Chuck Schumer: Hunter Biden Can Tell Us ‘Nothing’ About President Donald Trump’s Conduct | MSNBC

Chuck Schumer: Hunter Biden Can Tell Us 'Nothing' About President Donald Trump's Conduct | MSNBC 1


Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said that if Hunter Biden were to testify, he would say "nothing" about President Trump's conduct with Ukraine or obstruction of congress. He claimed the calls for Biden to testify were simply a "shiny object" Republicans were using to distract from the facts. Aired on 01/28/20.
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Chuck Schumer: Hunter Biden Can Tell Us 'Nothing' About President Donald Trump's Conduct | MSNBC

62 Comments on "Chuck Schumer: Hunter Biden Can Tell Us ‘Nothing’ About President Donald Trump’s Conduct | MSNBC"

  1. Tell bondi to explain her 25000.00 check b4 she got her job.

    • foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild | January 28, 2020 at 3:50 PM | Reply

      Hahaha! You’d think they would have hired someone who wasn’t a notoriously corrupt prosecutor to defend Trumpy

    • @foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild they couldn’t, because those refused to work for the orange in chief.

    • @David Braun Tell Hunter to explain his million dollar check and to pay for his child support instead of his coke/strip club parties

    • @FactScrub Maybe you could shed some light on what any of Hunters doings have to do with the trial at hands? This ha nothing to do with any Biden, this is about Trumps abuse of offce/powers, just in case you somehow missed that.

    • Shush! That was for her performance on the pee-pee tape!

  2. It’s fine if the senators want to prosecute the Bidens in a court with the proper jurisdiction. This special court they are convening is constitutionally about the President and does not have the jurisdiction to try the Bidens for any of their potential misconduct. Even if they are found guilty of misconduct, that does not exonerate the President’s misconduct. If someone steals from a gas station, and then you steal from a gas station, your defense that someone else stole from a gas station too does not make you innocent. Try again.

    • It’s the DumboCrats deversion of the reality of your corruption and high crimes of the Obama Administration!

    • Aercyon starts the process though doesn’t it, kinda like the failed Steele dossier and Mueller report. We have 5 more years to see the Bidens go badly into history.

    • @Don Rit As I understood it, Shokin was trying to shake down Zlochevsky for a piece of his action, and Zlochevsky wasn’t playing ball. UK, EU and US (not just Biden, but several US Senators as well) were putting pressure on Poroshenko to take action. Biden’s last meeting with Poroshenko prior to Poroshenko asking for Shokin’s resignation was at Davos in January 2016. Poroshenko asked for Shokin’s resignation on February 16, 2016, same day that the Senators expressed their concerns to Poroshenko. Shokin was voted out of office by the Rada in March 2016.

      P.S. – Neither Biden nor Obama currently hold office. We currently have a process for dealing with international crimes by treaty with Ukraine:

      If trump wished to request assistance from Ukraine, the Attorney General or the Attorney General’s appointee would be the appropriate representative, not Rudi Giuliani. Furthermore, for what it’s worth, Burisma is a Cypriot company, not a Ukrainian company, and the crimes alleged to have been committed by the founder of the company, Zlochevsky, were committed in Ukraine from 2010-2012. There were no US citizens involved. Loan guarantees from the IMF were in contention in 2016, and Hunter Biden was not under investigation.

    • @chui 1 you dumb like dirt!

    • So, why not just give the Bidens, the root of all evil, to the Senate. What is there to fear?

  3. As he said Hunter Biden is that shiny diversion, well ok give them Hunter Biden and see how fast they backtrack their offer to testify.

    • John Roberts should do the job that any conscientious judge should do. He should rule on these witness requests. True, in the past the presiding Chief Justice just sat back and played the part of a figurehead. But this trial is very different from the previous two. He should make it absolutely clear that there is NO legitimate reason to subpoena either of the Bidens or the whistleblower, [edit: or Schiff]. If the Republicans go ahead and vote to subpoena Biden or the whistleblower anyway, Roberts should make it clear that they are doing so in direct defiance of his ruling and threaten to declare a mistrial if they issue the subpoenas anyway. He should also threaten to fine and censure the Trump team lawyers for frivolous litigation, or whatever statute would apply in this case.

    • @shutup “my god demoRats are beyond dumb”
      What a scholarly response!
      Here, let me reply with an argument at your level: “I know you are, but what am I?”
      Your turn.

    • Dominique Hardie | January 28, 2020 at 5:29 PM | Reply

      @Jeremy Backup What’s up broke back? You still at it treacherous, democrat sympathizer? You know you need to get yourself a new avatar, get a new brain while your at it.

    • @Dominique Hardie
      Trump believes you need ID to shop for groceries, and that the wheel was invented in America but Jeremy Backup needs a new brain?!

  4. I mean.. Trump would know a thing or two about Nepotism so…

    • Appointing a job based on nepotism is different from using political influence at the highest order to lobby for money. U may have clearly forgotten the amount of nepotism and late term prison pardons Clintons did with their cocaine ring allies. #Trump2020

    • @FactScrub that was a long time ago. Go back in time and fix it. Or ya know, fix this now.

    • @FactScrub – I haven’t forgotten about the sweetheart deal for Epstein that exonerated trump and Dershowitz that was negotiated by Starr, Dershowitz and Alex Acosta.

    • @Constituent A What does that exoneration have to do with trump? Bc there was a video of them together at the same party? Seems convenient that u didnt mention the picture with Ep and Clinton ON lolita express, or 26 SECRET flights to pedo island, or the HOMAGE mural in epsteins NY penthouse. U sure it was Trump that was rly exonerated there?

