Claire McCaskill: World Leaders Will Likely Ignore What Trump Says At G7 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Fmr. Democratic senator Claire McCaskill reacts to Trump's chaotic week and his upcoming meeting with the G7 where he's expected to push for Russia to be brought back to the table to again become the G8.
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Claire McCaskill: World Leaders Will Likely Ignore What Trump Says At G7 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. It should be that they refuse to attend if he does. Attending while he does helps legitimize 45* which is an ongoing danger.

    1. Progressive Humanist : How much would you bet? ALL Trump will be thinking of will be that deafening silence that Pence got, at the mention of Trump’s name. He’ll be in Max-Butt-Hurt mode, wanting to settle scores in the way that only Trump does. Should be a larf, though, right? 😁

    1. @Happy Hiker We only have 2 choices in 2020. A vote for Democrats and America, or a vote for Corruption and foreign influence. Sorry Happy, I’m voting for America.

      200+ years ago we defended America from the ‘Red Coats’. Now we are defending America from the ‘Red Hats’.

  2. What? Can you really ignore a giant, orange baby that won’t shut up and pushes you out of the way to get in front of the group picture? Ignoring Ivanka, I can see because she is an airhead.

    1. Oh and Comrade Trump going on about how Montenegro was going to start WW3 on Fox News… with Tucker Carlson, no less.

    2. Ivanka nice crumpet how is you msm puppets this morning still getting all your news from one place x2 gonks born every min,

  3. Trump is obviously off his meds. He’s out of control and everything he does is destructive to the US and it’s well being.

  4. Trump will be gone from the world stage in 18 months. The rest of the world is trying to just wait him out.

    1. I’d like Trump to be gone in 18 minutes. But I think the next 18 weeks will be obvious to all that Trump is going out one way or another. But Trump won’t resign….he will make America Impeach him. He’s an unfit mentally ill person. I do wish he’d just resign immediately and check himself and family into a mental institution (that is if he wants to avoid prison) …..but he won’t

    2. Congress has failed to act. Every day is a new day for him to do what he does best: Destroy everything and everyone around him.
      Republicans in Congress need to wtfu and deal with this problem that they created.

    1. Dorian Shades of gray:

    2. Brian Williams,will you stop saying that Trump speaks for us Americans and he represents the free world.

  5. Judging by Trump’s exceptionally deranged behavior lately, I think it’s safe to say that Trump will make an even bigger spectacle of himself than he did at the last G-7 Summit. Especially since he recently announced to the world that he is the ” chosen one.”

    1. @Happy Hiker Your comments have now exposed you as an uneducated dumb russian troll. Boris learn to shut up after you exposed yourself. You trolls are soooooo stupid.

    2. @The lion and the lamb you are suffering a double bot attack, just ignore. In Europe everyone saw what happened in London and the lovely baby trump baloon. In the states most of the people also saw what was going on and then you have the Fox viewer – not worth investing your time on those.

    1. I understand he has invited putin and rocket man to his suite. They plan on having a threesome. His supporters will see the video at mibnight.

  6. Having Trump at the G-7 is like having a toddler at a state dinner. Everything will have to pause while he has his predictable temper tantrums. It is possible all the real work of the G-7 will occur while Trump is having executive time with his phone and TV.

    1. WPG S. Yes, the world is laughing at the hillbilly fool. I believe Putin and Kim Jung un laugh more than others. They are playing him, Donald is their obedient puppet on a string. But we do not only laugh, we fear him, he is deeply mentally ill and no leader trusts this fool. Don’t think that we non Americans are laughing at you as a people, we don’t, you have our sympathy and compassion. It will be interesting to see what craziness the fool will say at the G7 meeting.It will be quite fun to watch, because he will make a fool of himself, were are expecting a Trump circus.
      Sent from Sweden

    2. @Major Lexx agreed. Most americans are still sane thankfully. But they DEFINITELY need to get a move on this moron.

  7. Do I get a free gift bag? Woooooo vouchers for free hamburders…. squeaky toy, Deluxe chocolates from Greenland, ….where did everyone go?

    1. Mayor McCheese of McDonaldland has proclaimed Trump, King of hamberders. Trump will be give a painting of the Hamburgler, bare-chested riding a horse.

    1. He lives for attention. He is being controlled by certain individuals who know how to manipulate him. He will continue to repeat lies, collect “campaign donations” , and play golf until he is removed from the white house.
      Congress has failed to uphold their oath of office to support and defend the constitution against him.

  8. World leaders know: This clown has an expiration date of November 2020 and goes to the trash bin on January 20th 2021.

  9. Why even go? He disagrees with the G7 on every single issue. He’s just going to call them names and embarrass the US, again.

    1. US is an embarrassment to itself. How come nobody is doing anything about it? Most reps. already did their part and quit. Mnuchin next please.

    2. @Amy Arakelyan Levine So, grab your gun and HAVE AT IT! Waddya think the 2nd Amendment is there for?!

      Yeah, I didn’t think so..

    3. Less than 20% of Americans voted for this mistake.
      He does not represent the United States.
      He never will.

    4. Congress needs to remove him from the white house.
      He lacks the mental capacity required to complete the duties of his government job. He remains the most significant threat to the safety and security of the United States and the world.

  10. the Denmark issue has sealed the fate of Drumf on the G7 participant’s behavior. Right?! He’s mentally deranged and very very sick and needs to leave the WH

  11. To be clear, Angela Merkel is still the leader of Germany and will remain so until 2021, unless something happens.

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