1. Did you already know the real meaning of MAGA? Make Attorneys Get Attorneys. Now everything makes so much more sense!๐Ÿ‘Œ

    1. Funny part is DT stole that slogan from Ronald Reagan & rebranded it as if he came up with it.

    2. @Pete Mitchell Please give me a reason, that is not an insult, on how President Biden will bring the end of times? Please elaborate and enlighten us with your superior intellect!

  2. Im going out on a limb to say that, America doesn’t really need a republican party to survive.

    1. @Brett S. Yeah the kind of coup were people don’t bring guns. And the only person who died violently was killed by the government. Though democrats did lie for months about a capitol police officer being killed, only to admit later their claims were false. Democrats are the party of lies, censorship and criminalizing dissent.

    2. @The Hermit Democrats are the authoritarians. They are the party of lies, censorship, and billionaire oligarchs.

    3. @Pauline Stephens You still believe in the thoroughly discredited and debunked Russia Hoax? That’s a pretty wild conspiracy dems pushed without providing any evidence of their false claims.

  3. The GQP is digging its own grave. Prepare for more tantrums about non-existent voter fraud when they lose again in 2022 and 2024.

    1. Like when the democrats perpetrated the Russia collusion hoax after they lost in 2016?

    2. @MrSnicker14 oh, you mean the investigation that revealed at least 10 instances of collusion that Barr didn’t allow the American people to see? That one? Don’t worry Trump’s “boy” is no longer there to protect him. The truth is starting to come out. The American people are finally going to be able to judge the Mueller for themselves by seeing the whole unredacted version. How many excuses can you make for your Golden Cow of a God?

  4. America needs to place it’s trust in the judicial system, when the political system fails. Trump nreds to be indicted and imprisoned for his numerous crimes.

    1. I can’t place my trust in a judicial system headed by John Roberts, a SCOTUS containing Coney Barrett, Alito and Kavanaugh and numerous Trump** appointed judges whom the Bar Association said were unqualified.

    2. @Jock Young It wont. That’s just empty threats. Even IF they did try something, the military would snuff them out fast.

    3. If there were just any of that pesky evidence. lol
      Socialist democrats have been trying to frame Trump for over 4 years now. They (and the media) look like fools.

  5. The Republicans surrendered to Trumpism before Trump even joined the Party. Voting Restrictions โœ”. Gerrymandering โœ”. Anti-Science โœ”. Culture Wars โœ”. Southern Strategy โœ”.

    1. @Brian Jones yet I’ve seen loads of your ‘unifying’ racist posts Brian. I have screenshots of your prior posts that I took to teach my child about racists.

    2. @Ken Albertsen Grammarly Keyboard… Something the illiterate former President could have used to compose those “devastating” tweets he was so fond of.

    3. @Brian Jones Great again? How’s that by making the rich richer? Destroying the environment? Colluding with enemies of America? Supporting white supremacy?Being openly corrupt? That doesn’t sound great that sounds like a failing country.

  6. It’s not the Republican party any longer, it is now the insurection party. Chuck is right and these crazy people need to be replaced by a new party that can handle the truth.

    1. @juan vicks that’s why antifa is against republican party…they are anti facishists.

    2. @Angel Shining DJL That’s a good question Angel. The RINOs are nothing more then democrats in disguise, and therefore are dirty commies like them too. Thats why Trumps America First party is taking America by storm. And everytime Sleepy Joe speaks, he wakes more people up to the curruption of the left.

    1. @Joni Also, calling me the enemy is exactly why the left is the party of violence and hate, and is why there is such a divide in our politics. I dont think you are evil, i just think your stupid.

    2. @Smellyweasel23 ! So the parties didn’t switch? You do know that states like West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri all voted for most DIXIECRATS, but today they are Republicans.

      See DIXIECRATS are the ones that started the KKK, segregation laws, pole taxes.

  7. When you keep company with TRASH, don’t get upset when you end up in the landfill.


    2. Lets just Hope they don’t get elected or the USA is DONE ….. well said David…. Sad in Canada ..ROY

  8. When we ask why, we have to consider just how corrupt these politicians who continue to back Trump really are? What does Trump and Putin have over them. Really sad. Hoping Merrick Garland will expose them all! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

    1. ๐ŸŽผ I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK…
      It doesn’t matter who goes first.
      Micro, Minnie, Junior,
      Or fat Don Senior,
      Just can’t decide which one’s the worst!
      I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK…
      Each new headline makes my heart jump!
      May the SDNY not slump;
      And make every perp-walk a tRump.
      (Hopefully before “White Christmas” comes back!) ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. lol The Fake News has been leading you on for 5 years with โ€œthe walls are closing inโ€, and you libs keep falling for it. Todd is a high paid propagandist. Do some research!

    3. @Rod Someone who thinks Tucker Carlson actually has original ideas says, “Do some research!”
      I’m still laughing…

  9. I’m no English major, but was an editor on my high school paper. Donald writes letters that seem to indicate he has a less than seventh grade education. The sheer number of capitalization mistakes alone would make a junior high school English teacher cringe.

