1. The electoral college will probably go the same way as 2016 the only difference will be the rust belt therefore you need the democrats to elect someone with big appeal there. Only bernie sanders fits that bill

  2. Bernie is a threat to the empire
    Bernie is a threat to the elite
    Bernie is a threat to the establishment
    Bernie is a threat to the few on top
    Bernie is a threat to corporations
    Bernie is a threat the military industrial complex
    Bernie is threat to neocons

    They want hegemonic control over all facets of society and want everyone to submit to them. And Bernie is willing to give the power structure back to the people

  3. *I Said CNN Thinks They’re A Relevant Political Influence, Sad. And They Deleted My Comment LOL!!!😂*

    1. Larry D Ragland Jr

      Cnn literally have segments called “Opinions” They once released a story in 2016 which was called “Is maths racist?”

    2. @Larry D Ragland Jr CNN has been caught straight up lying multiple times, in fact they recently had to pay some kid 250 million because they tried making him look racist for wearing a maga hat. Fox is opinionated but they do not lie

  4. When you figure out it takes 40 days not 2 weeks to clear these patient’s. If that is correct. This hasn’t even started yet.

    24 days incubation 14 days gestation.

    Can you add?

  5. What does Bloomberg stand for? You call yourself a news brand but I have heard anything about policies that these candidates stand for.

  6. New Hampshire, Soviet Federal Republic. Born in the greatest country ever, reprobates to the core. Godless, hopeless.

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