Protesters Swarm Texas Statehouse As Lawmakers Vote On Restrictive Voting Bill | MSNBC

NBC's Priscilla Thompson reports live from the Texas statehouse where protests have broken out against HB-6, the restrictive voting bill set to be decided on Thursday.
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  1. To really change things you need to follow the money, if you can make it financially detrimental to do something they won’t do that.

    1. No… It all has to do with money. Trust me. I’m at the center of it. They are doing everything in their power to suppress me. Because I know the truth. Yet there are those who are interfering in law enforcement proceedings. They will be exposed. Because once they find out who I am, they will be shocked.

    2. @bLoWc16 The orange one is driven by a relentless pursuit of the almighty dollar. His greed and incompetence cost us over half a million lives. The Republicans brought death to America. They kept him in there after he was impeached. No one will forget this.

    3. The Panic you see exposes how DEPENDENT the Dems have become to CHEATING to win. The law in NO WAY deters honest voters from voting their choice.

  2. What Georgia, Texas, and other states are doing is ONLY kicking the hornets nest. So the only way the GOP can win is cheating. They don’t want ppl of color voting. Dems. Liberals. Progressives. Voting. We won’t sit still, and watch them take away OUR VOTING RIGHTS.

    1. @Kenny Shepard you fear ideology
      Like french fries and the gender of plastic potatoes

    2. @Bruce Smith you can’t comprehend words how can you understand what they mean. Just make up crap and ignore facts truth logic go with talking points to fit your agenda

    3. @Kenny Shepard schizophasia can be treated
      You are an example why St Reagan of Bonzo closed mental hospitals so Republicans would have a base

  3. The American people just don’t want Republicans in office.
    If the American people DID want Republicans in office,
    Republicans wouldn’t have to restrict and suppress the vote like this.

    1. On the other side of the Coin the other half of the country don’t want Democrat’s. Just stick around for a Civil War. The Democrat’s are making the Nikita Khrushchev prediction come true

  4. Biden needs to make voting a national holiday, with protected worker legal rights to hold businesses accountable for firing people who went out and voted.

    1. @Lovey K “No one asks rhetorical questions in comments.” 😂😭😭😭 yes they do literally all day every day…365 days a year.

    2. @Alex Hamilton If it’s salary, then they get paid for that day regardless if they’re at work or voting. Unless they’d be required to take PTO. Then they’d still get paid. Could it be considered bribery? Hmmmm, interesting….could be a fine line.

  5. We have to be diligent. Regardless of what ridiculous rules the Republicans come up with, we still must vote and help our elderly and disadvantaged friends and family vote.

    1. Democracy in America is hanging by a thread and it’s now even more important that we all get out and vote than it was when we got rid of Trump.

  6. Crazy that now there is a party who openly runs on being against the mechanism which they derived power from.

    If the GOP thinks this will save them, they are very wrong.

    1. @TheBase1aransas they don’t care. Call it Racist because they don’t and won’t read the thing. Just like Georgia. You can’t fix STUPID. I always loved to watch Ron White

    2. @Censorship Is real You’re totally right man, I think you guys should be trying to do this everywhere! I’m sure it will work out well at the polls next year!

    3. Sel Ect
      NO, It is more like protecting the the mechanism which they derived power from. Protecting it from being monopolized by the other party. It is pretty simple.

    4. @Alex Hamilton Your comment would be correct if you could actually prove there was wrongdoing or fraud on behalf of the “other party” you are referring to. You DO realize the onus is on you to provide that evidence, right? I’ll wiat

    1. @Reason I was there from 1981-1983. I was there for 2 years to defend the, as I called it, the European Alamo

    2. @Kenny Shepard: Army. He was MP and eventually went to West Point. I joined the Navy in 95 and transferred to the Coast Guard in 2000. Separated in 2006. GI bill paid for my pilots license. Do you remember when Boris Yeltsin stood on top of that tank in the Red Square with a megaphone and addressed the Soviet troops? I’ll never forget that.