  5. He tells us plenty… Trump has no defence.

  6. We need paper ballots in November in order to flush this nation of chaos.

    • It’s the DumboCrats deversion of the reality of your corruption and high crimes of the Obama Administration!

    • @Mister Hat I’m saying that they finally admit their president rigged the last one.

    • @Cliff Medina you need to stop watching fox views because you have no facts for what you say.

    • @howdareyou41 Stop hyperventilating. Trump will leave office just like EVERY OTHER President that losses an election. The federal government does not run elections. The states do. Trump cannot cancel the election result, since the results exist outside the Presidents control. There is literally NO method for Trump to remain President.

    • @Cliff Medina Impeach OBAMA NOW! Get Him out of the White House!!

  7. Too late peasants, you picked your Reality TV con artist.
    Now you are going to pay the price, enjoy the Last Days!

  8. Circus Maximus

  9. “For the last decade, John Bolton has been a pot smoking, kale and quinoa eating Deep State Russian asset and a pansy with a service animal.” — Sean Hannity’s next comment

  10. foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild | January 28, 2020 at 3:48 PM | Reply

    When you don’t have a defense I guess you point the finger away from you and hope the suckers look

    • Tizzle - Heroic Stars | January 28, 2020 at 6:18 PM | Reply

      And they’re looking too!

    • The DEMOCRATS are trying to cheat their way . Joe Biden is the real criminal for he got his son paid millions of dollars later threatening to withhold aid to Ukraine so his Hunter Biden’s cash flow wouldd not be interrupted . Poor Biden .Go for President Buddy . Let the people

  11. GOP has become the party that represents EVIL.


    • America was once at war with the Nazis. America was once wary of Russia. Now it has a Russian puppet for a president, kept in office by fascists that want nothing more than to betray their own country out of sheer hatred for their fellow citizens.

    • Dems:
      Founded the KKK, rejected the freedom of blacks, endorse abortions even to the last day of the 9th month, want to strip your constitutional rights starting with the 2nd. Yea GOP is evil. #Sheep #Trump2020

    • Has become? They always have. Just now they don’t hide it.

  12. Biden is just the usual”whataboutism”.

    • Robert the answer to whataboutism is “OK I fixed that, and while I was at it I fixed your bs too. If you’re looking for the guy you’re defending he’s in the cell next to the guy you assumed I’d drop this to protect”

    • Exactly. Nobody gave two ships about Hunter until his Daddy was topping the polls… it’s no brainer.

  13. Can you imagine what the Cons would have said if Joe got Hunter a job in the Whitehouse?

  14. If Hunter Biden did something illegal the USDOJ is perfectly capable of investigating him.

    • Courts are not that dumb
      They could have investigated nothing for the first two years of Trump Kremlin. The timing for tabloid trash on Biden wasn’t near an election. They didn’t have a specific allegation in the senate diatribe. Basically a defamation suit unfolding on national TV…
      Does Hunter really need all Trumps money ?
      It doesn’t seem fair, he could donate it to charity
      Not Trump charity, that log has sailed up poop creek

    • Exactly. But they didn’t. There’s no evidence of wrong doing.

    • The DOJ before Trump yes – this one now. Not so much. He and Barr have control of the DOJ. Unfortunately.

    • The intelligence agencies & the Republican led Senate Intelligence Commitee investigated the Ukraine/ DNC server & the Biden/Burisma matter in 2017 & found no evidence that these conspiracy theories were true! There have been press reports ( not enough) & Adam Schiff mentioned this during his opening statements.trump was probably was briefed about it in 2017 but either chose not to believe it or doesn’t care about the truth just about smearing his political opponent for his own benefit & of course the repug senators aren’t going to stand up for their former colleague & friend that they cleared they are to afraid of trump’s tweets! Poor babies! All the dems & independents & true press have to speak truth to power even some Republicans & deal with trump & his minions wrath but they are to cowardly!!!

    • The DOJ has been perfectly capable of investigating him all along, yet they didn’t. No one gave a fuq about Hunter until his Daddy topped the polls . Its a no brainer

  15. Republicans asking for someone who hasn’t been in the White House for 3 years during a trial where a phone call with Ukraine is at the center of it all. 🤔🤣🤣

  16. We should all remember our state senators who refuse to vote for Trump’s removal from office.

    • Kenneth Fletcher | January 28, 2020 at 8:10 PM | Reply

      Oh trust me we will and vote them back in cause this is bs

    • Twenty-three of them are up for re-election in 2020. One’s challenger is already confirmed (Mark Kelly is challenging McSally in Arizona), the others will be decided in primaries coming up in March-June. I will be donating $1 to the campaigns of each of the challengers, and at least 70 million other US voters should do the same.

    • Yes, they should be celebrated for shutting down the sham impeachment!

  17. Diversion obsession with Hunter, by Don.

  18. Let’s compare.
    Jane Raskin (on Trump’s team): “Rudy Giuliani is the House managers’ shiny distraction.” She called him a “minor player”.
    Chuck Schumer: Hunter Biden is “a shiny object to divert attention.”
    Anyone who is even modestly familiar with the facts of this case can see the enormous disparity of integrity between these two sides. One thing I wonder about: do any of Trump’s lawyers actually believe all the crap they’re spewing? Do any of the Republican Senators? Do any of Trump’s sycophants on Fox? We’ll probably never know.

  19. Hunter taking a high paying job years ago that was offered to him because his dad was the vice president doesn’t make trump not guilty of abuse of power and obstruction. Trumps offspring profit from his position, no getting around that, it will always happen.
    Example, George W Bush, no way he becomes president without his father being a former president and his influence.
    So Hunter took a job with a big paycheck, trumps offspring do the same and worse.

  20. If the GOP wants to bring in Biden, we want to hear from Ivanka and Jared Kushner.

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