City Of Chicago To Release Video Of Police Killing 13-Year-Old | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

City Of Chicago To Release Video Of Police Killing 13-Year-Old | Katy Tur | MSNBC


NBC News Correspondent Rehema Ellis and Retired Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best join Katy Tur to discuss the latest from Chicago, as the city prepares to release video of the police killing a seventh grader. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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City Of Chicago To Release Video Of Police Killing 13-Year-Old | Katy Tur | MSNBC


  1. I remember I was in the 8th grade when the Rodney king beating was televised for the 1st time, that’s when us in generation X got our 1st true view of the truth of the police of what they really are about

    1. @30.06 on a Grassy Knoll Sh*thole cities, run by Dems will certainly be looted and burned down. Areas like I live in will not be touched. Go for it.

    2. @Jadude89 1112 i blame the parents for rasing their kid to do dumb shyt… i truly think the mother shouldve taking her responsibilities as a parent more seriously. its very abnormal for a 13yr old to be that hood and that stupid. most kids in the southside are not outside at 230 am shooting at cars and packing.

    1. @Amy Conway you’re absolutely correct. I’ve heard a few horror stories where they might not have gotten home to ser their families again.

    2. Shut up …..this is what happens when you hang around criminals do you see a pattern if your home and being a good kid this wouldn’t happen to you

    3. @Reason Looking at it frame by frame is nice and all. But you need to get the bigger picture that this all occurred in less than one second. Between the time the cop saw the suspect’s gun and the time he fired his shot was less than one second. The suspect made many abrupt mistakes. He had his right hand hold his gun, he then immediately tossed the gun out of sight of the officer, so the police wasn’t able to see he had tossed it, he then put his hands in his jacket, and then he took them out of his jacket and turned towards the officer. My goodness so many of these signs points towards a high risk individual.

    4. It can only stop when parents start doing a better job being parents. Yes there are some bad cops out there. But there are millions of more bad parents in this country.

  2. Chicago PD keeps killing kids smh. At some point as leaders in that department you have to admit this is a cost that’s too high.

    1. @Hadar Zadkiel I wasn’t saying you were wrong since you have stated you have significantly more experience than I ever hope to. However the speed at which it happened makes it seem to me like it was the cop acting for his life, not a cop slaughtering an innocent child. Plus all these videos leave out the fact the kid and adult were both shooting at cars driving by in the middle of a neighborhood which would put people increasingly on edge. Especially if they are lacking the years of experience

    2. @Hadar Zadkiel People also don’t consider the mind of a 13 year old. They don’t realize they are not able to comprehend the consequences of their actions just yet, but they do understand right from wrong. I believe the kid realized having a gun was wrong, so he tossed it, thinking he would be ok.

    3. @S b Terrorize? Tell me that you are not that dumb to think that is what happened here. Stay on topic and don’t stray to something else……

    1. Why are the parents leting him out at 2:00 in the morning? ecspeacily in Chicago if your up to no good.

    2. @behemoth 666 Well daddy, if they even know who ‘daddy’ is, will be in jail – guaranteed. The so called mother couldn’t give 2 effs so long as she gets some D&A. Sorry but that’s the reality of the situation. Prove me wrong.

    3. What about the citizens? Why do cops need restrictions but the citizens do not.smdh! It’s not like cops are just walking around shooting people.but citizens are.smdh!!!

    4. @Dizzy shooting the leg is so stupid for a number of reasons. Learn what youre talking about or shut up

  3. When I was 12 I had a friend who had a BB gun that resembled a 45 caliber handgun. We were roaming about our inner-city Detroit neighborhood, shooting this BB gun like idiots at stop signs, someone called the cops on us. An unmarked popo car pulled up to our position and a man in street clothes stepped out and told my friend to “freeze!” My friend wheeled about, pointed the BB gun at the man and said ,”no, you freeze!” The man (cop) pointed his gun at my friend and said “drop it!” My friend immediately dropped the weapon. The cop did not shoot but after a stern lecture drove away with the BB gun. My friend was bummed but otherwise unscathed. The year was 1977. I can’t help but think that times have changed and if it happened today that cop would likely shoot my friend.

    1. Did you friend also spin around quickly with gun in hand (dropping it mid spin)? This situation is a result of stupid decisions, mostly on the kid sadly. He tried to do the right thing, but did them in the worst way.

    2. @The Hacks-By-Jack Channel
      You have a right to gun to protect yourself, you point that gun at anybody else you deserve what comes your way, no matter what color or creed you happen to be.

