Chuck Todd Breaks Down What New Polling Means For Trump’s Re-Election Bid | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. @margaret coleman I knew someone in the story stayed on board. You’re right, bone spurs could never be captain. 😩

  1. Is this man probably the stupidest most dangerous President on the planet, in its entire history?

  2. Trump puts his name on everything.

    Trump should put his name on the hundreds of thousands of tombstones for which he’s responsible.

    1. @William Bailey Those are all things specifically INTENDED for the body. Botox, Chemo (which I have personal experience with), and other light therapies are DESIGNED for that. Disinfectants are for SURFACES. Chlorine in WATER is meant for just that, but even if you improperly ingest small amounts from the POOL, you can feel a little sick or even heavy, as it’s a LUNG RETARDANT. Bleach can be used in water to clean it (I have), but it’s a VERY small drops per GALLON, and not to be drank immediately, and CERTAINLY not to be directly INJECTED into the body under the skin. Bleach is a CORROSIVE…..LOL.

    2. @William Bailey- I didn’t “think through” the PRESIDENT of the USA (EEUU – to be correct) not suggesting the POSSIBILITY of injecting DISINFECTANTS under the skin? THAT’s HILARIOUS. You’re reasoning explains why the CDC and Poison Control fielded way more calls asking if it was possible to cure an ailment with disinfectants hours after his press statement. Thanks for your inadvertent explanation. I was baffled as to WHO in the WORLD would wonder about such stupidity.

    1. @Troll master Just think …If Biden loses 22-1/2 million U.S. JOBS, he’s still doing Twice as good as TYRump!

    2. @Moscow Mitch I still prefer a candidate who would not lose that many jobs period. But I understand that you are a bitter Boomer and you stay in your house all day because your wife is secretly having an affair and your kids and grandkids won’t come and see you. Please, you won’t be affected regardless of whether Trump or Biden is in office so leave the voting to the young people. In this case, young people do not like Biden or Trump.

    1. @benjaminwayneb There are numerous differences between 2016 and today. The many scandals, the many lies, the many resignations, the convictions, the “tell-all” books from insiders, The Lincoln Project, Republican Voters Against Trump, Rather than comparing 2020 to 2016, take a look at the polls for Carter or George H.W. Bush when they were running for re-election.

    2. @Andrew Velonis >>>Well she did get more votes.<<< Trump 304, Clinton 227. The STATES elect the president. Take a civics class. SMH

    1. And please do not forget to vote the rest of the GOP out of the Government. The Republicans need to be held accountable for the worst President and Administration in the History of the USA.

    2. We are just so lucky to have BLM wake so many people up to the people of Israel problem that plague our major institutions and media outlets.

    3. He’ll be moved & escorted by military officials if he throws a tantrum & refuses to leave

    1. Well that Correctly Summarizes The Nation’s Problem. However, don’t Neglect Mitch McConnell the Primary ENABLER and Strategist of this Catastrophe.

    2. Instead of being a serial killer, he decided to become a president with his sociopathic tendencies. I hope they prosecute him and his family to full extent of the law when he’s out of office. Most of his advisors are felons wtf!

    1. @greg graves you have to be a full blown sociopath to still support 45. 136,000 americans dead in 4 months? 50 million americans (probably yourself included) unemployed? On his watch. And he takes absolutely no responsibility for anything and blames everyone under the sun. America is virtually hated by every developed nation on earth as 45 partners with dictators and murderers in the world? He has dismissed are the professional scientists and doctors and left america to bank on his immense incompetence and stupidity as america is in steep and swift decline. Simple question. Is your life better now than it was 4yrs ago?

