Chuck Rosenberg: A President Can Be Impeached No Matter How Much Of Their Term Is Left | MSNBC 1

Chuck Rosenberg: A President Can Be Impeached No Matter How Much Of Their Term Is Left | MSNBC


Chuck Rosenberg discusses points against the argument that President Trump should not be impeached because there isn't enough time left in his term. Aired on 01/13/2021.
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Chuck Rosenberg: A President Can Be Impeached No Matter How Much Of Their Term Is Left | MSNBC


    1. Well, Trump and his supporters wanted to “lock her up” for no reason so imagine what they would have demanded if she led a deadly insurrection on the capitol that disrupted Trump’s certification.

    2. Haven’t we seen by now, with so many examples over the last few decades, that there is a double standard in play? The fall of the GOP is a symptom of this fact.

    1. @Noir Path millions of black americans voted for trump, you know why? Because they dont let other people think for them. Clown.

    1. Trump has made sure the GOP / Republican party will never hold office again (or at least not within the next decade). This will likely fracture the right-wing into 2 parties – 1) Right-wingers loyal to the constitution, and 2) Right-wingers loyal to fascist Trump family. Either way, this will split their vote, and weaken their numbers and hopefully keep racist bigots out of office for *A LONG TIME!*

    2. @Dante Cavezza Did I say that? Pretty sure if you read my comment, that’s not what I said. I’m saying they’ve destroyed their own party and fractured it in two – do you know what vote splitting means? Or are you just trying to put words in my mouth to suit your narrative? You know, like fascists do?

    3. The only win Trump supporters have left is to stubbornly act ignorant, and enjoy the looks of frustration on the faces of non Trumpers. They enjoy that. They have to. Not much other winning has happened that past four years. The assurance of winning was just another Trump business lie.

    1. @Rod Rossi You gave up a long time ago when you chose to support, then defend the actions of a racist, bigoted, fascist dictator named Donald J Trump. Take a hike old man. You’re irrelevant and thankfully there are less and less people who think like you do everyday. People are waking up and rejecting your garbage rhetoric. Time for you to do the same.

    2. @Rod Rossi That’s RICH!!! The guy who’s side just committed high treason in DC calls ME triggered!!! You can defend a fascist all you want… doesn’t change the fact that you’re still on the losing team bud. I’m not triggered… I’m finally free of the tyranny of the GOP! Can’t wait to see a bunch of them charged criminally for this crap too!! Hope they enjoy there stay at the GreyBar Hotel!

    1. @Victor Gracia yes, of course, they can’t help themselves… But just imagine being them, though… has got to be fear or greed. Now that is something sad.

    1. Imagine being one of his children and watching your future go up in flames back on Jan 6th, all because your father is a fascist/racist/bigot.

    2. @Bargain Barons I am only feeling bad for Barron and maybe Tiffany. She was not as much involved as the first three but did profit and promoted him.

    3. @Okkie Trooy I don’t feel BAD for ANY of them…. but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to BE them, standing there realizing their own father just crushed any future they thought they had in politics or public forum (ie: Ivanka’s fashion line, Trump resorts). The Trump brand is ruined.

    4. @Bargain Barons Barron is just a child. He is not accountable for his father deeds and did not do anything wrong. He wil have to deal with the fact that he is not a rich kid anymore, but that could be a blessing in disguise.
      The other children chose to support their father in all the heinous things he was doing. You are not a bad person because your father is bad. You are a bad person if you do bad things yourself. We don’t know yet what Barron will do.

    5. @Okkie Trooy You misunderstand. I am not saying anyone but Trump himself is bad… still he has ruined his children’s legacy nonetheless.

  1. republicans: “I think he’s learned his lesson.”
    America: “Go on…”
    republicans: “And he’s touched the hot stove, so he won’t touch it again.”
    America: “Let’s hope you mean the launch button.”

  2. Love chuck’s analysis. He’s a very somber and collected and gives an objective view. It says a lot that he was categorical about the process and what should congress must do (something that he was ambivalent in the first impeachment)

  3. So everyone in the government should start committing as many crimes as possible in the last week’s in office, cuz it’s to late to convict. Definitely the party of law and order.

  4. Charles Manson? Remember him?
    He never actually killed anyone. He got his followers to do the crimes.
    5 people died last week. Others have died, having been killed by Trumps
    ‘ patriots ‘
    Where does the law say that Manson is guilty, but Trump is innocent because he is President?
    If anything, HE is more guilty because he IS the President.

    1. I can only agree. The facts are inconvenient for many of us, though. Accountability or we prevent the healing.

  5. that is true though, however much time is left in t heir presidency is irrelevant if they should be impeached anyways.

  6. If you manage a hotel and someone is tearing up a room at 8 am in the morning, you don’t shrug your shoulders and say that check out is at 11.

  7. Hypocrisy from all of these republicans, trying to protect him. Let’s remember how fast they voted in the senate for the newly elected Supreme Court justice Amy.

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