Steve Schmidt On Trump Returning After The Tulsa Rally | Deadline | MSNBC

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt and White House reporter for the Associated Press Jonathan Lemire weigh in on the lower than expected turnout at the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend that was supposed to be the relaunch of his reelection campaign. Aired on 06/22/2020.
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Steve Schmidt On Trump Returning After The Tulsa Rally | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Its kinda really sad how the fate of a country is determined by the mood and temper of one man.

    1. philster611 The temper of one ignorant, unstable weak manbaby who has an army of fans who are just as ignorant and unstable as he is but THEY’RE ARMED.

  2. She is a freaking liar. He was mad. Look at the video. He expect people to lie for him. That’s all he know.

    1. Press secretary who is incapable of telling the truth says “he not mad” = “oh he mad”.

  3. Trump didn’t so much get “rave reviews” of his rally performance as reviews of his raving.

    1. @Katrina Hogue No one attacked you in any way .The past is the past.Currently the reps are the party holding down minorities.Nice try though.

    2. @Katrina Hogue Yeah you are a typical right wingers.Prolife and gun jumpers don’t want everyone to be treated equally.

    3. @Abstr4cted Lincoln only freed slaves because he was pressured to,NOT because he wanted to!!!!

    4. @Katrina Hogue So you must be outraged that your tax dollars are paying for Trump’s golf trips,ivankas businesses,and Trump’s hotels?

  4. A moment that will echo throughout American history: When a president has to prove that he can drink a sip of water with one hand holding a cup, and his audience of supporters go wild with praise and jubilation.

    1. @slactweak
      If anyone has any trust or confidence in the ever-losing American military then they are deluded every bit as much as any Trump supporter. 19 years of floundering about in Afghanistan and lying about it should have taught you that.
      Maybe you haven’t noticed but the rule of law no longer means anything in your god-forsaken country. Also, your elections are worthless if the person with the least votes can win.

    2. @Shannon E seriously it’s I’m from Canada and I can’t stop watching. It’s something huge like everyday. Best soap opera / almost Steven king like horror story on. I’m not religious but sending my hope. WHF are you guys going to do when. HE WON’T LEAVE! He’s already setting it up . His base are all nuts as well.

  5. He’s talking up election fraud because in his heart it’s already over . He’s so easy to read

  6. Trump has actually exceeded my expectations. He’s turned out to be even worse!
    4 years? It feels more like 40 to me.

    1. Just glad to be alive … honestly … but the worst is to come … He knows he is screwed, Republicans know they are screwed, evangelicals know their time is up ….. they will not let you have a peaceful handover, if they ever accept it …. goes to supreme courts and guess what they will do …. as i say i will be glad to get past this alive. 🙁

    2. Me too, these last 4 years have been the longest of my life I’ll be glad when we are back on the right track.

    1. Reminds us of the swearing in ceremony in Washington after the election doesn’t it.

    2. @Louise S I hope some of them are old enough to vote and understand that their vote counts! We need every vote. It’s important for every American to register and vote this year.

    1. People who fall on their own sword, do it with honor and pride. Trump is such a coward he would push somebody else on his sword. 😂

  7. Narcissists can’t stand being made to look foolish of course he’s angry but that happens most of the time ….

    1. So true! You can be sure he’s stomping around the White House and everyone ducking for cover in fear of being fired. Oh well. 🤭

  8. Any person who can lie like Kayleigh and do so with a smile on their face is dangerous and can’t be trusted

    1. Big Dbo 49 another female swearing 45 is fine when he is coming undone!!, they all lie so easy!! Trump is so stupid!!,

  9. Trump’s press secretary lying again, again. Even when she stood up and said she would never lie, we knew she was lying. She had to in order to keep her job

    1. Do they really think they are fooling people when they say they don’t lie? The only ones stupid enough to buy that bilge are Republicans.

    2. Yeh.. and one day she says one thing and the president says another thing that contradicts her.. lol

    3. @gail paton she reminds me of my callcenter team leader/manager.

      Everytime i had a difficult customer i had to transfer the customer to the manager and the manager would then come up with a story that would calm the customer down again…

      She is not there to tell the truth, she is just there to calm things down.

    4. @Pete’s Sake i hope he gets dumped in november but i think he will win again… if there is a war between now and november then all bets are off.

  10. Selfish, sociopath, narcissistic, sexist, racist USA president is finished 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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