Chuck: Weisselberg Indictment One Thread In Web Of Perils Facing Trump 1

Chuck: Weisselberg Indictment One Thread In Web Of Perils Facing Trump

After Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg's indictment, Chuck Todd says the probe into Trump's business dealings isn't the only investigation the former president faces. 

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    1. Why stop him from fleeing? Make him someone else’s problem and lock the door behind him. If only…

    1. While I do not agree with her point of view on political issues, i can respect her for her stand on her principles, at a cost to he political career

  1. There’s nothing Trump can do that will adversely affect him politically because the RINO’s who support him simply don’t care.

    1. @Kilrah Me
      meanwhile on world No1 …
      the swamp organization …
      is gonna get done …
      for almost $1 billion, tax value/ owing over 15yrs …
      that’s what ppl are saying ….

    2. @Kilrah Me
      Manhattan D.A. announced,
      it was now a criminal case … not SDNY…
      .know why …
      Because it is ….butthurt …lol…

    3. @Kilrah Me These quotes aren’t proving that these investigations are political, only the crimes will be investigated and prosecuted..

      Again, these indictments were more than just taking benefits without paying taxes. That’s the spin YOU’RE putting on them. This set of indictments were 15 felony counts. It helps to read.

      “Oh no! Not taking benefits without paying taxes on them!”

      Oh no, not a trumpster being upset that that alleged criminals being investigated for crimes they potentially committed after years of witness testimoney, and collecting physical/digital documents.

    4. @Kilrah Me This story isn’t over by a longshot yet and why are you defending a career criminal? I think you are the one that’s nuts. Trump has deluded you and yes TDS is real. Trump delusion syndrome.

    1. Then you better start putting all the criminals in the Democrat party behind bars! You don’t pick and choose who to charge when you have so many criminals running around doing the same thing or worse!

    2. @Vincent Graham
      Well that explains Gaetz, Giuliani, Lindell and Trump’s situations.
      Doesn’t Trump have thirty plus lawsuits pending?

    3. @Vincent Graham
      Yes, we see all those evil dems that were locked up when Trump & co had all of the power and Barr in his pocket….
      Oh wait, no, that wasn’t Hillary who got locked up, it was Trump’s cabinet and campaign managers.

  2. Trump burned down The Trump Foundation and Trump U. Now he’s working on Trump Org. Since when is a grifter a great business man?

    1. @Dolores Reynolds – Trump’s accomplishments are a great economy, low unemployment, energy independence, a secure border, strong military, Right to Try Act, Veterans Accountability Act, low taxes, the ending of foreign wars, better trade deals, wages rising, consumer confidence all time highs, the killing of terrorists, the defeat of ISIS, the first President to step inside North Korea etc… Trump did a great job, but you would never know it because the media spent all day attacking him and downplaying all his accomplishments.
      The reality is… before we had to shut things down because of the pandemic our economy was hitting on all cylinders. The unemployment rate was the lowest in 50 years at 3.5%, we had more jobs than we could fill.
      Biden can thank Trump for operation Warp Speed too. We are where we are with regard to vaccines because of Trump, not Biden.

    2. @epic103 of course, that’s all you got, comrade? Do you worship dopey don the Sheeple Whisperer?

    1. They also scoffed at the seriousness of lying to the FBI. Law and order just ain’t the Republicans’ thing.

    2. You libs and your
      appetite for drama.
      You said our great
      President was going to jail,
      ..”for sure this time!!”,you said. lol
      Meanwhile,people are working toward his reinstatement. Most of us are hoping for that very thing.

  3. “This is just one thread in a web…”

    Pull one thread and it’ll all come out.

    That’s how I imagine Drumpf’s hair piece… made out of one long scruffy thread.

    1. By the time we’re done with tRump he’ll be trying to make his own tanning lotion in prison, I’ll bet 10 to 1 he’ll call it Im-Peach-Me

  4. If the trumps loved berg so much they would tell the truth they bury everyone that comes near them

  5. Cooked Books. If the orange crook has had him around over 40 years…. He has been playing with the numbers a long long time

    1. @FIRST LAST what’s wrong!? He has been around the trump organization since his father ran the company. You don’t think that Alan wasn’t doing something, please go back and look at history

    2. Word is Trump’s newest money making business is a cooking show, Donald’s Desserts. Oops, my mistake. It’s Donald deserts (his financial responsibilities)!

  6. Weaselburg doesn’t even know what the charges are yet but he knows he’s going to plead not guilty to them all lol.

    1. @Maboeln Reads Yes that is it. Charged for not declaring Fringe Benefits such as; Company provided Health Care, Vision Care, Dental care, Life Insurance, Free Parking, School Tuition,” Company Provided Housing is a standard in the Industry. If they convict Allen Weisselberg, a GOP mayor like Rudy Giuliani can arrest and prosecute thousands of NYC Leftist Losers for the very same thing.

    2. @Skydiver standard doesn’t equate to legal. If only a leftist was getting charged with this would you still be calling this a witch hunt?

    3. @Brandon S-L, I worked internationally long term for a major aerospace company overseas in Singapore, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Rome, and Frankfort. My Company provided my family free housing, a company car, school tuition at the American School for my kids, paid a cost of living adjustment, and a foreign service allowance. Also paid all my Foreign Taxes on my Income and paid my US taxes on those Foreign Benefits to the IRS. This is standard for all American Ex-Pats overseas, including all US State Department employees. It is all documented in your IRS Income Tax Return. How would Allen Weisselberg falsify his W2 Form with the Trump Company for New York?

    4. If any Tax Fraud was present, Robert Mueller’s team of political Witch Hunters lead by Andrew Weissmann would have Indicted everyone. No, this is designed as a political smear-job to be used against Trump during the 2024 Presidential Campaign year. Exactly what the Steel dossier Democrats bought and paid for to smear Trump with the phony Russian Collusion Hoax.

  7. Forget about the court cases, possible indictments: the really interesting part is going to be if (hopefully when) the banks call in the loans, investigate the adjusted values and revenues for themselves and all the Trumps find themselves not only broke & bankrupt, but their properties get seized and sold off.

    1. You are so correct BANKS rip the public off not the other way round, and all the trial news will come under the F.O.I act love it love it the DONNY cant hide it. The banks will reduce him to pauper also family and friends even better

    2. Trump will keep his personal wealth, though. Bankruptcy laws favor the rich. Plus, someone will back up a truckload of money for him to start a media company

    3. Yes. Even if they don’t call in their loans immediately, no bank or investor can risk doing business with a company under criminal indictment. I sure wouldn’t.

  8. It’s like he does all these crimes that are so-called not crimes to him and his supporters but they’re something called the law I noticed you haven’t seen that in a while

  9. Trump…… “ Weisselberg? Weisselberg? I don’t know him, I think I had a photo with him but I have photos with thousands of people”

  10. He’s gotten away with it too long it’s become his way of life he doesn’t see it as a crime. But crime doesn’t pay.

  11. This isn’t simply “unpaid taxes for fringe benefits”, it’s just the beginning of one thread being pulled to unravel the ‘king’s’ clothes… He was already made to pay restitution for his failed “university” and mishandling of charities.. That can’t be the ONLY misdoings of the Trump Organization??

    Carry On!!

  12. Breaking News: Trump is on a call with his daddy Vlad regarding his upcoming move to Moscow.

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