Clapper: It's the right decision not to prosecute Comey 1

Clapper: It’s the right decision not to prosecute Comey


CNN's Don Lemon speaks with former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper about the Department of Justice's decision not to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey. #CNN #News


    1. You Trumpers only hate Comey….because regardless of Trump’s BS and lies about his size….Comey will always be the bigger man.

    2. @Some Dude Oh, but yes. The Democrats are registering millions of illegal immigrants to vote. They do it in California automatically when they give them a driver’s licence. What more you would need to vote than a valid picture ID, and your name on the registry I can’t guess. How would you even distinguish between their Illegal votes, and the legitimate votes of Americans?

    3. @Hawks Fan Comey will be prosecuted. He signed FISA warrant applications swearing to to the validity of the dossier, while at the same time testifying under oath that the dossier was salacious and unverified. He perpetrated a fraud on the court. No way around that.

    1. David Jack Right but this country is so screwed up that some people think a fool who lies to us on a daily basis is trying to make America great. SMH!!!

    1. @D Mack Who told you “they” did it for Trumps benefit? And how did you come to that Obama sat and did NOTHING conclusion? The FBI and CIA don’t ADVERTIZE THEIR EVERY MOVE!!!!! And screw npr too. Their OPINIONS are irrelevant.

    2. @zoo judy Evidently, you think that ” Burgers were stacked a mile high” is an important lie in that stack of biased BS the rag has been counting up.

    3. @Earnest Lee Saddened ok. So one less lie. What about the 11k others? After review the comments here it appear you totally ineffective internet troll. Your lies not persuade anyone they be true. You have failed leader. We recommend you for reconnaissance of moose and squirrel. Please report to GRU reprogramming centre with family for instruction.

  1. Folks, if there are those who actually believe the drivel that comes out of the orange troll’s mouth, I suggest that you read the Mueller Report. Yes, it is true that pursuant to the OLC, a sitting president cannot be indicted, but once out of office, yes he can. The orange troll continues to obstruct justice each and every time he tells a staff member not to follow a subpeona, the law clearly states that if you fail to appear, you can be jailed, fined or both. I know this because I have served 100s as a paralegal. The same warning is also on asummons for jury duty.

    1. As a paralegal then it should have been obvious to you the blatant lies in the report and the fact there is no office of exoneration .. but here you are trying to make out there is something of value in a report not written by the man whose name is on it, that didn’t investigate people who it should have, because that would expose the hoax, and establish how originally the whole investigation prior to the special counsel was a setup and fabricated hoax to take down a duly elected sitting President of the US. Anything after that is the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree ! WAKE UP !

    1. @Dj Smith tax cuts, exiting Iran deal, creating hotline for vets, taking g no salary, blocking white house officials from foreign lobbying, exiting Paris climate accord, bombing ISIS, moving embassy to Jerusalem..

    2. Dj Smith not a Trump supporter, but if the Democrats would do their job and Congress ,maybe President Trump can do his job and get more done.

    3. Jack Gamboa – Sanders and Trump had pretty similar policies in 2016 actually as hard as that seems for people to believe – but I fear Trump will win again in ‘20

  2. I’ve long held that we are all on our own because folks in DC don’t really care.
    Either side doesn’t inspire confidence in me.
    There are things and opinions I share with both sides of my fellow citizens.
    I will not be taking sides.ill vote but..ive no hope DC will help me.
    I’m on my own and so are we all.

    I’d rather help others in my community than discuss people who just care about power,money and control.

    The only real control is self control .i don’t see much of that in our country.

    Hope I’m wrong .

  3. It’s only low hanging fruit but the FISA process? Now that is a totally different kettle of fish!

    1. i like to watch Clinton News Network its a blast to watch COOCOO the BUTTPLUG when he roll his eyes YOU do you like to watch COOCOO rolling his eyes ? well hang on MAGA 2020


  5. Make no mistake. He is going to be prosecuted for lying to the FISA court and possibly other crimes he and his crew are guilty of in attempting to overthrow the President. Trump 2020.

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