1. Then Trump was killing it we knew it. And we will say told you so when Obiden drags us into another pointless American war.

    2. Biden is clueless. Rumor has it, he sleeps 22 hours a day. Most of the time, He can be found lying by the fireplace purring. Visitors were shocked recently when they found out that Jill was feeding him cat food. That’s how brainwashed our fellow citizens are ! They elected Garfield. Come to think of it, Biden does look like Garfield. Garfield is smarter though.

  1. An intense deployment of the American police, special forces, the United States police and the American army after the announcement of the discovery of five suicide bombs that were to be used to destroy the White House and news that the US President-elect, Joe Biden, was seriously wounded, according to American media

    1. The media will soon lose a lot of money since they won’t have a big bad guy to complain about every single day.

  2. Citizens by CNN, what a joke they all work for CNN, hey my favorite part a Biden‘s first day was, he signed an executive order mandating wearing masks and federal property, then went to the Lincoln Memorial and wasn’t wearing a mask lol

    1. Who was he going g to give covid to his family and the dead. U Google was away from most people
      And im sure theyve been tested

    1. @Monica

      Ok so let me just get this clear you’re saying the 360 million that started in 2018 by Trump and ended in December 2020 doesn’t effect China ?

    2. @Monica

      I guess my last question was hard to understand you opened your mouth on this subject so answer the question are you saying the tariffs Trump dropped on China in 2018 and ended December 2020 didn’t effect China at all ? Lol

  3. Why is there so much rioting going on in Seattle and Portland? Didn’t their candidate take office? And more importantly why are the news channels not reporting this and calling for peace?

    1. Biden just became the man, they’re fighting against the man. Trump used to be the man but he’s not the man anymore… Are you following?

  4. First day- fuel costs already increasing and my conference call ( major Fortune 500 corporation ) said it’s expecting interference from government and increased costs. Winning

    1. @Jack Yeah cause it’s cool to make lorry drivers wait for 4 to 8 hours under the rain and fine them on top of that? Mate, please stop it.

    2. @billy 409 6th of January then 20th of January, when next? Trump nominated judges said there was no mass cheating. Trump was incompetent, lost the House, lost the Presidency and lost the Senate.

  5. June 1939 Lillian Symes “Harper’s Magazine” attributed to Huey Long:If a fascist movement ever triumphs in America it will undoubtedly triumph in the name of our most popular slogan—Democracy, and under the leadership of some such “friend of the common people” as the late Huey P Long. (It was Huey who prophesied that Fascism would come to America in the name of “anti-Fascism.”) It’s finally here.

  6. Exactly what I was going to say Captain, cnn, msnbc, nbc all of u where is the reporting on the antifa riots in Portland targeting DNC offices with anti Biden signs yesterday! SMH to the bias media! I know, it doesn’t fit your narrative so let’s just ignore it. SAD. All mainstream media should be ashamed.

  7. These people have zero idea what there talking about. They havent mentioned a single thing that Biden is doing. LMAO

  8. It’s strange we actually kind of have two Presidents we have the one that countless millions believe actually won but was obviously defrauded and the one that was illegitimately inaugurated. TWO

  9. How do you get 80 million votes, Joe?
    How do you feel to rip off someone’s chair, Joe?
    How do you sleep at night, Joe?
    Do you think American will respect you, Joe?

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