Harris’ Immigration Work At Border Is A 'Complex Set Of Issues' 1

Harris’ Immigration Work At Border Is A ‘Complex Set Of Issues’


Kim Atkins Stohr, Senior Opinion Writer for the Boston Globe, believes that Vice President Kamala Harris has a long road ahead of her to fix the situation at our Southern Border, as there are a “complex set of issues” that need to be addressed.

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  1. It’s 2021, Harris knows what’s going on at the border. Harris doesn’t need to go there for a photo op.

    1. The people who she’s in diplomatic talks with would take her more seriously if she actually went to the border. Pretending you care by phrasing things nicely won’t do the job. Clearly she thinks people south of the border are too stupid to see through her BS,

    2. @zenobiaookpik well since you want to go with that logic, biden put Harris (the owner of the plumbing business) in charge of the border and has sent no one (plumbers) to the border (the call).

    3. She’s afraid to go there and see first hand what a failure She and Veggie boi Biden truly are. We all know she’s a terrible failure but she’d like ti ignore it and just laugh and kackle and giggle.

    4. @mens corpus spiritus I don’t want to go with that logic, my comment was a reply to another comment.

  2. During the Obama administration they said 1001 new migrants every day is a bad day, but when that administration began experiencing 4000 per day they called it an absolute crisis. 

    Today it’s over 6,000 per day.

    1. But we got cheaper fruit and natural resources… right? We did this via our anti democratic imperialism and now our chickens have come home to roost. We cant send them all away. We won’t no matter how hard we try lol

      She says not to come, I say come all. Maybe you’ll be the impetus that brings down this empire.. and we can have a real people’s country for once. Maybe

    2. @D D you could always move to a different country since apparently to you this one is so bad. There was a time that kind of talk would have been treasonous but I looks like you get to enjoy the freedom of speech without getting arrested like they do in China. In fact there’s alot of freedoms you get enjoy here.

    1. I’ve said this to friends, I’d be surprised if he finishes a full term, pulls himself and sites medical reasons

    2. “Jill, tell the people I have Mad Cow Disease so I can go retire with dignity.”
      – Joe Biden

    3. The clap won’t help, he has been trying to get that on his finger for years and cameltoe wears slacks.

  3. Outstanding job addressing the root of the problem of migration for Mexico’s economic independence away from corruption so they won’t migrate to the Border for help… helping our neighbor should be priority I’m proud of Kamala Harris our vice president of the United States

    1. She gets the mindless tasks b/c Biden detests her. Kind of like Vice President Johnson and President Kennedy

    2. @Fen Wan I studied Johnson and Kennedy but she’s right giving women’s rights in Mexico 36 million dollars so they could be economic independent have their own jobs housing and help with food just like welfare with job opportunities Etc so they won’t migrate away from Cartel and Corruption cartels biting their fingernails 40 million dollars going in for security against them hitting the root of the problem it’s about time

  4. As someone who didn’t vote for Biden, I’m hoping he lives for the next 3 years fingers crossed

    1. If she becomes a prez. we are doomed. She can’t tackle a major problem task head on, but hides via ‘it is complicated’ phrases. The politician’s version of the ‘my dog ate my homework’. She and and Mr. Biden got elected to solve these issues. He is very old, but she is is prime time/health wise. I expect the leader to go in front and visit a place/border when it is a humanitarian disaster. Do your job please. I am a democrat, and I just can’t see myself voting for an incompetent person like her.

    1. @Christian 153 being a mother and a wife allowing and supporting economic relief during a covid-19 pandemic away from a g o p who incite and cause political Civil War in our Senate and Congress

    2. @big guy Defending abortion and worrying more about people from other countries than our citizens are her greatest accomplishments? Pathetic!

    3. @big guy So her biggest accomplishment is being a female VP? Being a female is an accomplishment to you? I think we all know it was just the virtue signalling of the Democrat party. After Biden put her in charge of the border crisis so far Harris has done a dismal job but I guess when you hold the bar so low for your politicians then you deserve what you get.

    4. @Thyalwaysseek it has not even been a year……. no nuts they are working rather than just build a wall and lock everybody out

    5. @big guy well building a wall and keeping ILLEGALS out is what kept a crises from happening.

  5. Remember in the interview when Kamala said that they’ve been to the border, and when pressed with her response she back tracked and said “I haven’t been to the border, but I haven’t been to Europe either” and then she began to laugh as if national security is a laughing matter. But i guess it’s easy to pretend there isn’t a crisis if you avoid it at all costs.

    1. Yey, just saw that 2-4 min interview with the other guy.. Wow, her response was obnoxious and rude to him. His expression was priceless as if lady you’re kidding me as vp…they don’t know how to have a normal conversation.
      Every senate hearing when asked a question…
      they never answer it and they always play victim. I’ll get it to you or will follow up.
      The woman had cookies with her face and AF2 images for the journalists on the plane to Guatemala.
      It’s bizarre what the heck has been happening in the USA in less than 6 months.
      Buckle up

  6. Did you see the banners that said ” Kamala GO HOME”… and KAMALA MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS.

    1. I live in South Texas I’ve been to Mexico many times and Guatemala the Guatemalan people are influenced by cartels because they know their time is short…

    2. @Thyalwaysseek because kamela Harrison is not here there’s no need… she is where she needs to be in these countries that need to get it together and work with the United States to help their people rather than oppress them and lock them out with a wall….. they are neighbor to the United States they should be well off and not have to deal with human smuggling in drugs to earn a living they need to clean it up

  7. Guatemalans don’t need to make any trek across multiple countries on foot when they can fly in for free. Thank DeSantis’ wealthy supporters, who regularly fly the Guatemalans in to Florida.

  8. Mike Abrams, Miami Herald:
    “Sadly, there is a need to remind older progressives and educate younger ones that every successful progressive idea in this country was robustly supported by American Jewish manpower and money.”
    Now you know the ROOT of the problem Kamala cannot or will not find

  9. Show the full interview and how she hasn’t even been to the border since the election.

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