    3. i drove through canada with a bb gun . at the crossing in detroit they stole it saying pistols arent allowed in canada, it wasnt a pistol and we werent in canada, im on the random shake down with tsa

  4. As always nothing much will happen this has been going on for years, it I the new form of linching as the police are now self appointed judge jury and executioner a judge Dred.
    This makes my blood boil

    1. @UCFEnbmG0FgfkRCtOog8my_w So what! Running away is not a capital offence and neither is resisting arrest this police officer is obviously not well trained and should not be a member of the police service

  5. Malice Green was the one that woke me up to just how bad of a problem our police are. Anyone remember him? I know he was thousands of victims ago but I’ll never forget him and what they did to him. FTP

    1. I do … I viewed his body… I also remember the response of then Mayor Coleman Young … those cops went to jail… Budzen and Nevers

    2. @Minding Yours channel yeah I was young enough to believe the bad apple excuse, until that day. No decent person could do that to another.

    3. @Mpowers I can see you never pulled time in the pen. And Im happy you have not. Don’t be hard head like me. I ain’t no fan of cops but, you haven’t seen anything till you live with the real, real killers. Your comment is a little over stating.

  6. The officer shouts, “Show me your hands!” The boy complies and does what the officer says. Gets shot.

    1. @Reason the chicago PD web page has the body cam footage on it, blurred faces but the rest is good enough quality to actually see what happened

    2. @White Diamond You are 100% right. These communities need you White Diamond. Go displace these racist police and show the city of Chicago what real law enforcement is!!

    3. @Gizzo Vizzo I did, I watched the full video it was about one second before he got shot. His gun was in his right hand. the hand that was away from the officer.

  7. I’m confused here??..,,Why was the child out at 2am . Who was the other adult with him….why did the officer shoot

    1. Even if a teen comes from a good home bet they will still sneak out… Ppl stop acting like u weren’t ever a teenager.

    2. @101st Airborne M1k3 actually it is that child was in harms way being out so late had he been home that baby would be alive so very sorry for his loss of his life

    3. @101st Airborne M1k3 yes he was. I agree. Once again…. Not saying that it was ok…. But, if the 13yr old CHILD was home at 2am…….!!!

    4. When I was in college, I used to study pretty late and go home around 1-2am. So it’s not that unlikely. He may not have been studying, but I don’t think he shoulda been shot.

  8. “I did as instructed. If there’s something wrong, it’s wrong with the instruction.” – Solomon Northup, 12 Years a Slave

  9. Jesus!!! Im so glad i got my boys out of Chicago out of Illinois in 2015 im so sorry this happened my kids are my world my heart goes out to the Toledo family.. jesus he was just 13 !!

    1. This has absolutely nothing to do with Chicago. In fact, the whole “Chicago is a mess” narrative was made up by the NRA because Chicago has aggressive gun laws, and then parroted by trump because he’s a wanna be fascist looking to pit the nation against “them”. The reality is Chicago, per capita, isn’t even close to the list of the worst cities in the US. And per capita is statistically all that matters. Beyond that, this entire country has a massive problem, it’s not Chicago, it’s not cities. It’s cops having decades of increased militarization, a documented targeted influx of organized white supremacist groups joining policing, and decreased accountability due to out of control police unions and zero federal oversight.

    2. @thane9 perfectly said. If people did even a casual amount of research they would discover that the most violent cities in America – the highest per capita in gun, domestic and other violence – are not Democrat cities or cities with large minority populations. They are mainly Republican led, majority White cities. Many of those cities are also the poorest and most dependant on federal subsidies. And yes, the biggest issue nationally is out of control cops who are not being held accountable for their wrongdoing.

    3. @thane9 Sorry, but facts and data do not support your “white supremacy cops” narrative.
      You can look up the figures from the DOJ research, but I doubt you’re really interested in truth.

  10. Its so so sad what’s happening. There aren’t any words to explain such devistating situations. One thing is for certain, the victims keep adding up. The numbers are just increasing every day that goes by. Sad

  11. This children are seeing so many deaths; they’re living dead.
    South side is a mess.


    Cook County

    To Chicago with Love.

    1. Why aren’t parents being blamed. What is a 13 year old kid doing out in the streets at 2am. Unfortunately cops can’t ask before ID to very age before a chase.

  12. he said the teen had a gun and was waving it around how tf is that possible when he stopped running he had his hands up and turned around no gun we can all see with our eyes. The cop said he had a gun wow but now we see the truth so sad. Prayers to his family God bless I’m a mother and wouldn’t wish this on no one

    1. They always lie on the police report. We had been saying that for years! Now the whole world are beginning to see what the inner city and rural areas been saying for years. When your black, brown, or poor they feel as if they can do whatever. Up to date that mindset seems to be right!

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