Chuck Rosenberg Podcast With Vivek Murthy | The Oath- Ep 23 | MSNBC 1

Chuck Rosenberg Podcast With Vivek Murthy | The Oath- Ep 23 | MSNBC


Vivek Murthy is a doctor and an author – a deeply thoughtful, interesting, kind, caring, and reflective medical professional – who served as the Surgeon General of the United States. As Surgeon General, Vivek was also a Vice-Admiral in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. In that role, and after an exhaustive listening tour throughout the country at the beginning of his tenure as the “Nation’s Doctor,” Vivek realized that loneliness is a pervasive medical issue in the United States, and that it is both a cause of – and a consequence of – chronic illness. In his powerful and illuminating new book, Together, he explores the role of loneliness in society and its relationship to chronic illness, and prescribes ways that we can identify it, think about it, and counter it. Vivek was born in England and raised in Miami, and is a graduate of Harvard University and Yale Medical School.

Vivek shares with host Chuck Rosenberg reflections on his work as the Surgeon General of the United States – the “Nation’s Doctor” – and important insights into his research on the connection between loneliness and chronic illness.
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Chuck Rosenberg Podcast With Vivek Murthy | The Oath- Ep 23 | MSNBC


  1. Donald tRump destroyed the CDC, The Who. Paris Climate Accords & probably the Surgeon Generals office!

  2. Chuck Todd is one of my favourite MSNBC newscasters & I glad that I found out he has a Podcast!

  3. This is a terrific interview and a great podcast. Filled with important information concerning the care of the human emotional heart and mind. Thank you so much !

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