Hakeem: We Are Committed To A ‘Long, Necessary, Majestic March Toward A More Perfect Union’ | MSNBC

Protestors have been demanding police reform for weeks and now lawmakers are doing something about it. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries joins Stephanie Ruhle as proposals from both sides of the aisle begin to be debated. Aired on 06/17/2020.
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Hakeem: We Are Committed To A ‘Long, Necessary, Majestic March Toward A More Perfect Union’ | MSNBC


  1. Malpractice insurance!! Being a cop is 100% voluntary, now make them think twice about shooting someone, so the victim can sue the officer not the state. Training must be a couple of years not a few hours before handing them a gun. Pay them more so they can afford the malpractice insurance.

    1. And politicians of BOTH parties should be susceptible to law suits. We also need term-limits (but that will never happen)

    2. @Ellen Peba yes it can, with our votes, vote the right people in, we can change ANYTHING, …love you😍 Ellen.

  2. We need to remove the rasist dictator in the White house and all Repubs in November. Please please vote in November.💙

    1. @SouthSide Chicago I’m going to watch it online! Dems are upset, but I don’t understand why. If all of us die before the election, joe might even win ♥ LOL

    2. Ellen Peba Bolton said Trump asked Xi of China to help him get re elected lol… so we know he asked Russia, Ukraine, and China… that we know of! He’s pathetic! 🤣

  3. America your police are criminals it’s disgusting the USA police are a criminal organisation 😠

    1. @Ellen Peba I don’t want to visit the USA what we’ve seen from your country your so called president you filthy police your country is a discrace I hope you’re proud of what trump has done to your country made it a circus 😅

  4. If we oust Trump we can get rid of Mnuchin, Kudlow, Barr and all the grifters in the administration.

    1. Mitch Mcdonnell said let blue states go bankrupt he gotta go as well

    2. @Michigan Wolverine You are obviously uneducated and illiterate. Please don’t post until you learn how to speak English. “There is no bigger fool than the fool who knows not he is a fool.” ~ RHM

    3. @Marianne, don’t forget about Ivanka, kushner and Melania, and junior, and his evil twin, eric.

  5. With Moscow Mitch McConnell is control of the Senate, expect little or nothing in the way of reform. Part of the plan problem will include a tax break for wealthy Americans. Mitch’s claim to fame during his era as Senate majority leader has been tax cuts for the wealthy and confirming ultra-conservative judges to the courts.

    1. 4 WEALTHIEST people in America are Communist-Democrats. Jesus Loves you, Sarah–do you know that?

    2. @Ellen Peba You made this comment up, must be a FOX Hate Channel watcher, you can always tell. And you’re not going to pull this fake Christian crap on us are you? Did you get that from the anti-Christ tRump himself?

    3. @Dave S I don’t have cable, so no TV news for me. bill gates, mark zuckerberg, warren buffet, jeff bezos–4 wealthiest men in America are all Communist-Democrats. Check the list, Jesus loves you, too, Davey. ♥

    4. You forgot and stealing money from Kentucky. I’m just saying he wasn’t Rich when he went there. But wow now you filthy rich public servant worth millions sorry you didn’t see this Kentucky I hope you do now. Vote blue across the board

  6. Just like gun control movement, this movement will die in 2-3 months, then pigs will shoot another black man & then we will talk about it…… just a vicious circle.

    1. please tell us which crime the black guy will be committing this time that the police need to be called

    2. @frictionRx9 narratively wise I should not have commented, sorry I thought the original poster had positive intentions towards getting rid of violence guns etc

  7. Most of us grew up out of high school and learned to power shower on our own, not these power shower jocks though. Seriously they have enough big league money to purchase separate super star showers. The prison I was in had purchased separate showers, I was power shower cool with it.

  8. The Repugs are focusing on making as few changes as possible. They say that the chokehold will be banned UNLESS THE COP FEELS THEY ARE UNDER ATTACK. In other words it’s up to the cop. Kind of like now.

    1. You clearly don’t understand your own US Constitution. “More perfect” are the aspirational words used in the Consitution.

  9. Also:
    What kind of warrior shoots an unarmed man into the back. Twice.
    What kind of warrior kneels on someones neck for almost 9min.?
    What kind of warrior shoots a nurse in her bed whilst asleep?

    1. If you’re talking about the Atlanta shooting, he took the officer’s taser, so he wasn’t “unarmed”. Apparently in Georgia, a taser is considered a “deadly weapon” as well.

    2. @Brian Nelson they don’t consider a taser to be a deadly weapon. I guess that’s why the coroner classified it as a homicide.

    3. They’re not Warriors. Two chicken to be a warrior that’s what happens when you militarized the police act like they’re part of the military active military that’s the problem

  10. It is amazing that the police departments all over the U.S. had the opportunity to show how good they are, but instead give us everyday brutality and systematic abuse of power and the law is very limited as to holding them accountable!!!

  11. The only thing Congress is going to get done is more donations from the private prison industry

  12. It’s become more & more of the “Wild West” with Trump in the WH!
    Narcissists create an atmosphere of chaos & agenda is to create misery for others by pitting others against each other!

    1. Jeanne 54 what do you think the democrats are doing ? Race baiting every issue they can – vilifying police, making heroes out of criminals

    1. Republicans are narrow-minded followers who can’t think for themselves and need an authoritarian firm father figure to make them feel safe.

  13. “Defund the police” was a mistaken term to start with. It connotes a view of getting rid of a police force, when the meaning they were trying to put forth was to lower the budget of the police force and apply those funds to community projects that lessen the aggravating causes of police brutality. BUT, what happens is you get idiots that are bound to yell from the rooftops that “they don’t want any police anymore”….I know it’s stupid, but that’s what they are and will continue to say.

  14. MSNBC TODAY: “Obama DID police reform”
    MSNBC TODAY: “Right now there is NO STANDARD that exists”
    Get your ACT together MSNBC, otherwise Americans will realize that you’re full of sheet.

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