CNN reporter talks to Trump conspiracy theorist at Biden's inauguration 1

CNN reporter talks to Trump conspiracy theorist at Biden’s inauguration


The moment of reckoning promised by the QAnon conspiracy theory never came. Now, many believers feel confused, duped, and uncertain of what comes next. CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reports from Washington.

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    1. I not the smartest person but i believe there two choices that they can make either come back to reality or fall deeper into the system. There are those who when face with the truth make up another conspiracy theory. The conspiracy will continue to happen and people will not seek out the truth, will not question the misinformation no matter how insane it sounds. What believe is its there’s no repercussions from lies, misinformation then they continue to pull people in. My example is Trump’s Sean Spicer didn’t he start out saying that it was the biggest crowd period! When proven that it wasn’t people still believed it was then didn’t Kelly ann conaway say that lies were alternative facts when lies are just that lies with no facts. There’s was no repercussions for her lies anybody else from Trump’s cabinet. Trump’s continued to lie and no repercussions. That is how it works if there’s no penalty no repercussions then people continue to do it. Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Republican in the Senate no jail time, no loss of position they just go on with there life and may make out way better then you or me. But for the people who believe in them and there lie, conspiracies well there loss maybe freedom,or life. All those people who thought they could overthrow the government are now being rounded up and charged. Trump and all those conspiracy theorists are free and going about there life.

    2. aceofluv
      And… who are you?
      Keep yakking!!
      You make perfect sense.. to rachel madow!

      Wait I remember, you’re another narcissistic liberal..

    3. There are things that happen to your brain when someone brainwashed and manipulated you for so long. And it can happen to anyone. It isnt a sign of your intelligence. Just look up sociopaths and cognitive dissonance and trauma bonding or look up cults. It’s very hard to rewire your brain from such things. So many mean comments here. I can see bashing the people who stormed the Capitol or were violent but this guy was nice and seemed fairly normal and he knew logically what he was saying sounded crazy. People aren’t these logical black and white beings.

    1. @SopranoAscends C6 also maybe I should report u for maliciously attacking me for my grammar. Do u feel smarter when u do that?

    1. @John Gee What cult is that exactly? I’m a libertarian not a democrat mind you. I voted for Biden even though I don’t like the guy….

    2. @ElLenadorLA apologies, if i thought you were part of the maga cult. Yet, since you open about affiliations, that is the least of the least to worry this days, i would say. Labels just denotes division. Im against of the overflowing lies of the criminal 45th, and those deplorable followers. Again, apologies.

    3. @John Gee No worries! Im not even a democrat but I’m on YouTube trying to fight all the ridiculous fear mongering propaganda the last 4 years. I miss the Republicans I used to agree with here and there, it feels like they’ve all been brain snatched for the trump cult and my only solace has been with democrats

    4. It’s very sad. Recently I watched “behind the curve” a documentary about flat earth believers and the main guy even said himself that perhaps there’s a degree of feeling welcomed into soemthinh because you’ve always been an outcast and that’s why many people gravitate to these conspiracies

    5. @ThePheasantPluckerr Go goth or something, there’s plenty of subcultures that are accepting of outsiders lol you don’t have to reject reality entirely! Lol These people!

  1. It’s quite sad that there are so many people who are so easily led, whoever this “Q” is, he/she will be enjoying the power of being able to cause this much misery. Teaching critical thinking in schools would be a very good idea.

    1. @terri bishop They definitely have more truthful answers than you, Q, 45, Ted Cruz, Hawley, all the 45 boot lickers, and all of the 45 deplorable supporters.

  2. When cults are exposed one of two things happen to it’s members, they either become disillusioned and wake up or they avoid the pain of waking up by going further down the rabbit hole.

    1. @Gordon Strong A case the judge REFUSES to allow the proof to be seen does not mean there’s no proof. Almost every judge refused to allow it to even be heard. You know, just like the SC refused to allow the multi-state lawsuit as well – or did you forget about that too and want to pretend the SC tried the case and said there was no evidence? You’re either blind, or one of the liars.

    2. @Kevin You don’t go to court because the one you’re going against broke no laws. Now you people tried to pretend he went to court because democrats did nothing illegal and everything they did was perfectly legal? That’s rich. Good thing he went to court to point out democrats broke no laws and committed no fraud.

    3. Donald Trump ran all the national news broadcasts and forced them to record the vote count being lowered for Trump on election night up to 4 MILLION?

      Donald Trump forced poll workers to get caught on video pulling suit cases full of hundreds of thousands of ballots 96%+ for Biden out from under tables after they sent everyone home?

