We Can’t Seem To Gather Up The Political Will For A Scientific Approach To Reopen | MSNBC


    1. @Bruce Lee As you can see, I didn’t resort to adolescent name calling like you. It’s a telltale sign of your intellect.

    2. actually u may be right. but I will take him anyday of the week over chump. and groom the next president after 4 years. if u notice women r better than men governing in most parts of the world. multitask. chump just paid for storms.every1 betting on stocks for next year
      not this 1. 401k down . my mom worked for 55 years and her 401k down 65 k.so whose winning? glad I’m retired and get my pension from us marine corps. I didn’t have bone spurs

    3. @Lloyd Acton yes, adolescent name calling is poor. Should I move on to unadulterated hyperbolic conjecture to keep you happy.

    1. Tessa Rossa proud deplorable. I know people who have recovered and none who have died. Unless you include the brain death of liberals

    2. @YouRuse is A leftist org Bleach drinkers often spew delusional visions just before we have tozip them into bodybags. Don’t worry, we will let your landlord know he can rent your trailer and to hose out all the roaches and Covid residue.

  1. Historian: And class, this is a sundial. People long ago used it to tell time. Isn’t that cool! But of course, it didn’t work at night. 🤨
    t’rump: Why not? They could just turn on the lights and it would still work, right?
    Historian: 🤦

  2. In the last 20 years, the US has legitimized evolution-denying creationists and anti-vaxxers, letting them pour their brainless drivel into schools. Anti-intellectualism has taken a hold of a significant poriton of the US population and everything that’s happening now is just a symptom of that disease. You can’t expect people to agree on science if you’ve been letting them believe their nonsense is also science.

    1. People will always use the first amendment but what good is an amendment if people die. There is no answer as long as people hide behind amendments that were established more than a life time ago before the modern era.

    2. @Jaws Trock But there are exceptions; for example, we do not allow the “People of the Sun” (the name the Aztecs called themselves) to practice their religion in the USA, as it includes human sacrifice.

    3. @Borvo I was stating what they say. it’s become the excuse for everything.
      Also it went from free speech, to also include their action. You can say what you want, but your action still have and hold consequences :/ That’s how the rule of law works, you get judge on your action :/

  3. This confusion and loss of life could have been avoided if our primary leader had actually led.

  4. Trump yearly highlights to undermine children:
    2017: Trump puts children in cages
    2018: Trump denigrates Florida high schoolers wanting gun control
    2019: Trump denigrates 16 year old Greta Thunberg
    2020: Trump makes children the carriers of a pandemic

    1. Obama deported over 3 million immigrants from 2009 and 2016. … Obama set up temporary housing not all that different from the shelter the Trump administration has at the border amid its own migrant crisis in 2014 and struggled to strike a balance between humanitarian efforts and enforcement

    2. org  trtrump isnt allowing these people proper vote or showers. Imagine soaking in your own body fluids for a Month in TEXAS.

  5. Isn’t it peculiar how the “Pro-Life” party doesn’t seem to care if we live or die? 🤔

    1. Some Person a fetus is a baby is a teenager is an adult… it’s still a life that needs to be able to mature. I feel more for a dying fetus than I do for a mature adult because they are the most vulnerable with enemies like liberals and democrats. Y’all ain’t good people

    2. @YouRuse is A leftist org A fetus isn’t a baby, it’s a fetus. A fetus has no rights, nor does it have any feelings.

    3. Some Person you who don’t believe that a fetus is a life are just evil. Your use of semantics is just a sleight of hand trick as perfected by the devil. The terms fetus and baby aren’t important though you certainly don’t ask a pregnant woman “how’s the fetus?” Now do we? We ask her how’s the baby. The term of importance is life. The fact that we live at all is absolutely not only improbable but quite literally impossible yet here we are. Learn to love, God is love.

    4. @YouRuse is A leftist org You don’t even know who you’re talking to, ID10T. A zef isn’t a baby. Rights and it’s life begin at birth.

    5. @CShield but you know me, I have to put Trump supporters in their place and watch them run away crying. Good to see you around again.

    1. I’ve been looking at this and it really reminds me of the Mary Poppins song. SuperCallousFragileRacistNaziBragaPOTUS

    2. When you hear the sound of it, he sounds a bit atrocious:

      Your welcome!

  6. GOP/TRUMP/EVANGELICALS are literally killing men women children while disregarding mother nature…so there’s that

  7. The whole “We’re #1” bulls#*t can finally be set aside where it belongs so we can get back to trying to be #1.

    1. Wait, aren’t we winning? And hate to break it to you but we are number 1… In covid deaths. #’Murica! WOOOOOO

  8. What Trump is trying to  say is that his self-interests are far more important than the safety and wellbeing of your kids. So parents have a choice to make. It’s either Trump, or your kids. Make a decision.

  9. There needs to be TANGIBLE punishments for all these “public servants” playing politics with our lives.
    Serious consequences.

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