Feds Weighing Sedition And Conspiracy Charges For Capitol Rioters | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Feds Weighing Sedition And Conspiracy Charges For Capitol Rioters | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Pete Williams reports that the FBI says they have "opened more than 170 cases so far" and "identified about 200 people" involved in the Capitol riots. Aired on 01/13/2021.
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Feds Weighing Sedition And Conspiracy Charges For Capitol Rioters | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Lol. Ilhan Omar married her brother and Rashida talib married her uncle. Que the banjos for the party of incest!!!

      Isn’t diversity fun?

    2. No its not devolution, or reverse evolution. It is the descendants of the people who broke away from the British Empire 200 years ago via violent means that have not evolved or changed in anyway since then. The attitudes of the majority of the MAGA masses is a mentality of a brainwashed cult, they believe Trump so much that they would hang on his every word and go against everything they say they wish to uphold through their constitution. Those type of people constantly prattle on about the constitution, but actively go against everything they say they are fighting for, this is how stupid these people are. Sedition, Coup or subverting democracy, whatever you want to call it, these people should face criminal charges for every possible infringement of every law they have broken, down to the silliest of things, and each of them should receive whatever the maximum prison sentence is.

    1. @Generalissimo Donald Trump what’s with the name calling it seems to be a trait in you supporters when faced with the truth, you mean the Trump Organization that his grandmother founded how do you know how much money he made this year it’s a private company that doesn’t release figure because he’s being audited so your lying now, address those bankruptcies and that billion dollar lose and when you do have fact don’t just wing it like the night he suggested we mainline disenfectant I guess you knew he was lying then huh cause your still around

    1. @Generalissimo Donald Trump I love idiots who depend on emojis. Just love them. And one is never enough…gotta keep pounding that keyboard. You show how shallow your thinking is. Love it!

    2. @JJ Strumr it’s hysterical that you inbreeding cultists are now idolizing the Cheney family

    3. @Generalissimo Donald Trump LOL As I said before – you are extremely simpleminded. You prove it over and over. I get a kick out of the stupidity you consistently show. Almost entertaining (if it wasn’t so sad) to see a sheep who can type.

  1. Don’t forget the three congressmen that were complicit in engineering the riot by conspiring with Ali Alexander of “Stop The Steal”, giving him inside information of the Capitol.

    1. @Just Sayin’ I think it is truly a thinking disorder. They ate his big lie and now that’s all they will eat.

    1. Amen no mercy they didn’t have mercy to do what they did convict them for murder all of them they came in together they shall be convicted the same way murders

    2. @Savethe Ypepo Dunno the fire extinguisher to the head and being beaten down by a flag must count for something

  2. Everyone who participated should go to jail including political office holders who aided and abetted insurrection.

    1. @brian hadden It’s almost like the creator of the Stop the Steal movement/rally, Ali Alexander, happily thanked the GOP members for assisting them! Goodbye for good, keep living in your conspiracy theory bubble! PS edit: It was obvious I meant the Matrix blue pill prison I said you took to live in the fake reality. Sorry if this went above your head!

    2. @Shannon T Well the election WAS stolen, whilst there are still investigations ongoing on a state level, which will ultimately determine ballot law irregularities. Meanwhile, there are countless investigations going on into the dominion system. That will not stop come Jan 20th. All these investigations are going to continue, because American people will not tolerate ballot fraud. Did you think the investigations were going to end? Some haven’t begun yet, but the shall this month. Then Biden will be impeached and removed. Far too much evidence of fraud unfortunately.

    3. @Shannon T and stop asking me to take pills, and the matrix was a film made a long time ago. I don’t take drugs, I work for a living…….I don’t demand other peoples money. I’m a Republican

    4. @brian hadden Sorry I failed to mute conversation because this is a painfully ignorant discussion. If there had been ANY evidence of mass fraud in the election Drumph’s & co (namely his judges) would have easily jumped on it. Anyways the blue pill was a metaphor for your beliefs and it my comment stands regardless of age. You are sadly not a true Patriot or Republican, you are in denial or ignorant, possibly both. Either way this is really goodbye for us, enjoy blissful ignorance.

