Chuck Schumer: Republicans Are Trying To ‘Avoid The Truth’ By Blocking Witnesses | MSNBC

Chuck Schumer: Republicans Are Trying To 'Avoid The Truth' By Blocking Witnesses | MSNBC 1


    1. Take all the time in the world. Meanwhile Trump is campaigning and Democrat hopefulls are sequestered in a jury box in a trial going nowhere.
      Tic- toc

    1. no no no…. cancer is only cut out…
      The trump is more like ”schmuck.”
      That thing, which is cut off, thrown away, forgotten, as if in service to a God.
      Yeah… “Schmuck” fits him better.

    2. The Dem leaders are the cancer of terror. They need to go. Vote Red in November to save our Country from such nonsense.

    1. I was thinking Trump is like a Virus in how his leadership has corrupted the minds of the easily influenced and lesser edjucated.

      Through following his presidential campaign, we’ve all learned by his “Tremendous” example, to lie, steal, cheat,..give misinformation, attack people by way of deformation of character, smearing, gaslighting, Gish Galloping, making up alternate facts, dictatorship, promote hate, racism and to be self-serving.

      No matter what laws or constitution are disregarded/broken in the process, it’s not important to Trump so long as he get’s what he’s after. It’s like being educated by a convicted, imprisoned 6th grader criminal, yet many people are still expecting to be reformed not realizing the corruption taking place and how they are being used to serve his own inflated ego and self-serving agenda.
      Dictatorship at it’s finest!!


    1. Maedora Smith We demand the fake whistleblower, lying Adam Schiff, Quid Pro Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Chalupa and Nellie Ohr. Bring them all!

    1. @Kevin stevens The good news is, when Trump is elected in 2020, you losers get 4 more years to share impotent, infantile tRump insults, moral outrage over imaginary crimes, traitors, and Russion spies, and dead-wrong idiotic future predictions. So it will be business-as-usual until 2025.

    2. Democrats had 17+ witnesses so what about we get more witnesses INCLUDING the whistle-blower, Schiff, Hunter, Biden etc

    3. @vrnc M Not in Senate hearings. Have those investigations done as investigations, not gossip, opinion, and the other garbage Democrats wallow in with their mindless minions.

  2. We the majority of critically thinking Americans want and demand witnesses and documents in order to conduct a fair trial. We must make sure that these sycophants hear us loud and clear! Vote every single one of them out of our government systems and agencies!

    1. @Tyrade Shift are you blind deaf and dumb? There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the Bidens Barisma and Ukraine.
      And it is Trumps RESPONSIBILITY to have it thoroughly investigated.

    2. Logan McLean honey you have been saying that forever. Where are the investigations indictments or charges? Where was the outrage in 2014? Thus was out in the open. Are you really this brainwashed with a the conspiracy crap you espouse? Laughable

    3. @Kevin stevens again with your superiority complex. Does mommy hit you with a wooden spoon?? Again go iron your blue ribbon snowflake.

    1. The House had 17 witnesses or watercooler gossiptoligist as i define them. If more witnesses and eviedence is needed obviously House did not do a good job. The Senate tries the case the House puts forth.

    1. Mark bodman btw turd I am no leftist and it is morons like you who push me to the left. Never a thing to add to the conversation. Laughable little Marky

    2. @Kevin stevens you are a sniveling coward. A racist that can only use childish jabs. Go now i won’t waste my time with you.

    1. @Kevin stevens its a campaign rally. Where are the Femocrat front runners. Thats right Peloisi has them sequestered to a jury box and not campaiging. Tic-toc

    1. Arman D The sham hearing was actually held in the House ran by Schiff and his clowns. We are actually in the trial phase now.

    2. @Kevin stevens and again with the racism. Muck boy you should go iron that blue ribbon in mommies basement adults are talking.

    3. BS House impeachment. What do you think would’ve happened? Partisan attack gets a partisan response. Get over it.

  3. Remember Republicans investigating Hillary Clinton for over 10 years finally clearing her in 2019 and yet Trump cultist still at Trump’s rallies cry lock her up?

    1. The Clinton’s were way too powerful to stop, that’s why. They are truly above the law, remember how Bill walked onto that Tarmac to “straighten out” then Attorney General Loretta Lynch? Who else can do that? Hillary was busted and walked, no problem, closed-door questions at FBI. I want that type of power.

  4. Just imagine a murder trial where the accused gets to say the murder weapon with his fingerprints on it cannot be used as evidence.
    And eye witnesses cannot testify.
    This is exactly what Trump and his republican enablers are doing.

    1. @Rod Democracy has been murdered. Rule of law has been butchered. Accountability from leaders no longer exists.

    2. The Senate tries the case the House puts forth. If more witnesses or eviedence is needed whats that say about the House impeachment??
      To me personally it says the House impeachment was a sham partisian (vote proves) job.

    3. @DiamondMasters great progressive Socialist talking points. I’m almost so impressed. I know ” Orange man bad” and scream in the shy.

    4. @DiamondMasters funny thing though you didnt address any fact i stated. I can only guess ” because you can’t”.

  5. I’m confused – the reps said the dems were rushing things! NOW they are saying witnesses would take too long! You can’t have it both ways – unless you are called trump!

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