1. keali29 Well, I don’t recall saying he did anything good for me. I was speaking about CNN’s bias.

      However, if you would like to know what I think he did for our country, I’ll share some thoughts.

      Yes, I am in a much better position financially. I have 7 children and those that are now in the workforce are also doing better than those entering the workforce in the past decade.

      My 401K is doing very well, and I do indeed pay far less in taxes thanks to his tax cuts. I am also no longer being fined for not having healthcare, which was a negative consequence of Obama Care. I also lost my doctor, which I was told wouldn’t happen.

      I was also very pleased to see, just last week, that he funded at an unprecedented level, Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Unfortunately, this press conference was not shown on CNN. I am also very proud that he passed bail reform and even Van Jones has come out publicly and supported this initiative. This single act of kindness did many positive things for the black community.

      You may want to research the last administrations mistakes as well. Such as “Fast and Furious” the IRS scandal. Oh, don’t forget Acorn and their interference with the election.

    2. keali29 No, he settled for misuse of campaign funds. That’s my point. Your not getting the facts. AOC did something similar. Does that bother you? Also, the Clintons and Obama. I don’t think they are bad people. Just made a mistake in the never ending world of politics.

    3. keali29 Your coveting a lot of topics here. So, to stay on point. You don’t live in the US which means you are getting your information from external sources, like CNN. Much of what you seem to dislike about him has been disproven, such as, him being know as a racist. There is no evidence of that and plenty to contradict such a statement.

      Before you ask me to cite it, please step aside from the CNN silo and look it up. Such a disproven point and one that proved my original point. That CNN is bias and you are part of the flock. Cheers

  1. Kellyanne Conway was very right about one thing.. trump uses an alternate set of “facts”….and his cult believes this lunatic. Dear God, help us all.

    1. Arcadian Duke

      “100s and 100s of buses being used to bring up voters from Massachusetts”

      “When buses were used, they were legal, New Hampshire voters”

      They’re not saying he lied about buses being used. They’re saying he lied about where they came from and who was on them.

    2. Just like in Charlottesville . When they had KKK and BLM getting off the same buses . This is something that the propaganda democrats do . They cheat lie and repeat .

    1. Great point…That will get the leftist swamp creatures going…The left want to think that CNN is a stand-up news outlet but it is nothing but fake news. Just ask the Covington Boys..Even tho they constantly come on and claim that the 63 million Americans who voted for trump must be racist. I would love for them to explain the 9-10% of Obama voters who flipped to vote for Trump…Were these closet racist? Complete joke…

    2. @carter – let me get this straight, if a news outlet corrects/updates a story (very seldom retracted) the act of admitting an error is a negative??. If Trump has log over 16K lies and don’t retract any of them that means he was telling the truth?..LOL. Do you know how many books (not pages) we can write about not retracted lies on 45? You MAGA Breed are something else in your logic. Don’t make me make you a list of 45’s funny claims that everyone knows are lies and he doesn’t retracts them. You are really just confused about what decency is.

    1. @salmonline Yea I kind of thought this was all you did everyday with 1k plus comments on this channel alone lmao have fun with it

    2. salmonline typical liberal. Resort to name calling when you have no argument. Next you will be telling me how much smarter you are than any Conservative. Surprised you haven’t used the word “ moron” yet as the common liberal does and you are indeed………common.

  2. “196 to nothing, 52 to nothing”  ???  I still find it incredible that these brain dead morons at these cult meetings cheer and howl at every deluded lie !! and seriously boo the only Republican I can think of with integrity…………….

  3. He has to get the story straight as to why he lost the election. If his base isn’t coached they may tell the wrong lie

    1. @Redman Law 99 Wow… seriously? You just told us everything we needed to know about you, Dim Bulb, and none of it remotely good.

      Btw, not to burst your bubble, but yes, Trump raped a 13 year old girl with Epstein at several of Epstein’s infamous parties in NYC. Of course, with all the power and money of both men, they threatened the girl and succeeded in quashing the suit.


    2. @R. McBride so I guess if someone files a lawsuit against you that means your guilty?… You better hope then that you never become rich or famous.. And the rest of us hope you never become a part of the judicial system…

    3. @R. McBride The courts dismissed that case and all the other false accusations idiot. So then why did she wait 25 years until Trump decided to run for office to make her lawsuit? And the courts dismissed it. Are you really that dense? Why are you libtards always talking about Trump as a rapist or being friends with Epstein? He was no closer to him than hundreds of other wealthy elites who all knew Epstein and associated with him in some ways. That does not mean everyone who ever knew him or was an acquaintance was a rapist. If you want the facts, Bill Clinton is the person of interest who was actually Epsteins friend, and the entire Clinton family was associated with Epstein more than most other elites. Bill flew on his plane 27 times and was identified at Epsteins illegal sex ranch by the actual rape victims along with Hillary and their daughter. The Clintons were far more involved with Epstein than anyone else, look it up. Bill Clinton’s portrait in a dress was hanging in Epsteins NY estate. You are accusing Trump of rape when that case was dismissed by the courts and was purely a political slander attack as usual, while ignoring what Bill actually did in raping young women most of his life? Get a clue Libtard traitor.

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