Chris: The Suez Canal Crisis Shows There Is A ‘Tradeoff Between Efficiency & Resiliency’ | Deadline

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes highlights the world’s global economic interdependence as displayed by the massive amount of dollars in trade lost due to the ship stuck in the Suez Canal. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Chris: The Suez Canal Crisis Shows There Is A ‘Tradeoff Between Efficiency & Resiliency’ | Deadline


  1. Blow it out of the water and lets get on with it. How much money is that ship worth compared to billions of dollars being lost.

    1. How would go about blowing it out of the water?
      Sinking it is easy, but that fixes nothing and in fact it will just make it more difficult to clear the canal for shipping.
      They’ve looked into lightning the ship by pumping out its fuel and ballast tanks, but that then increases the risk of it capsizing when they try top push it free. So instead they may have to off load some of its cargo, however that is gonna be time consuming not to mention that Egypt has no sailing cranes able to reach high enough for the job.

  2. The laymen will understand and might even begin to demand changes however those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo will quickly organize and spend whatever is necessary to make sure nothing changes.

  3. Okay who wants to find something other than TP to wipe and who wants to tough it out?
    Oooo tings gonna be stank

  4. Let’s just make this clear

    The whole world economy is being affected, by a traffic jam


    1. If you imagine the load of the ships stuck put on trucks instead, then perhaps it is easier. In 2020 an average of 160 thousand containers was shipped through the Suez canal, so that is a 160 thousand trucks per day just with containers and on top there is all the cargo that is in liquids like fx. example oil and the more bulky stuff as well.
      It is one major traffic jam and those wanting to go around it will be taking a trip that is two weeks longer than usual.

    2. @bzdtemp I just can’t get over the reliance on the canal…like, can anything that’s on that ship or in the ships waiting to get through not be made at closer sites or even locally?

      Like I’m not right leaning at all, but to rely on basically a glorified river to stay open for everything is just minf boggling…it’s like using hope as a plan

    3. @James Manton Even more annoying is the fact that the USSR and USA have been happy to give Egypt billions over the decades for military spending but when Egypt announced the plan to build a duplicate canal a few years back, they had to pay for all of it themselves and were told it wouldn’t be financially viable. They built a 72km parallel canal for only $4.2 billion in less than 1 year! At that price the World’s biggest trading nations could have chipped in and duplicated the whole thing.

    4. @Farmduck You’d think that big economies would know a thing or 2 about investing…apparently not unless pleases themselves

  5. Let’s get a class action lawsuit on behalf of the victims of Fox’s misinformation which led to sickness, anxiety and death. Boycott Fox & Sponsors Enemies of Democracy

  6. Boskalis the ONLY company in the world that can get this job done. Waiting for high tide. Monday really strong Boskalis tugboats will arrive and a crane to lift 600 containers of the ship if the towing isn’t working. Yep, it’s the Dutch coming to the rescue. Makes me somewhat proud of my tiny country.

  7. Whats in the containers? Whats with the interesting path this ship took before it ran aground? Whats with the interesting call signs of the ship itself and the tugs assisting. Uuuuu this will be good. I got my pop ccorn ready

  8. To all u clueless folk there is way more to this than meets the eye. Cant wait till they begin to lighten the ship by moving the containers

  9. Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check don’t put you on forbes

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