Culturally Vibrant Industries In Danger Amid Flailing COVID-19 Response | All In | MSNBC


  1. We can end this “Crisis” on November 3rd. Do the right thing. 🙂 We don’t need 4 more years of 😡

  2. Well we had a chance to get back to a sense of normalcy sooner, but Trump and his legion of cult followers ruined it for the entire country. So here we are, still waist deep in this mess, thanks to Trump’s ineptitude, indifference, and criminal negligence, and the pathological ignorance and selfishness of his followers.

    1. That was really stupid ……
      What evidence do you have ? Points more to the protestors then the reopening….

    2. This is not just the protest this is poor leadership in this administration. Which is still contributing to killing Americans. This is a chain reaction to opening up too early and not following science. People only listen when their loved one dies.. Than opps this is not such a hoax.

  3. Oregon just put 50 million into the arts in order that they survive this year. Ashland’s Shakespeare Festival received the largest grant of a bit more than 4.5 million, but almost all our theater, concert, museum, gallery, and performance companies have been funded at least to keep the lights on through the end of 2020. Our state legislature seems to have a handle on it even if Congress doesn’t.

    1. @john emeigh wanting all the benefits of society without shouldering any of the obligations is why you see so many camping out in city parks and squares. Freedom is a two edged sword and it’s about time you grew up and realized that. That opinion of your’s deserves to be ridiculed for the needy selfish priveledges you expect to be given, simply because you exist.

    1. If he is magically not re-elected, the Wuhan virus will instantly disappear. Taxes will skyrocket, regulations go back on; gas is $5 a gallon.

  4. Idiots: We want our bars and restaurants!
    Everyone: Wear a mask and social distance.
    Idiots: We want our schools open!
    Everyone: Wear a mask and social distance.
    Idiots: We want our jobs back!
    Everyone: Wear a mask and social distance.

    1. We just want you guys to stop your whining and crying like little b****** do you ever think that maybe you’re the problem of course you don’t you’re high and mighty Democrat you’r never wrong.

    2. @Ou812 Every other country followed the rules and now they’re re-opening. Yet here you are….still whining about your “freedoms!” 🤔😆😅😂🤣

  5. Sorry to say, worse is yet to come from Trumpism: Some possibilities: a war with Iran and/or nuclear bombs launched. MAD (mutually assured destruction) is predicated on nuke leaders having reason. Trump is bereft of reason. Kim is a loose cannon, but Trump is worse.

  6. Try Virtual Reality live streaming. Maybe outside performance is a good idea, like drive-in theatres.

  7. I realize America is pretty dystopian already, but christ…An America without non-corporate chain restaurants. Without theaters, museums, concert venues, etc…
    This is why MAGA fans are so fiendish. They’re all mostly relegated to rural communities, which were already void of culture (theaters, museums, etc.) and they’ve become envious of urban centers, cities, the Coasts, where it seems like more ‘fun’.
    Their MAGA/anti-intellectual/culturally dead way of life is going to drag us all down with them. Society is being killed by ineptitude and hatred.

    1. Yep most of the time if the do happen to have a theater or some sort of culture it run by a set of people so ‘its our club and our way’ and ‘our type of thought’ and if you happen to have a differing opinion you are frozen out of everything. It takes real time like 20 years my whole life to see any real difference in my town and even thats more just window dressing . yes we have an authentic herb and crystal shop but we also have a fake abortion center too where you go in thinking you are getting help to make a choice and they are really there to waste your time until you cant make one anymore. both less then 500 feet from eachother. So imagine how bad it was 20 years ago.

  8. I want to open a concession food trailer, pizza, absolutely no dining in, a table or two outside 10′ apart, I think that I would do fairly well, I live along I5 and at a busy enough exit with only one Restaurant in the vicinity, over priced restaurant and seriously who doesn’t like pizza?

    1. Portland and Seattle are better than Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, the Carolinas, etc…..
      Much fewer deaths, hospitals that can take care of people, and everyone wearing masks.

  9. Maybe 10 of those businesses out of a 100 will survive this, that’s the reality.
    When everything is fully reopened there will be nowhere to go anyway.

  10. Oh give me a break. Current bar and club owners might fold because of this pandemic and I feel sorry for them but once this is all over, someone will take out a loan and open one up knowing that it’s a money making industry. Stop making it sound like they will be gone for good cause that’s bullsgit

  11. The Putinistas will leave America a broken ruin. Old Bad Vlad wants payback for the Cold War and the People must wake up, as we have no protection in DC. Stay safe.

  12. Trump is so poor in PRESIDENTIAL GREATNESS



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