Chuck Rosenberg Says Trump Firing US Attorney ‘Not Normal’ And ‘Deeply Troubling’ | MSNBC


  1. Haha it’s normal for Trump though is the thing, he’s fired more people than any president ever. He’ll do whatever it takes to try to stay in power that’s his M.O.

    1. @Claudette Nicholson Actually in reality Democracts support Transvestites and HOMOSEXUALS. *FACT 🎶

    1. @Dawn Kuzio he just been brain washed lolol thinking he will win when we all know nothing can stop our great president Donald Trump 2020 2040 2050

  2. So Rudy Giuliani, a private citizen, didn’t like the microscope he was under and got someone at the DOJ he didn’t like fired. What a joke. These clowns can’t even control themselves anymore.

    1. @Joseph DUPLAGA yes, he does have the right to fire people. tRump fires those investigating his CORRUPT behavior. Proving why he was impeached. Obstructing Justice, again. #IMPOTUS

    2. @88Gibson LesPaul Why can’t we do that now instead of allowing this regime to destroy more of our democracy everyday?

    3. @Michelle Maher well that’s debatable because some legal Scholars say what he did was impeachable and other people legal Scholars say no it wasn’t Jonathan Turley is one . Who believes it Trump did nothing that’s impeachable.

  3. AG Bill Barr is smarter than Trump. That makes him more dangerous, what is happening is the disenfranchisement of one of the largest and most powerful law enforcement operators in the country at his hands.

    1. @Pete one – I guess you don’t follow the facts. The Durham “investigation” is a fake political witch hunt being carried out against he F.B.I., by the Attorney General, Bill Barr.
      I am looking forward to Barr and Durham being humiliated as lying political hacks late this summer.

    2. @42treg Durham’s investigation is looking into Obama’s weaponizing of the alphabet agencies, CIA,FBI,DOJ. Also the phony Steele dossier paid for by the DNC to manipulate the Fisa Court to tap wires on Trump’s campaign Officials. I could go into a deeper but I doubt you even know what I’m talking about.

    3. @Pete one Please do enlighten us all, Pete; Please share all of the deep, personal knowledge & insight that you have inside the minds behind the most intricate legal workings at the highest levels of the United States federal government.
      The subterfuge and deep, interwoven trappings you hint at are beyond intriguing; the story behind your discoveries must be worthy of a million dollar novel, if not a massive blockbuster Hollywood script and movie (..perhaps an entire franchise ?) :

      Move over, James Bond, and keep your martinis as well;
      “I am One. Peter One; the one and only one. Now go fetch my Bugatti, darling as I finish my margarita ..chilled, but not iced ..and lightly salted, with a twist of lime. For I am One. Peter One” ..

    4. @Near Yetfar I’ll just finish my coffee. Have a martini for I’m not a drinker.Enjoy Trump’s second term. Oh,and good luck with that child support. Considering your snotty attitude I can see why you would be dumped. Ugliness inside is hard to hide.

  4. this WH appears to be trying to set up a dictatorship… while we sit and watch … while republicans who stand to gain say nothing of this presidents agregious acts… the US has condemned itself by worshipping this corrupt POS in office

    1. @Nessuno Dorme i agree with you, but…..he is really dismanteling our gov like crazy these last 3 months. and no one even democrats are out right not screaming at a mic everyday like they really need to be at this point and time. where is our system of checks and balances. and in the last 2 weeks especially. i am soo discused at this point, sorry. posted: 6.22.20

    2. @Joseph DUPLAGA People accuse Trump of wanting to be a dictator because that’s how he acts! The Constitution isn’t set up for a dictatorship but it also forbids him from making money off his office and obliges him to respect Congress as co-equal. He ignores all of that. His entire administration either ignores or breaks the law every day. If they aren’t brought under control quickly, we may lose our government — and the Constitution — entirely.

    3. @Hey Jude It’s beyond frustrating. As for our system of checks and balances, like everything else, it’s been hijacked although not yet entirely. As for yelling into the mic every day, I think Democrats, including our elected representatives, are doing a lot of that, too. They’re also writing and shepherding legislation we need and other things to protect us and stop Trump. It’s not easy or quick but they’re doing it. You and I and a lot of other people have got the screaming into microphones duty pretty much covered.
      I definitely get how you feel but, please, keep the faith! We can endure this and _destroy_ them one day!

