Chuck Rosenberg Podcast With Leon Panetta | The Oath Ep – 21 | MSNBC

Leon Panetta is one of the most distinguished and most accomplished public servants in American history. Leon was born and raised in Monterey, California, the place where his father – an Italian immigrant and the youngest of 13 children – ultimately settled. Carmelo Panetta could not have dreamed that his son, Leon, would serve eight terms in the Congress of the United States, as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, as the White House Chief of Staff, as the Director of the CIA, and as the Secretary of Defense. It has been a remarkable career and a remarkable life for Leon Panetta – a kind, humble, thoughtful, intelligent, and considerate man. I had the chance to interview Leon in his office at the Panetta Institute, on the campus of Cal State University – Monterey Bay – with his dog Bubba and his dog-in-law Copper, by his side.

Leon shares with host Chuck Rosenberg reflections on his extraordinary and distinguished career in public service. He is also the author of the book, Worthy Fights.
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Chuck Rosenberg Podcast With Leon Panetta | The Oath Ep – 21 | MSNBC


    1. too bad he hangs out w/scumbags then.
      He tied his wagon to the swamp he loses
      Adios little Leon

  1. You’ve left me a bit teary eyed as I wonder everyday how we got to where we are as a country. Will America ever see true heroic Patriots such as Mr. Panetta again? Thank you for this podcast.

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