    5. @Shannon T these ballot fraud investigations are still ongoing though, whilst some have yet to start. I mentioned that in my last comment. Cheers

    1. @Paulo M lol but their low life’s how did they get money did they steal it or do a rob with them guns they had

    2. @Amanda Salcido Yes correct. Biden was not appointed legally anyway. Fraudulent President as history will remember it. Cheers

    3. @brian hadden Fraudulent is trump Karma came back to him now for what he did when he won the difference is Biden won clean votes infact trump wanted a recount votes and more votes were for Biden so trump did Biden a favor

    4. @Amanda Salcido These investigations into Dominion will continue nevertheless, whilst the sworn testimonials to ballot fraud are still in play too. It will all be revealed soon. Dominion is being investigated all over the world, so nothing stops lol.

  3. Federal charges of intent to commit murder are necessary at the very least for those that were murder. Insurgency and with intent they had equipment and the were used wtbullet proof vests. Whose kidding who?

    1. God bless America and the honest Americans that stand up to dictators not the ones that crumble im fear of one man

    1. Do not worry, soon you will hear only what they let you say….or your own echo if they like what you say. Don’t forget, when they silenced them you will be the next one. Whoever you are, you should think about your own safety too…

    2. Amen I agree hes the one that started all this well he needs to pay the price sorry trump this isn’t Burger King can’t have it your way all the time and can’t buy everyone with your dirty money

    3. @EricAnthonyBurkhiemer is GayLonely38yoLeftist that is right trump started all this he’s the first one to have been locked up they had him him in front of their eyes are they going to let pass by just like these devil worshippers that did these riots

    4. @Kody nice try buddy, they are removing people for violating t.o.s. and inciting violence not censoring them, but keep being scared of everything… That’s working out well for you

    1. @zoozoo Jail trumpists believe windmills cause cancer. they are victims of the largest, most obvious psyop in history

    1. @cornerstone of the palm beaches I would have given you a full life tariff, if I caught you selling drugs in my community. You got off likely lol. Drugs are for losers. Cheers

    1. @Savethe Ypepo bitte informieren sie sich…Juden und Zionisten sind völlig unterschiedlich!..Trump hat seit 70 Jahren von Tod und Leid auf beiden Seiten den Frieden gebracht!…

    2. No but I’ll bet you voted for the other side who are deeply involved with the communists & are not American but Shri Lankan Tamil that’s not American it it so you can all with forked tongue

    3. @Beatrice M Be careful….Then what they going to do? Think. There’s a whole lot of people that supported his policy, but not his Stupidity.

    1. If Trump says it was then Jim MUST PREACH THAT WORD.
      Hopefully the Reverend Jim Jordon and his Kool-Aid stand is going out of business.

    1. @sean consack LOL You are on “big tech” right now saying exactly what you want. Are you confused? tRump can call Fox entertainment and talk all he wants.

    2. @sean consack He made everyone chant 12 more years at his rallies and was caught on the woodward tapes lying to you about a virus so that more died lol.

  4. Must cut treasonous republicans at the root, then work all the way to the top. Don’t leave anything to spout up again.

  5. “But but, we need a businessman and not a politician for President!”

    *Proceeds to vote for the notoriously worst businessman in history!*

    1. @Chris Wyatt like what???he is the most bankrupt so called billionaire ever, just like being the worst president of the USA, after all this bs no doubt whether he will have any so called assets left, bank loans being called in, donors and big corporations no longer funding for repugnant party yep he is the most successful something but businessman not or president lol.

    1. exactly, those terrorist with their proud ANTIFA tattoos …with their Hong Kong techniques and signature looks. They were not Trump supporters, the FBI is on them.

  6. I recognised one of the culprits. He masquerades as president of the US. He’ll probably be found on the nearest golf course.

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