    4. @Nessuno Dorme Thank you for what you wrote. very well said. but…. checks and balances is a very important process. and as you said it has been hijacked!. our demacrats in washington d.c. are working on more legislation? we already have what we need to really put a stop on what is going on now on the books/process of present rules. why can gumps crime cronies steam-roll these processes??. heck yes it is beyond frustrating what they are tearing down the rule of gov law and getting away with it daily. and tomorrow and the nextday and the next. i can not be the only american cit. seeing this is on a masive scale.

    5. I don’t see how Trump being president has enhanced his wealth and I think it was all about money with Trump I can’t see why he would run out want to run for another term

    1. My significantly increased chronic anxiety and panic attacks can attest to the fact that I definitely see it. It’s just always been a question of how many of us see it too.

      But I’m greatly encouraged by his dropping popularity and shrinking base! Election and then Inauguration Day can’t come fast enough!!!

    2. Most of us can see it. What matters is how this majority is distributed across the States, because of the electoral college. There never has been a majority support for Trump, but he is in charge anyway. I don’t know if that fact is comforting or if it makes it more scary.

    3. Right on miss jellybean but will he leave when u vote him out….. may need to get an excorsist….he’s the devil in Disguise….as you all know.

    4. Oh my god, I have seen this for so long. We are a young and immature country. Yang 2024, although we need help now. From Ohio.

    1. @Hey Jude *Deutsche Bank … just for future reference, not trying to correct you! (pronounced _doy cha_ )

    2. @S A all this crime!! and trump and all his 1000’s of crime sydicate partners and crime businesses aka the trump org. are and will get off scott free. america is being destroyed. we are seeing it happen. posted 6.22.20
      this is ww3…and they are winning. and on nov 3rd 2020 [rigged election] they will have won…

    1. henry rudolph god help us…a little love could go along way…a lot of love could heal the world ❤️

  5. More and more corruption and crime….that’s trump and his GOP cult leaders! If we do not dump trump, McConnell, and all the GOP stooges who are complacent in trump crimes we will never recover!

    1. YOUR SOOO 100% CORRECT. NO ONE IN POWER in this gov. is willing to stop him. Is our democracy really over?? it is!!!

    2. The only solution is to abolish voting, and set up a Monarchy. The Lord Jesus Christ shall arrange that, when He returns to Israel. “Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 3:2, KJV). Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Establish the Kingdom in Jerusalem, and keep the world safe from Democracy!

    3. @Hey Jude It is close. This autocracy is hand in hand with a fascist regime. The only way to win is for peaceful protests from now onwards.

    4. @Pensa Simpson i agree with you Pensa….
      The people who are in lock-step with this now fascist regime are getting away with everything! it is soooo _ _ _ _ ed. and our “new us gov” doesn’t out right end it, today!. it’s wayyyy more than frustrating watching it all play out EVERY SINGLE DAY in a 24/7 cycle.

  6. I don’t understand how he gets away with this. He’s going full blown dictator. He’s fired all the heads of the US federal media too. He’s getting everything in place for a corrupt takeover.

    1. I never thought this could happen in the U.S. but then again we’ve never elected a criminal con man until now

    2. @Aida Haben It is true. Look up Michael Pacj at and Voice of America. Its scary what Trump and his administration are doing. Stay well..

  7. What’s really deeply troubling is to have an Attorney General who throws every Trump critic under the bus. Barr doesn’t represent the interests of the American people; he’s Trump’s henchman, plain and simple.

    1. If you think Barre is corrupt what did you think of Obama’s Attorney General he said he was Obama’s wingman in front of Congress

    2. @Joseph DUPLAGA Obama did not obstruct justice or abuse his power. Trump is a crime boss who is instituting fascism.

    3. @Just Saying don’t take my word for it YouTube Ben Shapiro on why Obama should be prosecuted.

  8. It’s funny how when straight professionals won’t go corrupt, they turn into “Hard to deal with and need to be fired”, how many times has this happened already.

  9. America is no better then Iraq or any other country ,just richer ,the real corrupt America at view !

  10. Trump yesterday: I didn’t fire him, Barr Did – Today: I fired him, he was no good. Total Mythomaniac

    1. No Biden has to investigate their crime and put bar behind bar, if Trump’s family business breaks the law he is going in as well.

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