the Oscars. Kept quiet ever since. Still cool and classy at his show last night , calm and collected.

    Brilliant handled. He and his PR people deserve an award, AND….

    Jacked up prices, sold out shows, downloads and streaming content going through the roof. Brilliantly handled all the way around.

    Not only a world class comedian, but also a VERY smart business man.

    I cannot wait until he is ready to Slap Back and say what he got to say. Cannot wait for that…. it will surely be his best piece yet.

    Two big thumbs up Chris Rock. Keep shining my brother.

    1. Will be mad cuz he turned downed The Matrix and Jada was in the shitty sequel. First thing Chris should say.

  13. Sue him, file charges, visit him in jail, and then tell him another joke. That’s what Chris should do.

    1. Absolutely, he should take every legal action available to him, after this he dont owe will smith a damn thing as far as trying to take some high road and letting this slide

  14. Chris Rock took the slap like a Wall and showed the full range of professionalism out of it. Idk how he was able to take the slap and stay in performance mode to keep some semblance of the show going that night. 👏🙌

  15. Chris : You acted in a dignified manner and the world will NEVER forget how you composed yourself and continued to present the Oscar’s with grace ..

    1. @L G he doesn’t follow Jada. Chris didn’t know she had that..it was a joke on he short hair, but hell most women would feel compliments to be compared to GI Jane Demi

    2. @Malou Salas i m just pointing out will’s hypocricy and i dont condone such jokes too but there’s a proper way of handling everying…. and btw i m not from the USA😂

  16. I have a lot of respect for the way Chris handled himself. He showed great restraint..class, and rolled on with the show like a pro..

  17. Chris CONTINUES to show his maturity, remaining calm and still thinking it through, not allowing himself stupid knee-jerk reactions.
    He keeps showing how big a man he is.
    May God give him all the best!

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