    3. @Kenny Shepard fact is fact truth in your country is how you choose to see history took years for the Baltic states to breakaway from Russia

  7. When they freed the enslaved. The next week a bunch of states pass black code laws. And reenslaved Africans. They have been doing this for years when things do not go there way

  8. They wouldn’t even try this in my country because they know everyone would turn on whatever party/parties were involved.

    1. The US is a cautionary tale about what happens when you have no media oversight, starve public education of funds for decades and allow corporate and super rich dark money to corrupt the political system.

    1. @Censorship Is real I hate when the Truth is exposed like that. The Truth is no longer an American “value” we are a country based on MYTHOLOGY. Since a Myth can be fiction or nonfiction. It’s up to what each individual belief

  9. Is it just a coincidence that all of the voter legislation in different states is basically identical

    1. NO IT’S not. A lot of them are coming up in Republican states where Democrats are making gains in those states.

    1. @phil paine: Because I disagree with letting prisoners vote?!?!?!?! MOST Americans disagree with that! I guess we’re all 12 year old trolls.

    2. @Kenny Shepard I’ve travelled, and sometimes lived briefly, in many U.S. states. I have the impression that standards vary from state to state. I’m sure the standards in many states are very high. But you are still haunted by the dark history of segregation —- until the Voting Rights Act of 1965, some states were hardly any more democratic than a backward Communist dictatorship, and the shadow of that darkness seems to be making a frightening resurgence. The ability of political parties to gerrymander districts, which is not possible in the Canadian system, remains a potential weakness in every state.

      “Voting fraud”, however is clearly NOT a serious problem. All objective analysis has demonstrated that voting fraud is extremely rare. The clowns who are screaming about it are the very same people who are attempting to utterly destroy democracy in the U.S. —- they have no real interest in election integrity because their ultimate goal is to not have elections at all. They want a theocracy in which God appoints a divinely anointed Emperor, a perpetual Comrade Stalin or Chairman Mao. These people —- all of them Republicans supporting Trump — made a violent attempt to overthrow American democracy. “Voting fraud” is NOT your problem. A widespread, fanatical cult of treason is.

      Nobody thinks that way in Canada. However the Canadian system as it is now is the result of a century of gradual reforms which have been generally supported by the public — it isn’t something magical that appeared out of nowhere. Canada’s social divisions tend to be regional, rather than racial, religious, or even based on income level. All the political parties attempt to appeal to a diverse electorate, and elections never hinge on racial, ethnic or religious loyalties. The provinces squabble endlessly, but they do not squabble about the rules of democracy, and no faction is trying to win by suppressing voting. Much work remains to be done to improve it further. Actually, I would consider Australia and New Zealand’s systems better in some ways.

    3. @phil paine: Yeah yeah yeah. Same old “Canada is superior to the US” crap I hear from every Canadian online. Why do 3 times more Canadians emigrate to the US than vice versa?

    4. @Captain I grew up in a frontier town, familiar with Rez life, moose meat, hunting for your dinner, and small town cops and mounties, so I know exactly where you’re coming from, my friend. You are welcome at my door and my table any time. But you ARE missing much in the U.S. Wonderful people, wonderful places, wonderful experiences. With ten times as many people, the U.S. can create and sustain many spectacular things that our wilderness of forests, muskegs, and tundras can’t. It may be a country going through a bad patch of foolishness, but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a rocket launch live, or a Broadway play letting out its crowd into Times Square, or California surfers riding the waves, or a real Texas Barbecue.

    1. Dawn Wilson well, only if those “peaceful protesters” are obstructing my vehicle in the middle of the street, surrounding my car, threatening violence to me and my family.
      I would take a few out.

    2. @Alex Hamilton same goes for MAGA clowns I might have to run a few over and take them out 🤡😂

    3. @steven Rainer LOL, right. Well if by any 1 in a billion chance you come up to a MEGA protest and they attack your car , go for it LOL. I REALLY doubt that would happen in your life time

  10. Nothing changes , like today morning in the state of Florida they will pass the bill .

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