Civil Rights Groups Push Manchin To ‘Go On A Majority Vote’ 1

Civil Rights Groups Push Manchin To ‘Go On A Majority Vote’


After attending a meeting between civil rights leaders and Senator Joe Manchin, President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton discusses the three bills he and the other leaders urged Senator Joe Manchin to get passed, even if requires eliminating the filibuster.

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  1. Can Joe Manchin name 10 Republican senators who would ever vote to protect the right of every citizen to vote? Didn’t think so.

    1. @mavssami41 you ask what was in the bill they answered you then you turn around and ask them to show where educate yourself before you comment.

    2. @June SC nah…u have to show me in the bill that it does what u say…thats simple…come on…why should I trust that? Why not just post the part of the bill that does what u say?? Bc u can’t

    3. they want to keep up with their fraudulent mail in ballots, because that`s why they were filing all those lawsuits in Arizona, the audit truth is coming out.

  2. I wish that when reporters ask a question like at the beginning “did they change your mind?”, that they would not back down until they get an answer.

    1. Google “Leigh sales interviews Huckaby Sanders”, it’s an interview done in Australia and shows how a real journo does an interview.

    2. I think the answer is very evident that he has not changed his core belief. Why would he change his mind if he strongly believes in his position. I’m surprised as time goes on more Democrats don’t side with him. What we are seeing here is true democracy in action.

  3. This guy has been a Republican from day 1,been spying for the other guy for 4 years get this traitor out now

  4. I don’t know who Manchin thinks he’s representing. 70% of his own West Virginia constituency support the voting rights bill. Follow the money.

    1. @THE ONE BIG RED cool…OVER 70% (think it was 78%) of ALL WVirginians support the bill, and over 50% of ALL wVirginians support ending the filibuster.

    2. My entire family is from WV. Trust me 70% of that state doesn’t even know what day of the week it is. Whoever did that poll must have had Biden up 17% over Trump!

  5. Yeah, I KNEW this was coming !! We went from Moscow Mitch to Moscow Manchin and his sidekick Sinema who is basically another Lindsey graham.. They BOTH Need to GO !!

    1. Shortsighted? Lmao are you gonna want the filibuster gone when the Republicans become the majority?

    2. He represents the state of west Virginia those people are the only ones he should pay attention to. And stop making this a racial issue every time you wanna push crazy stuff you have to say black people are not capable of “insert stupid policy here” you are literally treating these people as inferior or less capable. But I expect nothing less from people who are void of morality.

    3. Preciado Productions id rather Dems protect voting now and pass everything they can. The republicans alway blow up the rules, cheat, suppress voting, etc etc. Dems need to act like we won the election already

  6. People in West Virginia support the “For the People Act”.
    81% of Democrats, 79% Independents, and 71% Republicans of West Virginia support the For the People Act.

    So who is Manchin referring to when he says “his constituents”??? Obviously not the voters.

    1. The problem is Joe is more concerned with what his corporate donors want than what his constituents want

    1. @Pew pew McPewface Stopping voters from voting by cheating. Conservatives have no other way of winning… and they know it.

  7. I am waiting to see when Manchin and Sinema will go on a pilgrimage to Mar-a-lago to pay homage to and kiss the ring of Individual 1.

    1. @Gregory Guidry so true he’s gonna be the first one there with his corrupted worthless offspring.

    2. Sinama better be careful because we know Trump likes to walk up and grabs a woman’s private parts but if you try to turn in the snake, he will get the DOJ to defend him and they will probably put you in jail.

  8. why are democrats playing fluffy wuffy lets all sing round the camp fire together the other side is blatantly stealing the system from under you in plain sight

    1. The House has passed several excellent people-oriented bills but in the Senate it’s a 50-50 tie. While the filibuster remains in place, they can do nothing, and if Manchin, Sinema and a few others refuse to reform or remove the filibuster

    1. Manchin is one of two Democrats with integrity. Easy to understand why you wouldn’t like him.

  9. Voters of West Virginia are the only ones who can get Manchin to save Democracy. They need to speak up.

    1. @Gregory Guidry lol keep wishing
      I probably believe him winning in 2024 than him going to the White House in august

  10. Everything that happens from this point on will be because of Joe Manchin’s delusional thinking. God help us all

  11. Time to remove him from his committee meetings so he consider that his actions have repercussions

  12. “Meanwhile, McConnell and the rest of the Republican Party laugh all the way to the ballot box. That’s what makes Manchin so infuriating. In his mind, he’s the hero of this story. In truth, he’s the patsy. And the country pays the price for his delusions.”
    – Washington Post opinion writer James Downie

  13. Anyone think Moscow Manchin will ever vote what his state wants him too. 75% of his constituents are in favor of the voter protection act. Democrats, independents, and republicans all agree the voter protection act should be passed.

  14. West Virginian’s , give Manchin all he deserves. Ring his office, email him, write to him, remind him of his duty to his electors if you oppose his clearly obstructionist views,

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