      Donald Trump forced poll workers to go on video scanning batches of ballots multiple times?

      Donald Trump forced poll workers on video to show how democrats covered up windows after kicked non-democrat poll workers out so they could count the 96%+ Biden ballots?

      Donald Trump forced all the swing states to stop counting and go home when he was winning them all on election night, only to have 99-100% batches be counted starting in some of the swing states from the moment the counters were removed from the building?

      It’s interesting to see how ridiculous you people lie to try covering up the blatant high treason committed by democrats. There are even thousands of witnesses, over a thousands under oath. All ignored by obstructionist judges.

      A felony is not a felony just because many people are doing it in different ways on election night. But keep trying to lie about it – it shows more Americans how so many of you are well aware of the treason and are seeking to cover it up.

    4. “At the preliminary review stage, Judges and Justices ALWAYS look at the case presented by the plaintiffs, and THEN decide to proceed based upon two factors”

      Dismissing the case refusing to allow the proof to be heard in court is obstruction of justice. People like you flip out over one ANONYMOUS witness as proof Trump committed a crime, but then over ONE THOUSAND NON-ANONYMOUS witnesses, under OATH (which means they go to jail if they lie) and you same people act like “not a shred of proof”. That ALONE exposes the criminal contempt of democrats.

      But please keep lying – it shows more Americans how democrats are fully aware of the treason but have no problem lying to cover for it as well.

    5. PS Even the SC dismissed the multi-state lawsuit when the defendant clearly violated the Constitution and the state SC changed laws, which is a blatant violation of the Constitution. So much for the claim they’re looking at “merit” – even the SC let the state get away with criminal actions and violating the Constitution.

      Biden: “We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for our administration — President Obama’s administration before this — we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

      He’s so mentally far gone he even admitted the massive fraud on video.

    1. @whynottalklikeapirat bruh, i legit don’t give a fuuuuuuu what you have to say.
      Keep on trucking.

    1. @footed16 I’ve got a life so can’t waste time on this BS. I threw out some bait & got a bite straight away. I don’t care about your opinion. Opinions are like assholes every one’s got one!

    2. @Philip Carr it doesn’t mater to me. I’m Canadian. But congratulations on getting Biden in. I do feel sorry for you all tho. it can’t be a good feeling knowing that you’re on the verge of losing you’re freedom of speech

    1. I will stop at the : “I’m an idiot”. We are past the “we told you so”. You reap what you sow. Enjoy feeling stupid. You had 4 years to realize and listen and you didn’t.

  3. I love when foreign reporters cover Americans like they’re rare birds in a David Attenborough documentary.

  4. “Prepare oneself for what cometh, famous quotes from historical figures about being fooled.”~Me

  5. He didn’t sound very convinced. He sounds like someone who knows he’s been conned and ripped off, but can’t admit it yet, bc then it becomes real.

    1. and even if he was brainwashed, is he still not on the right side? if biden is your chosen one to fix everything, i am laughing.

    2. I’ve had occasion to come in close contact with Trump supporters on several occasions that turned out to be not at all what I expected. Until politics came up they were intelligent, kind, friendly decent human beings. They weren’t overtly horribly homophobic or racist in their daily lives (although some of their larger generalizations and ideas weren’t exactly great they didn’t seem to act like a homophobe or a bigot towards gay or minority people they met on a day to day basis). They could show compassion towards people that were less fortunate than themselves (even giving to those in need without asking for any thing in return). And they weren’t so disgustingly sexist and perverted I couldn’t stand to be around them. But the garbage they spewed on a daily basis about politics and social issues was something to behold.

      People like this can’t seem to reconcile their daily lives with the fantasy world painted for them by Fox News and the Right Wing in this country. They have convinced themselves that ALL Democrats are socialist/communist bent on destroying the country and handing it over to illegal immigrants and other nefarious groups. They treat gay people with dignity and respect in their personal interactions but think it’s perfectly acceptable to deny those same people the right to marry. They have family members who receive benefits from government programs but insist at the same time that socialism is going to destroy the world. The dichotomy between these contradictory sides of their lives is almost impossible to wrap your head around when you see it. And the craziest part of all is that they completely lack the self awareness to recognize how odd their behavior is.

      I don’t even know how you begin to combat this level of self delusional thinking. I don’t how you pull them out of the rabbit hole. I don’t know how you wake them up out of this hazy fog they live in. I just know it’s a huge problem that has gotten worse and worse.

  6. “I’m convinced the election was a fraud” a statement made after dozens of Trump lawsuits, multiple state ballot recounts, Supreme Court rulings proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was NO widespread voter fraud!

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