Chuck Todd Calls Out Misinformation Surrounding Vaccines 1

Chuck Todd Calls Out Misinformation Surrounding Vaccines

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky says one quarter of the U.S. cases are Delta variant as the country records a 10% increase in new cases. 

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  1. …good job Chuck Todd…they should repeat this segment over and over again in all social media platforms…

  2. If diseases only infected anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers then natural selection would go so much smoother…

    1. @The FuQ is Wrong with you?  So why are you _suddenly_ worried about the unvaccinated? What happened to “It’s Just A Flu”?

    2. @Insignificant360 because the longer the virus is alive and around, the more it has time to mutate and possibly be resistant to vaccines.

    3. @Marc Dupuis That’s assuming _all_ the migrants are antivaxxers. There’s enough vaccines for most if not all.

    4. John 8:44
      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    1. @Alli P True, sounds just like radical Trump conservatism. Better to let COVID eradicate it early before it spreads any farther.

    2. @Faux Que you do know that without that dose of mystery fluid your protection drops to slim and none.

    3. @OrcaBob 4337 You either live with them or you remove them or yourselves from society. I dont want to remove people for political views or be removed. That is a path that has never ended well for any society that has done that. Eventually it ends very poorly for all parties involved. So that leaves working it out. The fastest way to make it not work out is to condemn the other side across the board. So instead always leave the door open for some of them to change course. Many wont, but the ones who do don’t happen unless that door is open. You are right that many of the people on the right have some serious issues. There are some that dont though. So ignore the ones you cant change, but leave the door open for the ones you can. It may not see results quickly, but it will eventually see results.

      We all seek to have friends and people who we can have a community with. If you wont make a community with someone they will be easy pickings for people who will. That is how extremists get people. They find the outcasts in society. The gop has over decades been moving towards this path of extremist ideology. Their leadership is steeped in it at this point. There are still a few conservatives who are not. Those conservatives are true believers in a different political philosophy but that doesnt make them our enemy. I may disagree with Liz Cheney, but I dont see her as a bad person for it. McCarthy on the other hand I see as power for powers sake kind of person and that is a problem. Him, McConnell, and Trump, are the kind of people who will destroy us if they think it will serve their interests and as such they are enemies.

    4. @Faux Que In your head maybe but in actual reality? Remember what happened to Native Americans with small pox? There is a reason people follow real science and why we enjoy and take for granted many things today. Science.

    5. @goodbodha Very well written and thoughtful and compassionate. You’re right, nothing good comes from further divisiveness. I went down conspiracy rabbit holes ten years ago for a couple of years and really got bamboozled. But I came out of it and am back in reality having learned some extremely powerful lessons. There is hope for some yet.

  3. Pick a vaccine that is less harmful and most affective and stick to it. Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Foxtrot…. You get the piccha..

    1. It’s not just America. I live in Ireland. The level of stupidity is very visible and vocal here. So many people think that their lifestyle (including eating our formally and drinking in pubs) cannot be delayed, due to their ‘collapsing’ mental health (I mean that last part sarcastically). The arguments put forward to justify this level of inability to learn from the last 18 months have to be read and heard to be believed.

    2. “Far right propaganda and insufficient investment in public education.”

      go together like stupidity and crystal meth.

    1. there is sadly a level of stupidity & delusion that is unconvertible to science no matter what happens to them

    1. I never knew just how many sociopaths were out there. Many others are probably just hapless followers. It’s like a cult.

    1. They sleep in luxurious beds in between sheets of the best quality linen, paid for by your tax dollars & the piles of cash paid to them by corporate lobbyists & dark money payola.

  4. Every Republican who chooses NOT to get vaccinated runs the risk of not voting in 2022 and 2024. I’m okay with that choice.

  5. Is there something in the water that is systematically lowering the IQ of the nation? Or are people just that apathetic and uneducated?

    1. Money in politics is the root of all our problems. Rich people convince poor people that colored people are taking their money when it’s the rich who are doing that. Rich buy politicians who cut taxes for the rich and funding for the poor. Lower the quality of education for the masses to keep them gullible. Lower wages for the middle class to keep them too busy just trying to survive to have any time to pay attention to what the rich are doing. And the cycle continues.

    2. lead pipes. This administration wants to replace them, but as it is a democratic proposal, they will oppose it naturally.

  6. Apparently a man in court ruled as ‘cannot be taken seriously’ has more experience in vaccines than the head of the NIAID for nearly 4 decades

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