    1. @Arthur
      Even Wharton, served Trump a cease and desist; to stop him from saying he “went there”.

    2. @Florida Gal
      We need to reinstate the MAVNI Program; it allows for people to warn citizenship through military service, but trump shut it down. And as a veteran I find it despicable of him.

      There is a reason why trump couldn’t secure the vote of lifelong conservatives for a second time; fool us once shame one you…. but you won’t fool us twice. Trump was a poor excuse for a commander in chief; who exacerbated the swamp, gutted our military, and was a near constant national embarrassment and security risk.

      Trump treated the DoD as his personal piggy bank; unsettling the delicately allocated budget created by our representatives. Weakening NATO while he estranged the U.S. from long time allies that are essential to our existence; while propping up dictators, and turning a blind eye to the rampant violations of international law committed by both Russia and China.

      Trump was the only president in my lifetime who has openly and continually insult those who died in the service to our country, to active duty service members, POWs, veterans, and Gold Star families.
      ….and he made it so the LGBTQ community can’t enlist and serve their country.

      I don’t think military service should be a requirement for the presidency; but dodging a draft is the kind of repugnant behavior that should be a disqualifier for being Commander in Chief.
      …..who refuses their nation’s call?

      Not a Patriot.

    1. โ€‹@Wayne Catchot , Here’s how I “figure that:” If it talks like a crime syndicate and acts like a crime syndicate, it’s a crime syndicate, Trump has no concept of how to nor interest in governing, let alone what it means to be a public servant to the people or the country, he’s used to being served not doing the serving. Organized crime operates like a ”business.” Trump is a ”businessman” accustomed to being a’ ‘boss,” who expects his orders to be carried out without question by his underlings. He lives by the Mafia code of demanding absolute loyalty to him & the ”organization.” His interest in others extends only to what they can do to protect him & his interests. He’s a NY mobster who was looking for a way to avoid the law when he decided to gamble on running for president, where, he learned, if he won he’d be out reach to it. His gamble paid off in that respect, but didn’t stop his criminal activity. The GOP recognized what his brash style, semi-celebrity status & marketing capability could do for their image, & chose him as their candidate. Trump & the GOP were both already corrupt, so when they joined forces, it was a perfect storm. For Trump, what a sweet deal, the best bodyguards paid for by taxpayers, the best of everything at his beck & call, even the military, and the White House for a hideout! What better “organization” to have control of than the U.S. government! Trump isn’t even political in the sense that he’s an anarchist as far as any respect for the law applying to him, but his style of “governing” is fascism for everybody else.

    2. @Your Mom Trump turns 75 next month and is 100 lbs. overweight. What makes you so sure he’ll even be alive in 2024?

    1. Well, they _are_ leading the party. By the principled ethics of the lies they themselves perpetuate, and the drumbeat of _parts_ of a constituency, that has been deceived, scammed, betrayed, lied to – and fearmongered and manipulated by the leaders they trusted, into being blind to reality, and believe everything and everyone else is out to get them and everything they hold dear.

      Whenever you begin to think these “leaders” have hit rock bottom, they dig further down the hole, demonstrating that there’s literally nothing they won’t stoop to and do, for their own momentary power.

      I’m not sure where we go from here. How we can “break the spell” and get all these constituents to wake up and observe reality again. But we need them to, somehow. They are our neigbors, friends, family, communities – fellow citizens. There is a finite and smaller than many may think, amount of time that almost half the population can stay completely disconnected from reality and completely under the spell of a despotic wannabe messiah and king tyrant – before democracy crumbles and society implodes. Frankly, we kinda got lucky with Trump, being so self-obsessed, ignorant and incompetent, and only got 4 years. Do not expect us to be so lucky again. Now that the weaknesses of our institutions, and the impotency of our means of checks, balances and oversight have been laid out for all to see – there there are others lurking in the wings, waiting for their opportunity. And unlike Trump, they will be patient, carismatic, diciplined, and far more experienced and competent. Just look to Russia to see where this is heading. Many msy have been big supporters of his proposed agendas and leadership back in ’99 – but in particular the last decade, they are all crushed under his thumb, those original supporters just as much as anyone else. He has effectively been a tyrant dictator for over 2 decades, and shows no sign of that changing any time soon.

      This is our future if things don’t change soon. Our blindness of false exceptionslism, really isn’t helping. It will have us refuse to believe it can happen to us, and therefore not realize those misgivings until it’s too late. If there’s one common thread through the American experiment for the last century, its that.

    1. โ€œUnfreedom of The Pressโ€ by Mark Levin. Exposes the โ€œmediaโ€ as the propaganda machine that they are.

  10. More like the GOP have handcuffed themselves to a wreck of heavy, useless iron traveling straight to the bottom of the ocean, lol! Full steam ahead, guys!

  11. We will be there, in numbers greater than before, to turnout, and vote these villains out.

    1. @MrSnicker14 Nah, more like the cute girl who can’t believe that loser is still calling and hanging around. Its annoying and yet amazing. Like a bad car wreck.

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