Chuck Fender - Mending a Mother | Son Relationship - February 19 2021 1

Chuck Fender – Mending a Mother | Son Relationship – February 19 2021


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    1. I think what i just see of this road cleaner in st Elezebeth jamaica is welĺ appreciated he well diserve it well done Sir from UK

  1. Chuck Fender is a Great artiste from then till now,I see why we had that great spirit,similar situation but I put all the hurt in working

  2. True mi g, mi a wonder weh di cultural artist dem deh. Reggae music going down. We need to preserve the hard work weh bob Marley put ina di business.

  3. Touching interview Chuck Fenda! Maybe your mother was going through Post Partum issues! Confession is good for the soul bro! One love

  4. Your Heavenly Father said he’ll perfect the things that concerns you Chuck. And I pray that promise on you this morning. God Bless.

  5. Nuff love and respect to you chuck I’ve seen you and realize you are a real man and this interview has shown it even bless up yourself bro and you Mrs cooper

  6. Be blessed my brother I pray for restoration between you and your mom , let your will be done in there life dear heavenly father. There is no love like a mother love I cry watching this I wish you and your mom all the best

  7. Jah know chuck fenda bless up mi bredda
    I dont know u but i feel your pain . even though i cant relate because i had loving parents i still feel your pain youth , you brought tears to my eyes mi bredda . took a real man to open up like that in public .

  8. Hold firm my brother I feel the I. The beautiful thing here is the I is willing to forgive and your mama reached out -you will both heal in time with the power of love keep making great music my brother

  9. I see his pain being there done that chuck God is able I am crying and I don’t no youbut hold the faith my yute

  10. I KNOW how you feeling Chuck I cried openly just like you to see after 40 years i just kn my father a year ago .. somthime as men we are hurting inside so much .. but God know best bro .. it take a great man to forgive .. stay bless

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