    2. @bignardo95 you need blame China
      An Democrats socialist libs did not back up trump
      Instead making fun of him
      Saying nothing to worry about got everything covered
      Pelosi said not coming here go out have your parade
      Who spied on Americans people an trump
      Obama Biden Hillary
      Who is crook corruption need be in jail. .. have 2 different laws one for America people an others for Democrats socialist libs..Obama Biden Hillary
      Media sold out America want turn America into communists country
      Doj having indictment coming soon Biden an his son hunter
      MSNBC anchor paid bye Democrats socialist libs an George sores an billionaire club
      Trump 2020
      Trump keep draining swamp rats are running

    3. Selling beans
      Then telling lies an sold America out
      Trump keep draining swamp rats are running out
      Trump 2020
      Biden son soon be in jail

    4. _it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of 328.2 million little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that._

  3. I would not put it past him to trade the Covid/CDC data for help in election with the dirty putie. Nothing is beyond the imagination anymore. Nothing. #QuidProQuo

    1. I heard this from the New York Times. The Russian Intelligence are Hacking the CDC TO GET VACCINE INFORMATION FROM US.
      Now that Trump has CIRCUMVENTED THE DATA DIRECTLY TO THE WHITE HOUSE. It all Makes Sense.

  4. History will show Mitch and the Trump followers were similar to a cult which greatly harmed America.

    1. I’m sick of Trump always making excuses and blaming others for outcomes . He is a coward. 138k Americans are dead from the Virus and all he cares about is statues and being re-elected. He is out of touch with reality.

    2. @Gooey 911 can say the same thing about sean fannity and the entire fox entertainment news station.

    1. Thomas Armsworthy Jr As long as it’s not in Biden’s residential neighborhood or near the White House he wouldn’t care!!

    2. @black feel i actually saw he is approaching 20000 i was being generous moron only complete idiots dont know he is a pathological liar

    1. I Agree. Remember the Polls Predicted Hillary would win the 2016 Election. VOTE Trump/MCCONNELL And the 22 McConnell Controlled GOP Senators OUT OF OFFICE On November 03, 2020. Then we can begin to UNDO 40 Years of the MCCONNELL Led GOP.

  5. Hey Trump: Do you job or there won’t be enough angry white grandpas left alive to steal the next election.

    1. @‎‎ً >>>>The polls in 2016 were right, she won the popular vote. <<< There is no such thing as the popular vote in presidential elections. You people are the dumbest on planet earth.

    2. I don’t live in the USA thank God . It would be a shame if your great country was taken over but a bunch of communists. Biden has a in no shape to lead and you are right about his running mate. That will be a deep state shill for sure.
      Good luck doing the jackboot march into poverty under a mushroom cloud if Biden wins lol.
      China has Biden by the balls . WW3 would be inevitable..

      The socialist bums will finally get the free stuff they want.
      Free training schools, free room and board, free uniforms and a free ride to the front line. The military will supply it. Enjoy your free military hair cut.

    3. Trigger Troll We all with a brain thank god you don’t live here in America as well, one less tRumpard to worry about

  6. If we’re doing as great as trump says, why is he attacking Dr Fauci instead of congratulating him.

    1. A question that would blow the mind of a Trump supporter. Fact is he is jealous of Fauci for having a higher rating than him.

    2. Trump wants to distort the reality and facts, Fauci is simply telling the truth and that is not congruent with Trump’s campaign of lies.

    3. @Mainely I loved when Fauci said “I don’t know why they are doing that when it reflects badly on them.”

    4. Dr. Fauci is such a brave, honest, and smart man to protect public health against Chump false claims. Now he’s a target of smear campaign.

    5. @Joyce Davis Trump supporters have locked themselves in their trailers…….watching fox and friends 24/7……..banging family members and will just go vote Trump no matter what!!!!

    1. William Bailey
      Well, it’s certainly no mystery why tRump has most senseless base of any president ever.

  7. Donald Trump needs to write a book on how to lose an election, called “The Art of Failure”.

    1. When the people refuse to send their children into the morass of infection known as school things are going to get hairy. MAGAots

    1. “he’s going to suppress data and doctors” – wasn’t that China’s tactic at the beginning of the pandemic?

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