1. They mocked, demonized & dismissed Kaepernick for protesting peacefully and now they wondered why it has come to this. – Now VOTE !!!

    1. @Heathen S Again, you have it WRONG. Kaepernick was taking a knee for ALL people of color killed just for breathing while black. It happens all the time and I as a white woman will never understand what it feels like to be afraid to just get lost while driving in an all white affluent neighborhood, be pulled over and killed because some cop thought I was in the area for a burglary just because of the color of my skin. He was kneeling for EVERYONE.. not just a bunch of thugs and thieves.. or is that what you are calling African-Americans?

    2. @connie baldwin it does not happen all the time. You are a hysterical loser that lives an emotional reactionary life fueled by cable news fear peddlers. Get help.

    3. Over It
      Funny you would say that… since not even *your* convictions go beyond your keyboard.

    1. @Elaine Daprano 😂😂😂 you are deluded if you think that fool. You lazy Americans have let trump get away with it for 3 and a half year

    2. @Fred HAMPTON 1. 2011 put on leave for inappropriate police shooting of an Alaskan Native American, Leroy Martinez.
      2. 2008 Shot Ira Latrell Toles an unarmed 21 year old black man.
      3 .2005 He and another officer were chasing a car causing the death of 3 people according to Communities United Against Police Brutality
      4. He is one of the officers who murdered Wayne Reyes a latino man with 16 bulltes forced into him out of 42 rounds.

      There are 12 Police Brutality complaints against Chauvin Minneapolis Office of Police Conduct complaint database and they are all listed as “closed” , “non-public” and “no discipline”

    1. @Troy Stocker Kentucky is a Republican state. Look up what Mitch McConnell has done for it the PAST 30 YEARS! Stop believing talking points.

    2. @Niles Effort lol … a soy boy progressive runs Minneapolis, every major city is controlled by democrats and has been for 50 + years

    3. Anarchist! That’s who you. You are a far-left pro-Bernie anarchist! You anarchism is not the solution to the problems. The same goes to the far-right pro-Trump buffoons out there.

    1. How about people burning down their own neighborhood, Burning Down the place where they work, burning down minority-owned businesses, teaching their children that lawlessness is okay?

    2. @Robert The Bruce theyll be heard and in a long run their children will understand why they did what they did

    3. I believe that the majority of the people protesting are non violent and peaceful. I also believe that certain groups already prone to enacting violence and division are giving rise to such brutality as they are already comfortable with.

  2. *Is part of these riots a setup by anti-Trump white supremacists?* *together with foreign and domestic terrorists?*
    Look at the evidence, and check it out for yourself! Not sure why more evidence of this is not on MSNBC, but at least they mentioned it this time!!!
    *The Rioting Is Being Staged And Even Minnesota’s Governor Agrees, Says International Forces At Work*
    *Suspicious Undercover Cop Breaks Windows & Starts Minneapolis Riots*

    1. @Bell DA Thank you, you stay safe too. I want everyone to live happier lives, to be free, to be safe.

    2. @Valerie Galvan When will the hate stop? Can’t you see that President Trump is not that way? I don’t think he was ever that way. The hate and the not caring for anyone but themselves belong on your side, on the left. The Republicans were never racists and those who are, why would they be Democrats?
      Trump on escalating protests: Violence is being led by Antifa, radical groups

    3. @Spok the hate will stop when trump is out of office, plus he threatened violence NOT love. “The looting starts, the shooting starts.” Quote from a racist chief of police in Florida in the 60’s. If that’s not threatening violence, I don’t know what is.

  3. Fascism has arrived in America.
    Brought by decades of the far right radical GOP attacking US democracy.
    Rise up and #RESIST

    1. Richard Sakail You make a good point Richard, but I would still have Joe over Punk Trump.

      Auckland. NZ

    2. Shawn Badanjek absolutely no one believes this was justified, but I do not judge all on few. You probably never served , payed taxes, watched loved one die, or actually contributed to society in any beneficial terms.

  4. i think that is over until America realizes that all men and women are created equal. Racism will only create more mahem and Black and Brown people are done with the BS. VOTE

    1. Veronica Valencia
      Newsflash: Everybody is a target.
      Let’s see what happens when folks pick a leader who *does* play favorites.

    2. Joshua d’Estoville WTF?! “Everybody” is NOT a target and there is someone currently occupying the White House who already does

    3. Stevan R. Pot meet kettle. Why don’t you explain how trump is so good for minorities I’m open to having my mind changed. Tell me

    1. Nothing at all to do with Trump. Thats your own very obvious mental and emotional deficiencies showing.

    2. Dusty Rains
      Indulge us by sharing two of those statements.
      Otherwise, I’ll your claim the same way I treat the actions of the goons responsible for Floyd’s death.

  5. Love, Peace & Nonviolence! Maybe those 4 racists cops should have exhibited some love, peace & nonviolence!

    1. @Robert The Bruce and for what? for wanting to protect her constituents? Yeah.. that makes a lot of sense.

    2. The mayor of St. Paul said today that ALL the protesters arrested by his police were from out of state. A few I can understand, but ALL OF THEM? Something stinks

    3. @Susan Farley Why.? Sending in agitators is one of the oldest tricks in the book, before J Caesar, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun,. GOP tricksters like Roger Stone. ….. Of course they are from elsewhere, you don’t burn down your own house. Nothing stinks about that

  6. There is footage of cops breaking windows of buildings and a cop dressed in black being the one starting the fire at the auto zone! Pay attention and research!

    1. @Valerie Galvan the mayor of St. Paul said all of the protesters arrested in his town were from out of state. ALL OF THEM. Something stinks here

  7. Haven’t heard John Lewis’s voice for a while. I wonder how he is doing. He sounded weak…

  8. I hope Trump the Punk is bloody well happy with his Tapestry of his new America. Fascism

    COVID-19 and now riots

    Auckland. NZ

  9. “vote like we never voted before.” I did so yesterday sir – in my state primary. I filed for an absentee ballot which was supposed to arrive by mail – and didn’t. I went to the county voting place, did the paperwork for a provisional ballot, and voted. I’ll do it again in November. If I have a pulse, I’ll find a way to vote.

  10. There are “agent provocatuers” at work here. Don’t believe the b.s. coming out the WH and the (In)Justice Department.

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